French trial: the media

Discussion in 'Media' started by Olrik, May 25, 2009.

  1. basil Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    I think you meant "what little was left of their remaining credibility".

    Seriously... how long since they had any?
  2. Mutante Member

    Re: French trial: the media

  3. Olrik Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    (for the pictures only. Report doesn't say much)
  4. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    This. IIRC, the CoS in France has already done this at least once (1970's trials).

    I doubt it'll go there. There's no human rights issue involved; Anyway, I don't think that'd necessarily happen after the trial - ECoHR isn't an appeals court. I believe the correct procedure would be for them to lodge a complaint right now explaining how French Law is possibly violating their human rights. Should the ECoHR then take the case, this trial would be suspended until those issues were settled.

    At least that's what's happened in the cases I've seen that've gone to the ECoHR. They might be able to go there afterwards, but let's face it- It's pretty unlikely they'd concern themselves with this.
  5. auchraw Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    I believe that in the 1970s Scientology in France went bust. It was able to start up again using a different legal persona. However did Hubbard not flee from France to avoid arrest before then?

    This time the prosecution is asking for its dissolution (death) because it is an organisation devoted to criminal purposes. I believe this decision would also affect all its subsidiaries and fronts; just as a banned political party such as Communism under McCarthy would not be allowed to run bookshops or schools or wangle its way in under a different name. The front groups are nothing without a backing group to grab the spoils, recruit the dentists, indoctrinate the children, count the cash.

    The SO have brought it on themselves. It is reasonable for the French courts to seek to protect the population of France from being preyed on the Vulture Cult. I find it very funny that they complain this is 'political' and not fair.
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    Re: French trial: the media

    the look of oh noes paranoia in this shot is priceless! dude looks like a leprechaun who's pot of gold got snatched away.
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    Re: French trial: the media

  12. mnql1 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    AFP: Au dernier jour de son procs, la Scientologie crie l'autodaf

    The tribunal's decision is due on October 27, 2009.

    Quick translation:

    On the final day of its trial, Scientology cries auto-da-fé

    June 17, 2009

    PARIS (AFP) - On Wednesday, the last day of the trial of the Church of Scientology for organized fraud, the lawyer representing the organization accused the government of wanting to burn Scientology books, even though the movement is recognized in many other countries.

    Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Quebec, "all these countries have recognized Scientology, while in France we will burn the books of L. Ron Hubbard in the courtyard of the Sainte-Chapelle before the alarmed eyes of the international community?", asked Patrick Maisonneuve.

    But "if government authorities consider Scientology contrary to public order, then let them take their responsibilities and not ask judges to do this job", said the lawyer for the Spiritual Association of the Church of Scientology - Celebrity Center (ASES-CC).

    "I have been practicing for thirty years and this is the first time I've seen a request for dismissal turn into a call for capital punishment," he said a few minutes earlier when he began his closing arguments.

    Three years after requesting the general dismissal of the case, the prosecution on Monday requested the dissolution of the ASES-CC and its bookstore (SEL) and requested suspended prison sentences for the principal accused Scientologists.

    A suspended sentence of up to four years imprisonment "is not nothing for persons who did not profit by one euro cent!" said lawyer Maisonneuve before commenting ironically: "These Scientologists are really amazing: they swindle without making any money."

    The lawyer then warned the court against the temptation to follow the invitation of the prosecutor because this would amount to "deciding a matter of religion" while "there is no definition in our laws of what is a religion or what is religious."

    Instead of dissolving the Church of Scientology, "I ask you to dissolve prejudices and preconceived ideas," said the lawyer.

    The tribunal will render its decision on October 27.
  13. anonhuff Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    He's smuggling miscavige into the courtroom in a hip-pouch on his back.
  14. Uncle Bruce Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Don't confuse sentence with verdict. At least in the U.S., once a jury finds you guilty your a convicted criminal regardless of what sentence is or is not imposed. If you are a convicted felon you lose a lot of your civil rights, in most jurisdictions, as soon as the verdict is read.
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    Re: French trial: the media

    Quebec is not a country, right? fail.
  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Couldn't resist (ya ya probably should have) :D


  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

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  19. Olrik Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    The process is, if they lose this trial, they go to appeal, another trial.
    Decision by the appeal court is enforceable, but If they lose again they still can go up to Court of Cassation. All this could take 3 to 4 years. (source in french)
    If they still lose at Court of Cassation, they can go to ECoHR.

