Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

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  1. Triumph Member

    Scientology master Plan for the Clearing of Haiti...

    target the children...recruit the children...exploit the children....
    Haitian Volunteer Ministers appear to be getting paid...according to their facebook pages...
    Jean Paul Sanfacon... Is in charge of the VM's (oldtard on teh bike)
    and Is also named in the Loftus Dox as director of operations in Haiti....
    .setting up sweatshops to build their crude kenaf stoves....

    Clauude Reggie Jean Is the collection arm of this Micro-credit kenaf stove profiteering scam

    hey Miscavige ,ya putz... this Is a serious conflict of interest ...Jean Paul Sanfacon is an Official Representative of Scientology and Is acting on behalf a group of Scientologist involved in a profiteering scheme... that exploits children....

  2. Triumph Member

    Bill Loftus took Stop Global Warming Inc..out of mothballs for a proposed $5 mil kenaftard village in Surname

    Stop Global Warming inc is Inactive... according to Sun-Biz...

    June Littler service completions

    June D Littler also has a Scion cookie cutter web site... started in 75
    June's Linkedin page

    Scientology Library Steve Littler Littler


    Steve Littler was associated with the ScinoScam "Wireless Web Connect"

    lots of Scientologist helping Billy Pimp his kenaftard the past and present
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Next earthquake, even with those reenforced concrete pillars, that place it going to shake itself to bits. Also, they built it on the side of a hill without gutters to channel the water and mud flow coming off of the hill.
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  4. Triumph Member

    theres not much too that structure the floors are compacted dirt....
    they did put of skim coat of mud plaster on the exterior and interior...
    they added bars on the windows ..and have doors....
    and enclosed the gabled ends of the roof....

    that tin roof..with 2x4 rafters and poles for joists will fold up like a circus tent.or peal open lie a can of imported sardines ..during the first good storm... steel reinforcing and some hurricane straps....would have been nice..

    there Isn't an foundation... for those walls to sit on....they will buckle when the ground shakes...
    and crumble when the soil erodes from a hard rainfall

    high maintenance structure .. in Hurricane and Earthquake country

    Its just excuse for Susi Tschupp to "regg" another 20k 50K for a new building .
    Haiti was just hit with alot of heavy rain and flooding...from the last hurricane...
    they can just use the recent cholera outbreak for an excuse to pimp Hubbard....

    they go out of their way on facebook to Give the appearance Pierre Is running a Christian Outfit...

    Michela Schneider FOHO looks to be heavily involved with Limbe since ...leaving Claude's operation in June 2010

    Pierre heeps alot of thanks and praise on Michela in the comments.....

    explains Claude Reginald Jean's Butthurt here...

    Claude also mentions that when the Schneider Sisters did the moneyz...
    explains why Claude Jean is butthurt... all her supporters have moved to Pierre's camp...

    both Elena and Michela ended their Haiti stays because they picked up a dose of Cholera

    Claude Jean is looking to build a 15 room schoolhouse and death trap on the newly purchased property.... nextdoor to GRoDYSH
  5. Triumph Member

    Cult Marketing Scam exposed another TURD in teh PUNCHBOWL
    Theta Healing^ derp
    Quantum-ionics...more Eco-Friendly clamtards marketing a scam,based out of Clearwater Fl,,Glenwood Ca,,S. Africa..Australia and parts unknown
    partners with his brother Randolph Davis AKA Rand Davis

    Chris Davis
    marketing Lofus's kenaf tinker toy blocks...
    also in the Loftus Dox pg 27-28 (National Director- South Africa)

    Quantum-ionics Haz Oil spill solution ..wif Kenaf.. raft.. made by Haitian slave children (another Loftus brainchild solution)
    scammers will be scammerz

    Chris Davis service completions...

    you need a score card .. to keep up with these scammers

    Quantum-ionics..domain registered in Panama ..heh...
  6. Triumph Member

    Bill Loftus Chem-Trail conspiracy loon

    tldr spoiler: Kenaf ...teh solution to Chem-trailz.send bill loftus moneyz
  7. Triumph Member

    Scammer Alert....

