Gas Mask

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 90es, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. 90es Member

    Gas Mask

    Just wondering, what kind of stores would be selling them?
  2. Re: Gas Mask

    Army supply stores?
  3. Mål Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    This, I went to one today and an Isral Style was only $44
  4. desu Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    Army surplus stores would have that sort of stuff, and there's always Ebay.
  5. 90es Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    Here's the thing, I'm a torfag and I don't think we have any army supply stores.

    Any other stores other than those and eBay?
  6. Anon Frenzy Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    Amazon. Hardware stores will have the little respirator ones.
    Cyber/rave/goth shops may have fetish respirators.
  7. anonisfinetoo Member

  8. Happy Cat Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    If you're going for the gas mask look but can't find an actual one, the infamous Gas Mask Girl pulled it off with a respirator and a pair of goggles.

  9. LordXenu.Net Member

  10. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Gas Mask

    Find a service member and have him pick one up at the PX. They're high quality, resilient, and damned awesome looking (bonus points if you wear the rest of the MOPP gear to the protest)

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