G4 - The Loop: Has Anonymous gone too far?

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous404, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Anonymous404 Member

  2. poll bombing time!
  3. Anonymous404 Member

    Looks like G4 still has their butt hurt from the last time we raided them for breaking rules 1 & 2, anyways, time to put our weight on those polls.
  4. I don't expect much out of G4 but they did get Mark Ebner for the segment so it may not suck as bad as I thought it would.
  5. Maybe if G4 had stuck with being a Tech tv station... and kept shows like the screen savers, we'd have a whole network behind us.

    But instead they are trying to bring "geek" into the mainstreamcoolioness. With shit like ATOTS

    Press however is still press...
  6. UTANON Member

    I can't say I didn't expect it.

    Oh well, time to turn the poll against them. :twisted:
  7. Oh, Tech TV well would have been with us. Keh, oh well.
  8. They still haven't talked about it yet. :roll:

    Edit: they did a quick blurb about the segment saying that critics are worried about us damaging the cause despite that fact that the issue was cleared up several days ago. Hopefully the actual segment won't suck.
  9. MollyBloom Member

    They just did, started the poll and will continue to talk about it.

    To the Admin who locked the other thread: Sorry I didn't realize this was the AToS thread. :oops:
  10. Anonawhat Member

    Oh god, here comes the "Anonymous is going to come after my religion next WAAAAA" comments.
  11. Don't worry about that. Things are moving so fast right now you're going to see multiple threads pop up on a subject at the same time. If we lock or move a thread it's nothing personal. :D
  12. Yeah, that druidblue guy really needs to calm down. Why would anonymous care about druids? They don't seem to be a group that hates human rights, and there aren't too many lulz in attacking druids.
  13. Anonawhat Member

    Unless they're night elves.
  14. Clearly. Fuck night elves, we all know that Dwarves are better.
  15. I disagree in that the statement "lulz in attacking Druids" made me lawl. That said, I wouldn't really see a point in attacking them.
  16. Anonymous316 Member

    Just finished, I think that Anon was shown in a generally positive light. Also, the guy from Gawker did a good job in helping keep the host up-to-date on the status of the web-site attacks. That final comment about Anonymous genuinely caring about free speech on the net definitely helped the look of the entire movement.
  17. MollyBloom Member

    Not worried, didn't take it personal, have been around the block several times so no big deal.

    Well, after watching the loop they still seem to underestimate what Anon can do. They did mention the protests on the 10th but seemed doubtful that Anon will have any impact or 'stick' with it. I don't think they were well informed on the different things being planned, the protests that have already taken place or other legal activities.

    But it was coverage and that's still important at this early stage in the plan.

    Go, go, go Anonymous, continue the work for Great Justice.
  18. all that matters in the end is that the Orcs clean up their act

    orgs orcs something like that
  19. Anonawhat Member

  20. I would not do such things if I were you...
  21. Daywatch Member

  22. Anonymous128 Member

  23. Tuesday Member

    Yes - 8.5%
    No - 91.5%

    WIN! :tom:
  24. Unaware Member

  25. Check the comments.

    Terryeo says how much he supports Anonymous. :roll:
  26. Dianetics Member

    Frankly I thought the coverage was generally crappy and out of touch like G4 usually is. G4 is kinda like AOL for the television. They made no mention of any of the reasons that it is being protested. No mention of disconnection. No mention of Lisa McPherson or various other deaths. No mention of infiltration of the US Government and illegal wiretaps. It was retarded. You would think a show that is supposed to focus on the internet would know what the fuck they were talking about.
  27. anonEmouser Member

    You had your answer in your first sentence.

    G4 sucks more than my roomba.
  28. Show is up. Just watched. It's gooooood.
  29. Same as OP. Just refresh if needed.
  30. anonEmouser Member

    :roll: Its in the OP. Hell, it IS the OP.
  31. Relax. Said blog didn't include video at first.
  32. Ah, they added it after it aired. Thx.
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