German Media: Open dispute over secret dispatches

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    Crap Google translation:

    Open dispute over secret dispatches

    The American consulate in Hamburg was the end of 2007 concern over the handling of the German authorities with the Scientology sect - is this clear from secret dispatches, the Wikileaks published. For reassurance provided by the then interior of State and current Mayor Chris Ahlhaus (CDU). He assured the diplomats before the state election in 2008 that efforts to ban Scientology, would come to nothing. And, although Interior Minister Udo Nagel then began vigorously for a ban.

    If the closure case therefore not have been serious? The presumed the SPD, and set the theme of the discovery of the documents in the agenda of the Interior Committee. But there was only one of the Senate representatives to express time and again that they are not required to report. In the minutes of the committee meeting, the authority could then weave that Ahlaus to "respect at any time by a third party in its decision, the Scientology organization can be influenced. " Aha. What exactly was discussed with the Americans, leaves the Senate. But it should have been consequences. The SPD can not believe internal expert Andrew Dressel, finally, the Protocol Ahlhaus quote clearly. Either the U.S. protocol was wrong, or the Senate are now pursuing "historical distortion". In any case, the chance of education has been awarded.

    The GAL told, it would now have to find a way, how one would deal with the Wikileaks documents on the parliamentary chamber. This is recommended because it could get a lot more from this source to Hamburg.

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