    Sarah Ehrlich propaganda video... uses some footage of Grodysh Chicken coop... she didn't provide...THE CHICKENS OR THE COOP...
    and did NOT build the coop @ SOS children's village...

    they did however pose for some photos...

    they uses a bunch of Felix Kunze FOHO stock photos in this video ...that Sarah and her friends the FOHO/Grodysh Restavek Ranch

    An Egg a Day Saves Lives! Give a Flock and Help for Orphans, Int.

    uses the Canadian school in her PR where She schmoozed Raquel Ghent ....for Christmas Gifts sent to GRODYSH last year

    so many holes in this shore story......she suckered some flunky film student into making a video..who wouldn't bother checking out her phony story first....
  8. anon walker Moderator

    The Heifer Project only charges $20 for a flock o chickies or duckies. I would not send these people any.
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  9. Triumph Member

    Sarah tells the story about traveling to India ..and meeting an orphan there ..that inspired her to become the scamming Philanthropists she is today
    Sarah with her future Hubby (fat-tard on right) and clam friends... on a Dianetics book pimping tour in India...
    Sarah had an "epiphany" on that trip.. it was that scamming bucks for Orphans was way more lucrative that shilling crappy L Ron Hubard Books

    bad photoshop jerb by Sarah... its missing teh Dianetics books and her hands...
    her friends hand also got looks like it photochopped
  10. Triumph Member

    what came first...the Chickens or teh Scam
    Staged Photo Op @GRODYSH Chickens and Coop were there long before Sarah and Nicole showed up

    those are some pathetic Photo-Op chickens ..Sarah
    it the "one and only " picture on the "give a flock" facebook page.....

    She didn't buy those that Haitian market... according to her recent blog interview....

    what does a fib in the facebook captions hurt... eh Sarah

    thats Haitian Scientology Volunteer Minister shill Wibens Lorzeme wif the 3 chickens they didn't buy...

    like wealthy Clam-Bot David Jensen would give up a dime to help the cause....they know front groups are scams..set up to fleece wogs...
  11. Triumph Member

    Leslie Hobbs say Heh to uber thetan Grant Cardone...and show me teh moneyz

    video posted Nov 6th .
    I love it when they talk all clammy to each other...

    P.S Leslie,...
    Grant hasn't seen it yet..I'm the first.

    he already bought a house in Miami 2 months ago... your Up-tone-- but fashionably late...
    theres always a low paying jerb working for Grant....

    wha...Rutenberg Realty Isn't big enough for Leslie Hobbs and Michela Schneider?
    you gals should have plenty to natter about around the ole water cooler...

    How teh FLOW these days Leslie!
  12. Triumph Member

    Crisis Averted!..

    hope Nancy Reitze didn't call on teh NAZI's pals for halp...

    Nancy is/wuz Old School Guardian Office Thugz... Reitze

    Nancy Reitze service completions
    Her Hubby Tom Reitze wuz/is a stinker too Reitze

    good friends liek that not want..... heh..

    now they need 14K for teh Study Tech books...Give More!

    Mace Kingsley ..
    Scientology Auditing Kids: Proof From Church's Own School Website

    By Tony Ortega Thu., Jul. 12 2012 at 7:00 AM
  13. Triumph Member

    GRODYSH.. it has absolutely no affiliation with the Cult of Scientology ...nada,,nothing zip...
    edumicated in ethics and morals ...the Hubbard wayz
  14. Triumph Member

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  15. Triumph Member

    last year Leslie Hobbs was looking for donations of around $3K for a Human Rights march
    an excuse to hand out useless Hubbard pamphlets

    they ended up having their cult parade.... Youth for Human rights crap-anti-drug crap..and the way to happiness...crap .

    the guy in the center Is Paul Villefranche a Haitian TV personality...the cult arranged for a little publicity for Claude's charade parade ...also sold a 2012 calendar featuring Restavek porn kids

    the young woman Is Fabienne Gecrois and employee of Grodysh

    Grodysh PR
    all 200,000... in yer dreams...
    Fabienne on the left
    also recently added to Claude Jeans Idle Morgue Kibbutz team on his Linkedin page

    Moise Estiverne Is also an associate of Grodysh
  16. Triumph Member

    Rob Thompson... Is the doufus with the MBA who wrote the Loftus Proposal...

    he also runs a company called
    Financial Freedom Foundation
    sells his junk with webinars-seminars...does some forex trading... promices investment returns too good to be true...etc basically a spruiker
    has a thing called the "Mastermind Group"...herp derp...

    Basically the whole thing is set up to steer suckers into Bill Loftus project...

    the first thing Rob hits you with Is a fookin Bill Loftus quote.. derp

    Rob Is the Managing Director of the "Together we Can Foundation" ...
    which dosen't exist Robs or Bills name..

