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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Semifu, Mar 10, 2012.

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    new radiation map of the Fukushima nuclear disaster:

    Couple weeks ago smoke was coming from the plant. So the goverment "cold shutdown" statement is a lie. Why I am not surprised?

    Tokyo facing 10 times higher radiation than in Chernobyl:²-map

    And no, you can not compare bananas or space radiation with radiation particles. Couse they get inside you. And do not go away with urine or poo like banana. Space radiation will just affect your skin. In time radiation particles just collect in your brains, liver, bones... Even the smallest amount of radiation particles from nuclear disaster pose a great risk to your health.

    Washington there was 100.000 times more radiation than normally:

    And the authorities sayed just that radiation is, in fact, good for your health:

    But oops, infant deaths rose in America, Philadelphia saw 48% rise on infant deaths:

    Here is video from the Japan, Norway and France authorities:

    Japan and Norway videos are censored.. But the France video is still online:

    Mutated leafs from Finland last summer. Up is normal leaf, down is mutated leafs:

    There is no danger in Japan from the radiation. Couse the authorities just raised the limits for radiation. So everything is fine, couse the limits do not break:

    Another radiation map:

    Everything is just great in Japan. Radiation is good for people. But why the grass is dying? Well, TEPCO workers have a solution to that too: we will just paint it back to green!

    And a bit deeper of who really is trolling the internet..

    Here is also information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster:

    - Guildmaster
  2. What are you trying to achieve?
  3. Lol, I can understand the concern but the damage has been done, to keep posting dodgy looking so called radiation maps and shit seems pretty pointless, unless he/she is trying to scare US citizens. Anyhoo all those motherferkin huge a-bombs that the US UK and Russia etc let off during testing for the past 40 years don't seem to have led to dramatic "radiation maps" and "we are all going to die" crap so what's so special about Fukushima?
  4. Anonymous Member

    It must really suck to live up north

  5. MisterSir Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    This is old news a map of the results of the plumes from the US testing in Nevada.

    This is an old map.

    Here is another-of britain after chernobyl.


    This kind of shit has always been available to those willing to look for it. Just because your consciousness got raised doesn't mean everyone else lives under a wicker basket.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Cocks on map above not posting. Let's try another fun game! Plan your Ukraininan rafting party to avoid those risky dead zones!

    Sounds like fun!
  8. In the meantime no ones been born with two heads or six eyes so all these "maps" are pointless, also posting "maps" after the "deadly radiation" has hit an area is barn door ish.

    What happened in Japan was fucked up but those caught up in it are already screwed, the damage was done early on not a year later, posting dodgy graphs and dubious facts is a tad futile, op is on some kind of anti gov mission which ain't helping jack.

    My conscience hasn't been raised or hiding under a wicker basket. I just noted no one bothered to reply to the op and so I asked what his/her point was as I thought/think it's futile.

    Mind you, the map of the US showing fallout might explain all the fat bloaters living there now!
  9. Anonymous Member

    I guess you missed the memos about the genetic fallout from Chernobyl.
  10. …Build a high 100 ft thick wall (made of gravel) around Fukashima's 4 reactors…cement the interior of the wall to waterproof it – then fill it with enough water to completely submerge the reactors – this will cool them down ..then gradually over time the reactors can be dismantled and broken up into pieces by mechanical robots.. .the rubble can then be further reduced into small piles and transported to new cooling facilities!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Stop watching cartoons and start thinking.
  12. Aurora Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Cement isn't waterproof over the duration it would take to safely store the waste.
  14. I see how one could end up looking like your avatar!
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  16. Don't let us stop you, off to Fukushima!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Well, just got back from the protest, with vid!

    ...I'm not flying there again.
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  18. BlackSugar Member

    I think they are having great fun there !
  19. Anonymous Member

    I haven't followed this, lately, but yeah, it is bad. While we were being told the reactor was shut down, it was still producing a cesium isotope found only in fission... we were being lied to.

    And, it seems I recall- something about- communication of one of the reactor cores with the water table. It is fucked up, and the consequences won't be known for years. And reading some of the nuke worker's forums, and blogs, this is probably much worse than Chernobyl.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I wrote: this is probably much worse than Chernobyl.

    The caveat being areal ex stint, and life involved.
  21. Anonymous Member

    should read: "extent"
  22. Er, pointing out the bleeding obvious! It's a nuke reactor gone tits up, how more fucked up would you expect!

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