Customize (888) 745-9950 Narconon referral scam

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Betsy Poulin married to Paul Poulin. Affiliated with the David Morse Assoc., OSA and GO. Class act these people.
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    paul poulin.png
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    Sorry, intended to add that I am looking for dox on this.
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    Also see DMA Claims Services, same guys, Paul Poulin and David Morse. Looks like David Morse Assoc. changed names.

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    Alright, we got her, connection is established, what next?
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    I've been too busy AFK today to get into this deeply but the thought crossed my mind - did anyone notice if any of those sites mentioned in post #67 ITT had any kind of comment thread?

    I'm thinking of this list in post #67:

    And if they do, something like how the Rehabwatcher site started it all with Mr. Beau Griffis, last July, 2012 could be initiated; i.e., some enturbulation & trolling posts could get their attention.

  12. David Morse & Associates - GSA Contract Information
    GSA Contracted Field Investigators. Investigative Services for the US Federal Government. Contract Number: GS-02F0191NGSA SIN: 595-24 Workers' Compensation Services
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