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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Semifu, Aug 19, 2011.

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    What are her full remarks in context? LOL, you didn't even know that Professor Gerry Thomas was woman!
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    Okay, fair dues, I didn't know that she was a woman. I also don't think her gender is relevant. The comment is, and it's exactly as I posted it.

    I have no issue with taking poor reporting and scare-mongering to task, but for the love of christ, don't call to suppress media reporting into the matter. Let the rags publish shit, so they can be called on it, and their poor research debunked. But the Japanese government has already entered into the business of calling on telecoms to "remove harmful rumors" from the internet: (further dox are in moonspeak, but here they are: , )

    I don't think its in our best interests to hand anybody that kind of media banhammer and expect them to use it responsibly, especially in a time of crisis when the population is distracted enough to make it all that much easier to abuse.
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    No kidding. It's like this:
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