Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonywig, May 18, 2008.

  1. Anonywig Member

    "GET A JOB"

    I haven't seen a thread on this and I'm starting to think I'm the only one bothered by it, but how many Anons had some passer-by's yell "GET A JOB" to them or fellow protesters? It happened quite a few times in Philly and it really gets under my skin. I think i'm probably one of the older people on here, being that I'm already a college grad with a successful career. I find it very insulting that on a Saturday morning my ass is up and awake for a cause after a long 60+ hour work week and some jackass in a broke-down Taurus has the gall to yell "GET A JOB" at me. Is that what ppl think of us? Jobless, 20something losers? How can we change this opinion??
  2. eksef Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Just yell "NO U!", for the lulz.

    Other option is to carry a sign saying "we are doctors, cops, stuff.."
  3. Mål Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Stop protesting

    Hippies= pot smoking moochers


    Protesters=pot smoking moochers
  4. tazor Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    yell back NO U. I wouldn't let it bother you. Kids yell that to any pedestrian around here all the time. They thinks it's really funny. Sometimes it is.
  5. V-chan Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Ignore it. We can't exactly go posting our career info on signs. Apathetic douchebags are... apathetic douchebags.

    Failing that, a "NO U" yell always works. :fuckyou:

    ETA: You fags are fast. :O ilu
  6. anonspitfire Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    get a job, you smelly hippie!

    sorry, that's probably not helping... but hey, what can you say besides "i've already have one"
  7. Re: "GET A JOB"

    Actually what has just been stated applies more to the previous poster than myself
  8. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    I would tell them

    "Why Should I? I own my own freaking company! You want to send me a resume?"
  9. Happy Cat Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Laugh it off.

    Srsly. :razz:
  10. 2Ke Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    I lol'd simply because of the fact that, were I not a member of this movement, I'd probably do the same thing. I frequently yell at pedestrians on the sidewalk to "Get a horse", and should I pull up next to some punk kids in a really nice sporty car I usually say, "Hey, nice car. Did your mom buy it for you?" One recipient of that particular heckle threatened to cut me.

    Don't sweat the small stuff. I would say something like, "if you get angry over it that'd be just what the person yelling wants," but considering they're driving away as they yell it then it's practically like they don't care what your reaction would be. At the 5-10 Milwaukee, WI protests we had at least three occasions of people flipping us off, and one case of someone yelling for us to "get a fucking life" or something like that. If it was Scientologists doing those things I'd say those four must have been the entire Wisconsin congregation.
  11. Glyder Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Don't understand.

    What's a job?
  12. I Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    some IRL faggotry.

    best ignored, really.
  13. Revanchist Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Pump your fist in the air and yell "WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" as if they'd just honked in support.

    What are you gonna do, have a reasonable conversation with someone shouting from their car? Ham it up. :D
  14. simpleton Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

  15. mang3lo Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"


  16. Happy Cat Member

  17. 2Ke Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

  18. Jugular Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Strap on a pair and/or thicker skin.

  19. AnonyMaser Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Tell them you make far more than the $0.36/hr a SeaOrg member makes.
  20. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    They must have really sad lives if they take time out of their weekend to troll you.
  21. fail Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    You can always shout back "This is my job", also may be add "I am at work".
  22. Happy Cat Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    "Are you compensating for something, sir?" j/k

    That, too.
  23. AnonyMama Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Protest wearing Prada or Gucci with a sexy pair of Manolo Blahniks? That'll show 'em!!
  24. Ottanon Member

  25. eksef Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Honestly, to explain it more, this would be the one instance where you don't have to be polite/informative/nice and just yell "NO U!". It was clear the douchebag wasn't going to care about the cause, so might as well get some lulz from him during these moralfag raids.
  26. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    "I am paid by the Marcabs!'

    or who cares. really. As a girl I would never think of having sex with a guy who yells "wooo hooo hooters" or whatever at me from a car, so why the heck should you take the same idiot seriously when he yells at you?

    Some people are assholes. but if you stop protesting and co$ takes over, I bet those drive-bys are types who'll get RPF'ed, so if it really bugs you----
  27. AthlAnon88 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    At one of the ATL protests, we had a Scilon who was driving from the org yell this.

