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  1. Anonymous Member,

    I came across this site:

    Figured it was an anon mirror of the original Scientology Applied Scholastics site because of “gdiaf” domain name. But the pages are tracking IPs to the same account as the original pages.

    If it is an anon project, maybe could strip pages of the IP tracking script? If not an anon site then IHBT.

  2. Anonymous Member


    MODS, can you make my link above non-clickable? The URL looks like this:

    w w w h t m l
  3. Re:,

    This should be fixed. Thanks for bringing it up. If you find anything else, let me know.
  4. Just FYI, I have received a DMCA takedown notice for Waiting on an email back from the Church of Scientology on exactly what is being infringed upon. I also made it a point that the site is a parody with some protections under Free Speech.

    If you have any advice on dealing with the situation, feel free to advise. :)
  5. anon8109 Member

    I'm not a lawyer, just repeating things I have heard, filtered through my faulty memory.

    Pay attention to the Scientology enterprise's trademarks, like their big S, or the two triangles. Take all of those down.

    I haven't visited the site, but if you just mirrored the Scientology site, then they may have a valid copyright claim.

    Lots of DMCA abuse occurs on youtube. You may be able to get expert advice there.
    For example you could try to contact dprjones. He's quite busy though, so don't be surprised if he can't reply.
    Another user on YT who is concerned with DMCA abuse is themaskedanalyst. Doesn't look like he's been active, but he has made a lot of vids on the subject of DMCA abuse.

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