    WARNING: most of the non-Scientologist involved in this scheme quack more that the Scientologist involved...
  17. Triumph Member

    have a little wine and cheese with your GRODYSH
    Fanciful gift baskets.
    Terry August
    Wall August
    it's teh Scientology...
    Scientology marched into Haiti like they owned the place..snatched up a bunch of stray kids... milked it for publicity every chance they got....

    "without the benefit of a huge organization backing them" heh

    Scientology still exploits them for the sale of their crappy books...

    Grodysh in its original incarnation ..was the main Haitian Dianetics center...
    use the children as a "human shield".. theres a huge tax benefit in it being an also play to their advantage to claim the religious angle... .."human shield" to pull down religion status.. by exploiting an NGO status....

    the Crappy Hubbard books were taxable ....per-earthquake...
    behind the NGO they aren't.....
  18. Triumph Member

    A Group of the cult first kids...
    these Pix were taken before the cult set up camp on the junkyard
    some in the pix are still Grodysh Kids
    Michela was part of the "Italian team" involved in rounding up the kids...
    Michela and Elena and a few other were the "Italian Team" Scientology talks in its early Press Releases...
    Pix were taken days after JT commanded his mission
    a big ole suitcase full of "shiny beads" stuff for the kids...
  19. Triumph Member

    Stratigic Partners.. in the Loftus/Goulston Kenaf project
    we know GRODYSH's role....

    The Green Fountation ..Is a Haitian "NGO" the discription given in the Loftus Dox perfectly discribes Jean Paul Sanfacon's main role....I imaging other are in on it...

    the others all have some connection with Global Pioneers and/or Bill loftus

    Bill loftus cites some of the same claims in his PR ..given here for the Hope Foundation

    is a Haitian NGO..that does alot of reforestation... and might be heavily helping Scientology raise it's "Cash Crop"
  20. Triumph Member

  21. Triumph Member

    more shenanigans Feb 2010
    5 Vultures

    Dabouze Antoine Is from Clayton County Georgia...and ran a campaign for a political office
    and is connected with Kevin Thomas
    Hubbard-Kenaf-Bots=Celina Pearson and Jean Paul Sanfacon
    Environmental House =Sea Org Kibbutz
  22. Triumph Member

  23. Triumph Member

  24. Triumph Member

    Hope Ministries letter to Loftus
    Fails to mention he had Cary Goulston and the Vulture Ministers up his ass...
  25. DeathHamster Member

    A 30 lbs bag of seed isn't a whole hell of a lot.

    This guy claims that he dug 50,000 wells in five years? 1,000 per year, 3 per day?

  26. Triumph Member

    Dr Carrolle Jean Murat ..all gung-ho to build the Loftuz Kibbutz
    the secretary Is Joseph Jean Giles .....he is the "Joe Jean" in the land deal pictures with Michela Schneider

    His Facebook page is crawling with Italian "OT" friends..also Michela Schneider,Nicole Greenwood ,and Pierre Brice Erasmin..

    Humanitarian Architecture
    Joseph Jean with Michela Schneider Nov 26th 2010
  27. Triumph Member

    google Fu hiz name...
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Excuse my math failure.

    That's 10,000 wells per year, 27.4 wells per day. Assuming a 12 hour work day, what was he using to dig the holes in less than half an hour, a Shadow vessel with a Ginsu beam?
  29. Triumph Member

  30. Triumph Member

    by Dec 28 2011 Michela Schneider was recruiting easy money for the Restavek "B" team
    @Limbe Academy reggt.png
  31. Triumph Member

    the "Fix" was "in"
    the Global Pioneer Clowns gallivant around Haiti with a 30lb bag of Kenaf seeds and a hatched plan....give out free Government "Scientology"Cheese...
    find a few schools and Orphanages to take free handouts of Study Tech books.
    create a Photo OP to sell the Illusion of their fellow nitwits
    and the turn around an hit up gullible Scientologist for those crappy books...
    the average Haitian can't afford a crappy Dianetics book.... so you give them away...and "regg" the money out of the flock of dummies....back in Clamwater
  32. Triumph Member

    Hitting up gullible "Scientologist" the name of book sales...


    these clowns were using teh lure of free create a draw for their book sales...con
  33. Triumph Member

    this was Scientology's First PR shot out of Haiti
    Pappi Reggie was trolling orphanages and schools for for 2 years ...
    those Global Pioneers Photo Ops.. were set up with the offer of free food ....

