Getting Dutch Media attention...

Discussion in 'Nederland' started by Howalt, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Howalt Member

    Getting Dutch Media attention...

    Hello fellow Dutch. As you may, of may not, have noticed the NOS and other Dutch newsoutlets have little to nothing to report on what is currently happening in Tunesia. The protests have not been reported, the guy setting himself on fire has not been reported, and Anonymous' involvement in shutting down the Tunesian government websites has not been reported.

    Now, I've tried, since this whole thing started a couple of days ago, to get, primarily, the NOS to notice. I send e-mails with links to dozens of articles on the web (even from sources that must be credible in their eyes, like the BBC and AlJazeera). It's not working though, so I've got a question for you:

    Could you help spam the shit out of them? You know, so they have to notice?
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    Re: Getting Dutch Media attention...

    hoax ???????????????
  3. Howalt Member

    Re: Getting Dutch Media attention...

    No, I'm being seriously.

    check for a buttload of links to project tunesia announcements and web-articles covering the events. there are a rare few "credible" sources, such as the BBC and AlJazeera who have covered this for a bit.

    BBC News - Anonymous activists target Tunisian government sites
    Protester dies in Tunisia clash - Africa - Al Jazeera English

    Inspiring Story of Tunisian Protests Ignored by Washington « Focal Points

    I know that WhyWeProtest is focussed on Scientology. But, I think this deserves some attention as well... This was the first place that came to mind.

    't Kan echt niet dat hier helemaal niet over wordt bericht in de Nederlandse media. Ik heb de afgelopen vier-vijf dagen elke dag een mail gestuurd naar de NOS met een nieuwe link. Resultaat: geen reactie.
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  5. Rockyj Member

    Re: Getting Dutch Media attention...

    Repugs don't want US citizens to know about this & it appears Obama doesn't either:

  6. Anoniemert Member

    good news, volkskrant is sending someone over.
    They're starting to wake up.

    Unfortunatly the only one in my contact list that confirmed such action :(

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