Get your friends and family involved, too!

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by atmasabr, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. atmasabr Member

    We all have something we can do to help. But do not forget those close to you! Do not sit on the sidelines. Be the leader or fail spectacularly. Speak with your voice and do not be shy.

    I want everyone who has a family and a community that cares to talk about this past week's events and what THEY can do to help. I've gone and done it. Already three people in my family will come to my home Saturday to write letters (and I'll be interviewing my grandparents who won't be able to make it). My goal is 20 and we'll see if I reach it at work tomorrow. I will have the addresses for our government officials, our media, and whatever I can find on Amnesty International. If all the world truly cares, then let us bring out their voices.

    I still have to clean the house.

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