Fundraising idea

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by GuyFux, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. GuyFux Member

    Fundraising idea

    I would like to get peoples input on this idea:

    I've noticed that video rental chains seem to be going up in smoke at a growing rate due to Blockbuster online and Netflix. Many of them are selling their DVD's and Video Games at ungodly low rates in order to clear out quick.

    So my idea, was that if a video chain near you is going under, take advantage by buying tons of DVD's and Video Games at the low rates (which is usually like [no joke] 70-90% off) and putting them on Ebay to raise money for Enturbulation and guys outed by the Co$.

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    Making extra cash to donate to individuals to way lay some costs.

    Great idea. I'm all for it, be it enturb, people having to pony up cash for permits, individual legal funds and hell for your own personal beer / what ever else you are into funds.
  3. GuyFux Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    And how can we forget the moist delicious cake. It doesn't bake itself (unless you're OTVIII that is :confused: )
  4. Re: Fundraising idea

    I like the idea of this being a web based fund raising thing. It's like a giant Anon/Ebay garage sale!

    The consolidation of all collected and donated funds however, may still be an issue. Who can we all trust to manage the funds and make sure they get allocated properly when needed?

    One thing I was thinking was maybe asking a known and trusted "public personality" (like Dawn from glosslip?) to be the one to "hold the account." What about having it so we can set goals with a chart or something to show progress like a web-based telethon or whatever?

    If any monies are leftover at the end of this, it can be publicly donated to charity, or helping individuals needing to get their life back together after the cult.
  5. GuyFux Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    Amen! Love it :)

    As for trusting the funds to someone....hmm....Dawn would be a good choice, obviously, but what about Magoo or (possibly) WBM?
  6. Re: Fundraising idea

    They were my first thought, but I was afraid that if it were any of the OG, they may be designated as a leader by the CoS. They are pretty focused on trying to figure out where anon's "funding" comes from as it is.

    I figure that someone public that came into this WITH anon would be less likely to be suspected by those silly scilons as the person to get anon going.
  7. GuyFux Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    Great point, great point.
  8. Re: Fundraising idea

    yea maybe bumping an old thread, what about Stuart Wyatt (PlymouthScientology) or AngryGayPope (AGP guy)
  9. me57 Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    great idea will do so when i can. God Bless
  10. AnonBox Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    My suggestion would be not to designate the funds to any one account per say. This is obviously something any individual could do to profit personally, we are just suggesting it as a way for Anon to fund it's initiative. I would say offer it up as a bit of advice to people trying to organize protest/flash raids and monthly raids, and let them do with it what they will. There is no good that would come from establishing any semblance of accountability, much less leadership within an organization that uses its anonymity as a tool to prevent being traced or stopped.

    For those of us trying to assemble and organize the efforts, here is a great way for us to reimburse ourselves for the financial deficit incurred. As far as raising money for charitable donation to alienated or otherwise impaired families, I don't foresee this type of fundraising procuring serious enough profits to sustain a or rebuild a family. Although some further brainstorming in areas to create enough money would be fantastic.

    For this, though, I would suggest that Anonymous lends it's help to an outside organization dedicated to this cause. Anonymous doesn't need a paper or financial trail, we can just help those who do.
  11. twelve Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    Central account is a Bad Thing. It creates a target and the potential for endless drama, and gives only minor benefits. Individual Anons need funds; they can use tricks like the OP to get thing. Groups of Anons need funds; they can use tricks like the OP to get them. Anonymous does not need funds, for the same reason a guerilla force does not need a central ammo cache.
  12. skidmark Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    The first rule of analyzing a business - follow the MONEY. It's central to everything. It also creates boundless drama and politics within an organization.

    This needs to be kept grassroots. I recommend small fundraising events at a local level and that it all be kept in cash spread across the org. If money for a permit is needed, then a pooling can happen and it be designated to the person getting the permit.

    I know I'm a newfag here, but I have 8 years of biz analyst experience behind me and I'm just sharing how I would start dissecting the org.
  13. PFD Member

    Re: Fundraising idea

    One issue you have to consider, which depends on each country too, is how funds raised will be handled.

    Sure hinting to your local anons "I got this boombox for the raid next month, it was pricey" and letting anons offer you some cash here and there is fine. Pooling money when it's required for a certain item is easy. anons see where the cash is going to go into and if they feel comfortable with the way its handled, you'll get funds needed when it's needed.

    Proper fundraising, if the plans are for it to be somewhat continual have laws attached depending where you live. And in the end, really, there can only be a person or two that really handle your funds so they become a easy target.

    So doing it for individual groups can be sticky enough, but at times required. Anonymous as a whole doesn't.

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