Fresno, CA - Scientologist spotted in the wild

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by dtotherex, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. dtotherex Member

    Last night at about 8:30 or so I spotted a "FREE STRESS TEST" table set up at Fresno City College, near the main courtyard fountain... didn't get a chance to snap a picture or anything because my phone was completely dead but I did get in a loud praise lord xenu which got a dirty look from the guy trying to sucker a poor girl in to a billion years of "fun". If anyone else in the area sees this, help me out and be sure to troll them at every chance you get... :)
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  2. Anonymous Member


  3. wolfbane Member

    If it was actually on campus, then they would have needed the school's permission to be there. And the school's administration should be harpooned, educated and raked over the coals for allowing them to be there. If they did not have permission to be there, then the school administration and campus security should be informed and on alert to prevent that shit from happening again.

    So while trolling the table itself may be fun, in this instance it sounds like the location can be exploited and used against them for a flat out ban and/or charges of trespassing.
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  4. EveStropping Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    I like this one a lot

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  6. EveStropping Member

    I wonder of Tom Cruise ever tunes in here?
  7. Enturbuleak Member

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  8. EveStropping Member

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  9. Anonymous Member


    Years ago I was on the grounds of FCC for an event and they had some incredibly strict rules about locations we could set up, etc. I really hope the clams weren't there with permission, but even if they are, they should be made to conform to the highest standards...
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  10. dtotherex Member

    Campus security/police don't have an email address unfortunately (at least listed on their webpage)... I have class again tonight, if I see them out there again I can always find a campus cop and have them make sure they have a permit to be out there.
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  11. wolfbane Member

    When you have a chance, you really should go higher than that and find out two things:

    1. Is permission required for a stand/table of ANY sort of promotion allowed on campus at that location? (Chances are - no. Not unless it is a job fair or other multiple-vendor type events which involves a registration and screening/approval process.)

    2. What is the channel of authority for getting such permission? (Typically, it requires permission just to post promotional shit on a bulletin board in a cafeteria or library. So for something like a table in a location central to major foot traffic - rubberstamped paperwork HAS to exist. I'm betting this step was skipped.)

    Once you know the above details, knowing who to complain to and gripe at will be easy. Harpoons can then be fired. Not sure where to find this stuff out? Talk to one of your profs that has been employed there for a long time. They will surely be able to point you to the right place to start asking questions.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    The student newspaper will take an interest if you let them know that a cult is recruiting on campus.
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. dtotherex Member

    Tuesday night must be this guys night... Out here again... Getting a hold of campus PD as I type this...
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, please keep us updated.

    +1 harpooner reporting in to help stop this bullshit once we figure out who we should be talking to.
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. wolfbane Member

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  18. DeathHamster Member

    Also try the Student Union. They'll probably use a vague claim that they "had permission". Between the admin and the student union, you've got them blocked.
    Typical clams thinking that they can just waltz onto campus and setup a table without anyone's permission.
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  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    We must haz foto!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Any updates on what's happening, or happened, with this?
  21. dtotherex Member

    Alright guys... I need help. Campus PD says they will look in to it when I call.. After the last time I called when I got out of class he was gone and didn't show up the following week... But tonight he's back... Unfortunately I can't keep missing time in class trying to deal with this... So if anyyyyone in the area can help me out pleaseeeeee do. This guy sets up after the sun starts to go down... He's not here when I come in to class but is there when I go to break around 730... Every Tuesday night this occurs.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    A friend in a Guy Fawkes mask waiting there next Tuesday should do the trick. Cards and flyers in the area would also help.
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  23. dtotherex Member

    Sorry, I forgot to add, each time I have seen him on campus he is in the exact same spot near the main courtyard fountain... anyone who has been to FCC will know exactly where I am talking about... he's always set up on the Library side because it tends to be a little bit darker than the other side. It seems that FCC is a hotbed for campus PD activity during the day, but after about 6pm you are lucky if you can even spot one anywhere.
  24. wolfbane Member

    A preemptive heads-up to Campus PD may be in order if you can't find somebody else to assist.

    Suggestion: Next Tuesday, call Campus PD late in the day with a friendly reminder about the situation and see if you can get them to swing by the location shortly after sunset.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    If that is a free speech area there really isn't anything the PD can do. We need to know if other groups have been permitted to set up there. If not you may have something. If so, then you'll have to run them off using other means.
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  26. Budd Member

    Outside groups ALWAYS need official permission to be on campus.

    Even the traditional Baptist, Methodist, Catholic students fellowships need an official campus advisor/sponsor and a charter, etc.

    Guaranteed that Scilons do not. POONS!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Not necessarily. Many universities have free speech areas that can be used by anyone anytime. Noon time preachers are a local favorite in my world. CoS could just as easily set up there as anyone else. We need to know this before we poon.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. wolfbane Member

    Now we're getting somewhere. But not being familiar with FCC, I'm having trouble confirming if OP's locational info is in the free speach zone:
    Where is courtyard fountain and library on this zoomed in map from above link?

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  30. Anonymous Member

    That is all I could find wolfie, but I'll keep digging. I suppose one could just call the college and ask about the free speech area.
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  31. wolfbane Member

  32. dtotherex Member

    hmZbCFE.jpg Heres a overview with some references compared to the map you guys posted... sorry for the shitty quality, I don't have anything other than pain installed on this pc... :)

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Looks like he's not in the free speech area according to your map, which is quite good btw.
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  34. dtotherex Member

    There is essentially an identical courtyard type area, directly behind where he is set up though to the area that is designated "free speech area"... basically 2 identical courtyards to the right and the left side of the fountains. Either way, free speech and selling books are two different things.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    a 'free speech area' on a college campus.
    How nice of them to allow that.
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  36. wolfbane Member

    Not good... scilons may indeed be in the "free speech zone" if that zone includes the entirety of the University Mall.

    Based on combining the campus map for FCC and GoogleMap showing free speech zone, plus info for the fountain + GoogleMaps streetview for that info on the following links: E 250405 N 4072628&hl=en&ll=36.7663,-119.798167&spn=0.001199,0.002411&sll=36.7666,-119.79635&sspn=0.009523,0.01929&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=36.766337,-119.798211&panoid=uaT-HIKy2UDdCKTDnOdVKg&cbp=12,55.67,,0,0

    This is what I'm seeing when all that data is combined:

    "X" marks the spot where I think the "main fountain" is. And OP seems to be saying the spot the table shows up at on Tuesday night is between the fountain and the library. This location needs confirmed, as does exactly how far the free speech area extends (to the left) on the mall.

  37. wolfbane Member

    Much better than my kawk sucking guestimate. Thanks!
  38. Anonymous Member

    Ok, then we go to plan B. We need someone in a Guy Fawkes mask to be there.
  39. dtotherex Member

    The X on your map is not where the fountain is... the fountain is essentially where the "Fresno City College" is in your map
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  40. dtotherex Member

    If you look on your map where it says Media Center... that's the tutorial/assessment center... basically directly north of the Entrance/Exit that is listed on your map is where he is setting up.
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