Freiburg, Germany - Music May March

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Damien, May 17, 2009.

  1. Damien Member

    Freiburg, Germany - Music May March

    inb4 sunny day. fuckin' naise day...

    Met up in the front of the Johanneskirche, some music, some honks against scifags.
    Started up with 3 anons & 1 femanon, walked krokis planned route and had so much fun!!!
    In front of the "Mensa" we flyered the whole youth public there :D
    Suddenly we run out of flyerz, me haz creased lots of flyers to raid....
    Me has talked with a friendly gentleman about other cults and much moar, lulz...
    Later, near the 'University' (lol, i dunno) we had flyered many people there :)
    Music was good, mood of the public there was fine too.
    Then walked through teh city to the Augustinergaße, but no scifag has been seen :(
    We constructed a little "encampment" and had raid the whole Augustinerplatz...
    Another femanon appeared and helped us with creasing of flyers and so on :D
    And again we finally run out of flyers.... over 300 or something, lol, i dunno

    Music was naise, Cake was delicious and moist ;) after raid party pwnz.
    pix will be follow. thx anons for attending <3

    my note here:
  2. Rheinländer Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany - Music May March

    Anon delivers again and again and again!

  3. Schwabe Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany - Music May March

    Well done, my heart was with you!
  4. frettchen007 Member

  5. Apotheker Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany - Music May March

    *omg* Ich lach mich weg... Das ist fagotterie vom feinsten! Damit können wir auf jedem CSD Newfags rekrutieren!


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