Front Group: Life Center For A New Tomorrow

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    Front Group: Life Center For A New Tomorrow

    Scientologist's Facebook profile I ran across states:
    Work and Education

    Life Center For A New Tomorrow January 2008 - Present
    Lead Supervisor
    Woodbury, Tennessee

    So I checked out the place. Yup. Another Scientology front group, where the church probably sends the Type II ( psychotic) scientologists when things get out of hand at $2,000/week.

    [..] As more and more evidence is found that psychiatric drugs are causing side effects often worse than the original condition of the individual, an alternative treatment had to be worked out.

    The Life Center for a New Tomorrow is located in the beautiful hills of Woodbury TN (about one hour south east of Nashville). The Center was created to provide a safe environment for people who have conditions difficult to deal with. The Life Center is not a medical or treatment facility. The main focus is to provide an environment that is peaceful and safe, where people can rest, destimulate, gradually calm down, regain their senses and with some help perhaps recover the social skills necessary to function successfully in life

    It was found that underlying any mental condition, very often a physical condition exists: such as hormone imbalance, heavy metal poisoning, vitamin deficiencies, lyme disease, etc. We strongly recommend that the guests undergo a thorough physical check before he/she arrives at the Life Center. [..]

    For those that are able, we also offer courses that help the individuals gain the tools necessary for improving the conditions in their lives. Therefore, enabling them to function better in life. We also provide a transition period into society if needed to help them get started in their new lives. [..]

    Life Center - Page: 2 of 9

    Life Center - Page: 3 of 9
    Life Center - Page: 9 of 9

    PHONE: (615) 563 - 4292
    CELL: (615) 542 - 7316
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    Re: Front Group: Life Center For A New Tomorrow

    I don't like the emphasis on social skills--targeting certain particularly vulnerable groups.

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