    The reponse was a bunch of confused anons exclaim "'s SATURDAY!!" in a way that just made scilon-driver look completely ignorant.
  28. Magoo Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Amen. If I reacted to every lie or nasty statement made about me,
    it would be a full time business, especially when I started.

    Scientology *thinks* they can drive people away by intimidating them.
    This used to work (sometimes) in years past, although even then, they
    had critics who just kept on coming, and bless each one of them!

    It takes some balls to face any totalitarian organization, this one is no different. Know that they often ask "OTs" To drive by and yell "GET A JOB"...
    trying to intimidate people, make them feel less, and then they won't come back. That's really worked, can't ya tell, "DAVE"??? THERE ARE 10,000 Anons+the Critics+SPs+X-Sea Org+++"Dave", you gigantic LOSER_____we used to picket with 10-30 people when I was warning you, "There's an ARMY OUT HERE".

    Did he listen? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Helloooooo Anonymous! :alien::anon:
    (And No, I do NOT think they are "my personal army"...but they sure fill the
    description of what I was trying to tell Davey boy. At the time, I was talking about the army of critics, which I knew he had no clue how big they were...and I could tell this was going to just keep growing! You all are outrageously great!)

    Love to ALL :cheers:

  29. Happy Cat Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Thanks, I got a kick out of that mental image just now. :razz:
  30. incog712 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    They're just butthurt that they don't have psychiatrists, big pharma and Marcabians pitching in and paying them the big bucks just to stand around with signs eating caek and having lulz.
  31. Se7en Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    My usual response to the Heckle:
    "Get A Job!"
    "Tried That.. Too Much Like Work"
  32. Magoo Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    PS: One of my critic friends just called, who goes to the Farmer's Market,
    right by the Scientology Executive Building with his "Scientology Kills" T-shirt
    on .........and he told me, "The scrambled away like lice". CHICKENS!

    Also, he was walking on Hollywood blvd, by Grouwman's (sp?) Chinese Theater,
    where tons of people now dress up in various costumes from movies.

    A person in a Barney Dinosaur outfit yelled, "Yeah Scientology---it works!"

    My friend said back, "RIGHT::::Scientology works---and you're out here in 95 degree heat in a Dinosaur outfit!" Laughed and walked on.

    Too much, eh? Life in Hollywood :wink:

    PS: Last night we were going to the movies and we RAN INTO AN
    ANONYMOUS PERSON PICKETING OUTSIDE THE TESTING CENTER! WE all talked, and then we went to dinner and the movies. (We invited him, but he was busy). After dinner, before the movies, we noticed Scientology had already packed up and left, at 7:30 (SUPER EARLY ON A SAT NIGHT!)

    Good job to the Anonymous person. We went to the movie, and after ran into him, again. HE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL, just smoking up and down the blvd. They even called the cops on him---but he's FINE.

    See his picket report~ I just wanted to say, GREAT JOB, MAN!!!

    My best to ALL :wink:


  33. AquaMan Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    What if it's said in person though? :mrgreen:

    (joke, if I was too subtle for this thread :razz: )
  34. t0yo Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Best answer evar XD!
  35. number 6 Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Ignore it. Some people are just dicks.
  36. Rabidmutt Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    Funny enough we had some bum-looking guy, riding his bike, yell that to us during the 5/10 SD protest. I yelled back a joking, "I know, right?" at him. Wasn't really the highlight of the day by any means though. If it was a scilon, he really needs to do better than that.
  37. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"


    ...Well. There goes my dating handbook.

    Seriously, who cares about insults shouted from a car? :fuckyou: If it helps you any, get one of those "Honk if you think Scientology is a cult!" signs, and rack up the number of honks to the number of insults. I guarantee you it will make you feel warm and fuzzy.
  38. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    That does it: I'm changing my sign to, "Honk if you have a job!! (and like tits!!)"
  39. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: "GET A JOB"

    For some reason, when the $cientologists drive by and flip me off & yell 'mother fucking bastards', it makes me happy & laugh. I then proceed to smile & happily have to the poor girl in the back seat of his car that is ever so excited to see us, waving smiling etcetera.

    Seriously, so many other good positive feedbacks & vibes, no reason to focus on the negative response of the $cientologists. It just means you are doing your job & enturbulating them. :cool:
  40. Re: "GET A JOB"


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