Georgia Aviation Museum to Acquire John Travolta’s Private Jet

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Sponge, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Sponge Member

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  2. another123 Member

    Still required by Miscavige to retrieve scientologists trying to escape (seems they expect quite a few, lol)
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  3. I believe the Flying Winnebago was actually Flubbard's Bluebird RV with wings converted by the Pimp my Ride mechanics......
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Budd Member

    "In addition to the Gulfstream, the “Pulp Fiction” star is licensed to pilot (and owns) a Boeing 707 jet, which in 2010 he used to fly volunteers and supplies to the earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, Haiti."

    This last sentence from the article is worthy of pooning with some tru fax.
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  6. OMG, my prayers have been answered, the LRH-OT-8Mobile, runs on Vistaril, varrrrooooommmmm, sherrrrrroooooommmm and so on and so forth, "To the Van-Allen Belt and beyond".............
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  7. The wings are retracted in this photo:
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  8. Sponge Member

    Yeah, was it Rathbun that said he went on a retrieve mission in Travolta's Gulfstream II?
    Needs checking out and sending to the museum to make sure they have all their facts correct about the history of the aircraft.
    With that in mind, I wonder if the aircraft's LOGBOOKS are being handed to the museum too.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I had talked to the FAA a few years ago and tried to track down the plane that was used in retrieving Annie Broeker, they couldn't find any planes owned under JT's name or his dba (can't remember what that was). This type of info is normally public record but JT had requested that his flight plans remain private. If someone has more specific details on JT's dba, and what plane was used (Marty), then that story can be verified.
  10. Sponge Member

    He would likely have set up a company to handle the running of his fleet and the employ of crew, so the registrations won't neccesarily be in his name.
    A lot of individuals who run their own expensive private jets also tend to have a charter operation so that their aircraft are going some way to pay for themselves when the owner isn't using them.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    N492JT, the donated jet, is registered to CONSTELLATION PRODUCTIONS INC ENCINO, CA.

    Tracking is blocked, probably at the FAA level. Nothing special, anyone can do that but few bother to.
  12. Anonymous Member

    And here are the other two jets:

    FAA Aircraft Registration (N707JT)
    1964 BOEING 707-138B (192 seats / 4 engines)

    FAA Aircraft Registration (N218JT)
    2007 Eclipse 500 (I think)

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