Georgia Tech Frat Email About 'Luring Your Rapebait' Condemned By Everyone

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Colleen Houser, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anyone from Anonymous has heard about the Georgia Tech Fraternity that sent out email referring to girls as "Rapebait" and told the members how to get the girls to "put out"? I would like Anonymous to look into this story becausse most media hasn't covered it. It is disgusting and appalling! Anonymous can bring this story out so that it is heard by everyone. Please check into this story so something is done about it? Thanks for your time.
  2. No but I've seen the movie Animal House - does that count?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hello, welcome to Why we protest. I believe this thread belongs in the no-rape forum.

    Moderators could you move the thread there please?
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    on it.
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    Oh my. An excerpt:

    The email, with a subject line of "Luring your Rapebait," was posted online by TotalFratMove Monday, and in turn picked up by several other websites. It was apparently an attempt by an active member of Phi Kappa Tau to explain how members of the house could get laid at parties:
    Ok, if it is before midnight … A group of girls is standing around, grab a bro or pledge bro and go talk to them. First, introduce yourself and get their name, ask if they are having a good time, and then ask if they want anything to drink. If they say yes, walk them to the bar and tell them what we have to drink. If they say no and they look like they are in a sorority, ask them if they are in a sorority (DUH). If not, choose one of the following: where are you living, where are you from, have you been here before, how are classes going, or where all have you been tonight. Then proceed to have a conversation. IF THEY ARE HAMMERED AT ANY POINT BEFORE MIDNIGHT, JUST SKIP THE CHIT CHAT AND GO DANCE.
    The email's author is apparently really excited about the prospect of dancing, and a couple paragraphs later he explains dancing to him is essentially just having a lady grind against a brother's crotch. Then he instructs how to "escalate":
    Try to twist her hips around to face you and dance front to front. FROM THERE THE OPTIONS ARE UNLIMITED! You can make-out with her (tongue on tongue), you can stick your hand up her shirt (not right away though), you can go for a butt grab (outside or inside the shirts), or use your imagination. ALWAYS START WITH THE MAKING OUT!!!! NO RAPING.
    Obviously, it's a fraternity of well, dorks.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    It's a boy who reads about sex, and not Esquire because they have too much class for that.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Obviously, it's a fraternity of well, dorks.

    Perhaps its the only people left to recruit, after the jocks fail out of their first semester?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Um, it's GEORGIA TECH. It is the total center of dorkdom in the Southeast. MIT with a drawl.

    Not surprised they are writing a how-to manual on how to finally get to touch boobies.
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    The derailing is fun and all, but

    how many reported rapes are there at GA tech? Is this an isolated incident, or is this behavior part of a rape culture?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Srsly, I do not think there is a rape culture at tech, although my personal experience is not recent there. It is known as a school that actually requires it's athletes to get a decent education. I do know many alumni, including sports team supporters, and haven't seen any of that kind of culture, any more than any other campus filled with horny college dudes. My daughter, at another local school, has contacts with GT students, and does not have an issue.

    When they are at Dragon Con or AWA all bets are off. GT is well represented at both.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Ahhh, so it appears to be an isolated incident. That's good. The school still needs a strong response to this however, for a few reasons:
    1) This type of behavior is dangerous, as it encourages rape
    2)this type of behavior is dangerous, as it spreads stds
    3)people need to learn that what ends up on the internet, stays on the internet, and WILL follow you forever.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Is it a GA tech issue, or a social issue? Remember stubenville? this is the same type of garbage that leads to stubenvill like incidents.
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    You want this thread merged... with this very thread?


    Sorry but: How can a thread be merged with itself? It's kind of like trying to put a box within that very box. Its a paradox.

    Unless you meant there is another thread that deals with this topic. In that case, the notion to merge this thread with that thread will be entertained. However, I don't particularly want to divide by zero today and create a wormhole to Xenu's Whore House Dimension.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Have you considered that it may be satire, although in poor taste?

    How do you like your Freedom of Expression now?
  17. Anonymous Member

    If it was satire, then they did a piss poor job letting people know. Freedom of speech also comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to be judged by the words that you say. I have a right to say racist shit, but once i do, then i loose my right to bitch and moan when everyone says i am a racist.
  18. Anonymous Member

    He needs more pizzas delivered to his frat house

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