"Friends of passive resistance" should it be a Social Group or a thread?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Jaroslav Hasek, Aug 16, 2009.


Where should we discuss passive resistance

Poll closed Aug 26, 2009.
Social Group 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Here in Protest Advise 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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Won't read it don't care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I have a question about whether you (individually) would prefer for me to continue posting "Friends of passive resistance" as a Social Group or whether we continue this thread here instead.

    Point is to discuss the tactic of "passive resistance"
    If you want to see what I've already posted before you register your vote go to the Social Group which is open to anyone to join.

    The original reason I made it a Social Group is that I thought of it as a discussion forum for talking about the book "The Good Soldier Schweik". That book is the best example of passive resistance in literature; none is better and none is funnier.

    You might say Jaroslav the situation is serious this is no time for jokes. I answer--We think and act with our whole being; muscles, bones, logic, emotion and humor. We laugh to keep from crying. We laugh to share with the ones we love. We laugh to keep our sanity. I am not an Iranian and to a large part the politics are not of my concern. The politics are of course your concern.

    But Jaroslav why are you here? What's your agenda?
    I love to travel and meet new people, smoke my pipe, drink, eat and talk and talk. I want to know "What is it like to live here" and "What is it like to be you" and "Where's the best place to smoke, drink and have a good conversation". No place in the world is perfect; the question is if it is livable. Most of the time I am in the America's (North, Central and South) or Europe. I have seen in pictures and heard in descriptions how beautiful your country is.

    However I don't want to have the experience a friend had in Syria. He was traveling with someone whose relatives all lived there. Like me his focus is on the people. He wants to know "How are things here, really?". He is political aware and has the sensitive ear of a French speaker. Of course he wishes to get none of his friends relatives in trouble. Speaking French in a round about way to the only relative who spoke French he asks the question. Her answer as if read from a pamphlet was "Everything here is fine. We love our leader. Syria is the best place on earth. I am so lucky to live here".

    Not the kind of place I would care to visit.
    However she got her point across which was==>
    "I can not speak to you, it is too dangerous."
    Anyone listening to the conversation would have to report that she said exactly what was required.
    My friend understood and started talking about the fruit crops. Not really passive resistance but not falling in lockstep either.

    I want to visit Iran when it is not like the experience my friend had in Syria.

    "The Good Soldier Schweik" was translated into Farsi sometime between WWI and WWII.
    It's worth reading.

    If I figure out the polling thing you'll be able to vote; and I believe everyone can see the results :D

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