Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by SamuelAdams, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. SamuelAdams Member

    Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    * "Get W.I.S.E."
    * "Get Wise to W.I.S.E."

    * "Front Group"

    * Operation "Full Free Press"
    * "Free the Press"
    * "Free Press"

    * "419 Scientology"
    * "Bankruptcy"
    * "Bank Roll"

    * "May Day - May Day"

    * "RPF"
  2. DeadFace Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    Opperation: Bait & Switch
    The fact that they say ALL other religions are compatible with Scientology, until you shell out and become OTIII, then it's NONE are compatible. Hit that "Baptist" minister hard for his CoS status. (the church infiltrating other churches?)

    Opperation: Emminence Front
    Front groups being everywhere (allthough, these might be better as individual projects to make everyone aware of their CoS ties)

    Children Not Babies at Sea (or Women and Children Last)
    The SeaOrg's child labor and abortion policy.

    Opperation: Super Friends
    Calling 'em out to show us their super powers. (Personally, I'm wantin' to see Aquaman talk to sea turtles)

    Kitchen Sink
    ALL info passed out, re-hashed for public consumption.
  3. UpStatSP Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    Operation: Rememberance
    Remember all those that have died inside our out as a result of Scientology

    Operation: Life Inside
    Dedicated to exposing life inside the cult - this might not help people on the inside, but will certainly put off any potential recruits

    Operation: Money, Money, Money
    Expose the financial scam that is Scientology - particularily its use of tax exempt status and its religious front

    Operation: Bed Time Story
    Dedicated to the nightmares that await children inside Scientology. This might be a decent op to target parents. If we get parents to instil from a young age into their children the evils of Scientology then hopefully they wont even consider it once they are old enough

    Operation: LRH
    Why not dedicate an entire operation to utterly debunking every single aspect of LRH's personal life, religious teachings and spiritual understanding?

    Operation: Hollywood
    Draw public attention the celebrity foundation of Scientology, then watch it crumble. If the public perception of celebrities can be damaged in our favour, based on the truth behind the "religion" that Cruise et al prophesise, then it could potentially throw a major blow to their financial potential
  4. WMAnon Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    Maybe we should consider using existent websites as themes? Operation: Why Are They Dead, anyone?
  5. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    I want to suggest/advocate an approach for tackling this issue.


    0) Create a sub-forum for this purpose only

    1) Anyone can propose BROAD theme in its own thread - possible names to go with theme are fine, but let's not get hung up on the name ahead of the idea. Mod should merge any threads with a LOT of overlap in theme.

    2) Let thread run for fixed period, say seven days, then lock? By this time the idea will either have garnered support or not.

    3a) If hive has reached consensus that idea is FAIL, then end-of-road
    3b) If idea seems to have life, new thread to POLL for theme support YES/NO (say two/three days)

    4a) If NO wins, end-of-road.
    4b) if YES wins, theme is added to list of potential future protest themes. Thread created to develop theme, agree name for theme, etc in Think Tank sub-forum.

    5) The four 'unused' themes with the highest levels of support (as judged by mods) and an agreed name are put up for a vote for the next 'unallocated' protest, and repeat.

    This should establish quick consensus, and allow us to allocate three or four months ahead, and avoid upset over preferred themes not being selected, because they'll come up again in the next selection vote.

    I'm not overly attached to the details, but the key ideas of:

    tl;dr vvv

    A) propose ideas/themes (not names) in individual threads
    B) if theme supported, add to list of 'pending' themes and agree a name
    C) select one from multiple pending themes, known to have support, for each month

    I think would work really smoothly, and quickly.
  6. Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    How about "Operation Fair Gamed"? We could focus on CoS's Suppression of free speech/Paulette Cooper/Operation Snow White/etc. It's interesting to the media, interesting to the internet, and (hopefully) interesting to the general public.

    Or maybe I just suck cocks. Your call.

  7. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    Operation REFUND for sometime in the future (described fully in the activism forum)

    Operation GAME OVER is agreed for May.

    Other than that... no idea :)
  8. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    Having just found the official May thread (thx -Kiwi) I kinda feel a bit daft for my post above - except that the idea of a 'call for names' once the theme is set, before the vote on names, is prob a good idea (I suspect Game Over would still have won, but there were other voices wanting to be heard) - Still, we learn, and for three months I reckon we're learning fucking fast! Enturb ops especially should all be backpatted.

    anyway: my summary proposal

    May 10th
    - Game Over (fair gaming, lawyers, PIs, character assasination etc)

    June ????
    - Front groups - letting the public know about the groups operating locally and internationally.

    July ????
    - Road trip & conventions Clearwater & Saint Hill (& Sydney?) for those who can; for those who can't
    - a Flyer/sticker/poster run for a change - meet normal places - then split up into small groups and flyer the town top to bottom - then regroup for a few Lulz

    August ????
    - Operation Refund - back to the org protests. seeking ????? -> PROFIT for conned ex-members
  9. Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    The cult's fair game policy is exposed. In the interest of fairness, this policy is applied to the cult for the first time.
    Face it, he's the lulziest character in world history. Ever hear the audio tapes? He talks about negros "close to the soil," obscene brass dogs that shit you out, martian bishops on steamrollers, freight trains on venus. His written policies are the most transparently amoral, ever! We can have so much fun exposing this retard.
  10. perro de paz Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    "Bad Citizen" (ok it's a lame name, but something like that)

    Focusing on Co$s abuses of the legal and political system. "Why do the authorities allow them to get away with that?" Operation Snow White, the problems with the German and Greek governments etc. Focus heavily on quotes from judges and officials. Fair game horror stories.

    Putting emphasis on the danger the Co$ poses to larger society. Answering the question many bystanders have, "why should I care?"

    Maybe instead of the orgs, one month stage worldwide protests in front of state, regional, national, etc legislative and excecutive buildings.
  11. SamuelAdams Member

  12. Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm



    no catchy slogan, none needed, just need the media to ask, what is that?
  13. gandow Member

    Re: Future Monthly Theme Brainstorm

    December 5./6. : Remember the 5th of December / Lisa Memorial Day

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