    Once again, ianafl.
  20. mojo Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    according to this verdict not expected til oct 27

    Defence in Scientology trial asks for acquittal

    PARIS — A defence lawyer representing the Church of Scientology in a Paris trial that could result in the group being banned in France asked Wednesday for an acquittal.

    In closing his arguments, lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve asked judges hearing the trial to “dissolve (their) prejudices and preconceived ideas” about the Church of Scientology and acquit the group and six of its leaders in France, who are facing fraud and other charges.

    The group, considered a sect in France, has faced prosecution and difficulties in registering its activities in many countries.

    The French trial, which opened last month, wrapped up on Wednesday. A verdict is expected on Oct. 27.

  21. peterstorm Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Why is this mod derailing the thread?
  22. mnql1 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Le Figaro - France : La dissolution n'assure pas la disparition d'une association

    Quick translation:

    Dissolution does not guarantee the disappearance of an association

    by Mathieu Delahousse, with Bruno Dusaussoy

    June 17, 2009 | Updated: 20:52 (Paris time)

    A request has been made for the dissolution of the Church of Scientology, on trial for fraud. Groups punished by dissolution usually try to rise from their ashes, but the legal arsenal is evolving.

    To disappear and yet survive: as any group threatened with dissolution would have done, the Church of Scientology had planned a counter-measure. Article 21 of the Statutes of the Spiritual Association of the Church of Scientology - one of the two entities on trial by the Paris Correctional Tribunal - specifies that if it were to be dissolved, the assets of the association would return to its parent entity ... To prevent this subterfuge, the prosecution therefore requested - in addition to the dissolution of the legal entity - the confiscation of the stock of the bookstore and the electrometers.

    If the dissolution requests are approved by the tribunal, the sentence will be more than symbolic. Only the real estate owned by the two associations would remain intact because they rent their premises to civil companies which belong only indirectly to Scientology. "This is the general problem associated with the dissolution of legal entities convicted of fraud," said the chief prosecutor of Lyon, Jean-Olivier Viout, who prosecuted Scientology in 1997. "Dissolved companies can be reborn from their ashes and try to reconstitute themselves."

    The 1936 law concerning leagues

    The only decisive action is the liquidation of assets, which necessarily follows a court-ordered dissolution. Groups of persons can be revived in spite of the law. The radical right-wing group Unité radicale, one of whose members was Maxime Brunerie, author of the assassination attempt against Jacques Chirac on July 14, 2002, was dissolved by decree. However, it was reconstituted in the form of Jeunesses identitaires.

    Same story for the tiny racist and anti-Semitic group Tribu Ka and for the violent supporters of the Parc des princes who re-assembled as the "Boulogne Boys". "They scattered into two other clearly identified clubs," a magistrate explained, "but it is still difficult to take legal action against them for reconstitution of a dissolved league, which is a crime." Under the law, "combat groups and private militias" are subject to the law on leagues adopted in January 1936 by the Blum government. Hooligan clubs are specifically covered by the July 2006 law on the prevention of violence at sports events.

    Adopted too recently to be applied in the trial currently underway in Paris, the About-Picard law, passed in 2001, applies specifically to sects and permits their dissolution, once convictions for abuse of weakness are declared final. In theory, such movements can try to revive themselves through other associations.

    But this strategy may be a thing of the past. One provision of the law may indeed strike each Scientology entity one by one. This article states that a court may pronounce the dissolution of all entities similar to the convicted entity "if they pursue the same objective and are united by a community of interests".
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    Re: French trial: the media

    dbl post, cocks
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    Re: French trial: the media

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    Re: French trial: the media

    How do you say, "I no longer think you're a bunch of cowardly surrender-monkeys" in French?
  27. Re: French trial: the media

    I'm still gonna wait on the verdict before I change any opinions I have of France. It's a long time off, and frankly I'm feeling a bit cynical. They might cave and acquit the bastards. At which point the "cowardly surrender monkey" label might be looking kinda nice again.
  28. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    And what about the "stupid" label ?
  29. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Funniest thing I've seen from you yet.

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    Re: French trial: the media


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    Re: French trial: the media

    cocks dbl post
  33. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Correct term is"stupid and ignorant"
  34. Re: French trial: the media

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    Re: French trial: the media

  36. Re: French trial: the media

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    Re: French trial: the media

    argh, you beat me to it...
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    Re: French trial: the media

    Or one that needs to find a washroom really quickly.
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    Re: French trial: the media

    Dup post. (It 404ed me.)

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