Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonywig, May 18, 2008.

  1. milkmilk Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    listen to Magoo! She's been doing this since way before we had the comfort of numbers to back us up!

    You've gotta be tough enough to shrug it off. You'll always run into assholes who don't understand. If it helps, think of them as being OSA agents (rather than assholes.) That way, you're just too crafty to be brought down by those bastards.
  2. Anonywig Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    You all seem to be missing the point, I'm not bitching about ppl assuming i'm jobless, and I don't assume that the people yelling are Scientologists. It's just random passerby's that appear to yell. I just think it gives us a bad image if lots of ppl think that we're jobless losers and i was wondering if other people had experienced this.
  3. AnonLover Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    as somebody who that same first impression (dam kids need to get a job) when i finally did what the "google operation ..." signs said to do, my mind changed right quick. altho i had unfair advantage - i had already partially researched scientology twice before in years past and knew some of the sordid stuff from when Time Magazine won the lawsuit and Jesse Prince first came forward.

    but still, when i realized the anonymous message being relayed was actually to open my mind, educate myself, see for myself - and not just silly adolscent outrage over a stupid tom cruise video - my opinion flipped turned upside down immediately.

    so just a suggestion here - no idea how this might work, but if it was me i would try responding bak with one of the following to try trigger same guilty conscience "hey i better look this up" reaction that drew me into anon:

    Get A Clue - Open Your Mind

    Grow a Heart - Dont Be Blind

    Get Informed - Grow A Brain

    There is no excuse for ignorance

    It Only Takes One Good Man to do Nothing For Evil to Prevail (seeing a sign that said THIS in a pic is what made me finally do the suggested googling)
  4. UNP Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    I guess you haven't looked around that much when you're outside IRL. A lot of people DO think we're jobless losers.

    What I can't figure out is why they think that protesting on a SINGLE DAY out of SEVEN entails "not having a job". Do we need to be working round the clock now to be worthy of respect? This ain't no RPF, fuckers. :rant:
  5. Daywatch Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    don't let them know this IS our job
    the Psychs pay us to troll IRL remember?
  6. SmellDriver Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    No "get a job"s in Milwaukee, but we had a couple of people tell us to "get a life". One was some greasy guy on a motorcycle, the other was some old fag on bicycle with his spandex bike shorts stretched over his fat self. Pretty funny stuff.
  7. avatar2008 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    As AnonLover put it;

    I'd just point at my sign and shout, "Waaaay More Important"
  8. AnonyMILF Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Fuck just ignoring it lol, yell back "IT'S A SATURDAY RETARD!!!!!!!".
  9. Anonymeep Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    "NO U!"


    "IT's SATURDAY!"

    Mostly just, you know, shrug.
  10. TheD2JBug Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    quoted for truth.

    Btw , the Stuka is a Ju-87.

    Yes I'm a wargeekfag
  11. AnonLover Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    just playing devil's advocate here for sake of helpful discussion... before i was enlightened, my immediate knee jerk response to that dumass remark would of been incensed rage alot worse than 'get a job' dismissiveness. and i'd of said something bak like


    there's so many things wrong in the world today, and only so much room to "care deeply" about any one thing. thus my suggested responses were along the line of "how to make a closed mind think" rather than "how to win the arguement".

    arrogant close-minded people typically have a big hangup about looking stupid, its a weekness you can use to shame them into opening their mind for sake of protecting their own pride. thus my suggestions were aimed towards inflicted a little politely placed shame to niggle in their head the idea that 'hey maybe i'm fking idiot, i better go chk'

    2wrongs dont make a right. 2stupid remarks makes the 2nd one by default even more idiotic than the first cuz you got "baited". and levelheaded uninformed passerby's on the street that see this are likely to roll their eyes at anon rather than idiot #1. but when your response is more intelligent than idiot #1 - anon win big in levelheaded passerby's eyes.
  12. avatar2008 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Good. A response. :twisted:

    I've responded, "Scientology would have our soldiers round up people below Tone 2 quietly disposed of. Google "Tone Scale Hubbard"

    Scientology politicians will get richer and anyone who oppose then will be sued, harassed and destroyed without repurcussion. Google "WISE Scientology

    All drugs will be banned by Scientology, even the legitmate drugs to treat cancer, diabetes, psychological disorders, etc

    That won't be the end of it. Scientology will launch a world war once its completely infiltrated the military

    That's what's wrong with me"
  13. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    It bothers me more when people drive by and give "half of a peace sign." There's just no call for that.
  14. Plups Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Enjoy it! Seriously. They aren't yelling at you so much as at your mask - the imagined you. Do you really need the respect of some random stranger?
  15. AnonLover Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    very good counter. that would of shut me right up and i'd of taken a flyer, stuck tail between legs, and skulked off to read your flyer in private. score 10 points for anon.
  16. Rule22 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    If a passerby yells "Get a Job" and that riles you...

    ...I fear for when a low-level Scilon goes into RonRage and starts bullbaiting you.

    Ignore. Laugh. "No U".

    We can and have reached the public. Some of the public will need more time, however.
  17. tiggernew Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Organized Scientology classifies anyone who doesn't buy into it (pun intended) as suppressive and/or low on the tone scale, and would "dispose of" us "quietly and without sorrow".

    I ain't goin' quietly, and they'll sure as hell be sorry if they get near my family or me.

    As for "Get a job," one-digit salutes, "Go home!" and other random shouts, they make my day. I don't consider the day complete until I get a little blowback, because it requires some acknowledgement and for them to SEE me and my sign.

    Pro-tip -- make your signs really clear-cut and legible at great distances. If people can't tell WHY you're out there, they're more likely to heckle you just because they'll think you're wasting your time or not being smart about it.
  18. Anonyneko Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Make a sign..

    "I would crush you with my fat wallet, but Scientology stole it!" 8D
  19. Ottanon Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Are you sure the Purple One wasn't a critic? Most adults detest Barney; if Barney was caught jabbering about $cientology, it would be yet another reason to detest the Cult.

    If it was a $cilon, hope he keeps up the good work for us. Stay hydrated, "Barney"!

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