    "Pappi Reggie" had all the local Restavek Orphanages scoped out long before Earthquake...
    when the earthquake hit it was just a matter of commandeering one.. for teh greatest good
  34. Triumph Member

    We Haz Humanitarian Aidz..
    Jean Paul Sanfacon..Head of the Volunteer Minister Mission in Haiti..Is also in charge of setting up the kenaf stove sweatshops

    hiding behind the cover of a Humanitarian Mission ...for cut-throat profiteering

    even if they never reach their goal of manufacturing 1 million stoves.. its still 100% pure profit...

    • exploit the benefits of being an NGO
    • cheap labor
    • un-taxable income
    • easily laundered money
    • no regulations.
    • and it dosen't hurt that the Haitian government Is corrupt as hell
    there Isn't much industry in Haiti...
    the big money making cash crop in Haiti Is Restavek Orphanages...

    bunch of yellow shirted parasites... looking to cash in....using these Orphanages & kenaf stove sweatshops to finance their stupid mission...

    In Haiti, Sweatshops Open For Business
  35. Triumph Member

    more theta babble by Barbara Schneider...
    I'm pretty sure these delusional twits were intent on snagging 1000 children
    the land was Claude Jeans junkyard....
    that Bag Man and Photographer mentioned at the bottom... Global Pioneer Brad Kugler
    a little cash to run the Restavek Round-up courtesy of Air Travolta
    Barbara Deleted these post from facebook... but they remain on the link with "aids" above
    John and his beard...with the token restavek.... captured for the photo-shoot...
    pix by Brad Kugler aka: bag man

    I'm sure Johnny got hit up fore some cash....for GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage..or whatever they disguise it as next week
  36. Triumph Member

    yea Brad we know all about yer planz...
    Cary Goulston and others were some of the first Vulture Scum down there.... they slipped in by way of the Dominican Republic....

    Whats with these sawed off little Scientologist on a power trip

    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  37. Triumph Member

    paying the low-toned out-ethics locals $4 a day to work and not steal from their cache of goods...
    supply depot...stash[IMG]
    the camp..was a dozen tents..and a tarp over a truck bed...their little camp was makeshift... at best...

    this was dubbed the "Future of Haiti" then Claude took it back and renamed it GRODYSH...

    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  38. Triumph Member

    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage

    the chickens came before the Sarah Ehrlich scam.

    ..........................................................................................................................teh Community Learning Center^
    cult brainwashing for teh teachers @GRODYSH

    Community Learning Center dba World Literacy Crusaade
    Holly Haggerty..former Director of GRODYSH
    Brendan Haggerty

    bright sky learning Sky Learning
  39. Triumph Member

    Sylvia Standard-Sue Taylor and the Parasites @ DC Borg.. infiltrated the Haitian Embassy in the under the auspices of volunteering [IMG]
    they nabbed Guy Chevalier through the Embassy hes the founder of The United Relief Force Foundation (yellow shirt blue hand print arms up)
    the culties were all over his ass in Haiti....

    when your in charge of Passenger have access to their Ruin...

    Here Is Guy using the FOHO/GRODYSH kids for fundraising....
    there are a dozen videos.. and Michela Schneider and the Yellow Shirt Gang are all over them...
    wondering what kind of deal he cut with the FOHO gang...
    even features the Vulture Ministers happy fun tent in his promo Pix
    clown is hoping people visiting his web site don't catch on that this Is a Scientology Volunteer Minister tent...

    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  40. Triumph Member

    Michela Schneider @ 0:06

    disasters bring out the ambulance chasers.. a good disaster gets em crawling out of the woodwork...
    Scientologist ..were siting in the right spot.. the Haitian Embassy... the Disaster exploiters came to them...

    @4:00 he talking about the FOHO compound... and hes looking for suckers to donate...

    even scooped up some strays for FOHO.....disasters bring out the worst fookin scum

    he was also at the Haitian Miami Hospital with them VM's .. the fist few days...
    and would have been staying in a tent in the VM camp...
    they were up his ass..

    wondering if he gave the CoS their cut...
    clams be swarming his facebook pages..Barbara Schneider,Arte Maren,Ritchie Acunto.Pat Clowden...etc..etc.... sick em OSA sick a pack of locust

    Vultures@1:11 lookie thar: Guy Is wearing a Vulture Minister T-Shirt...
    cult Van..@1:48
    dickhead is shilling volunteer ministers course Aids on his crap link..another fookin front group flunkie
    United Relief Force Foundation is a gung-ho stooge for Scientology

    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage..its teh Scientology

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