Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

Discussion in 'Europe' started by KROKI, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. KROKI Member

    Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Cold but legion does not give up! ... at least for one hour.

    3 anons vs 5 scilons

    Funny and interesting talks with some Freiburg people.

    Handed out many flyers, as there was no handler left for me :*(
    Perhaps the other two can add some reports or funny excerpts.

    I somehow feel like the people are somewhat aware of Scientology but do not see the connection to the stress-test and the scilons there. So they managed to get some people in their mission...
    I think we have to create a counter-sign for the next time that warns especially of THIS stress-test RIGHT THERE.

    Anyway, here some pics and vids.

    Posing for great win:




    Legion on the way:


    Scilons to the right, scilon to the left...

    [ame=]1-1.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting[/ame]

    Last pics before we left:



    ...and last vid! A bypasser wanted to take a photo aswell :]

    [ame=""]2-1.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting[/ame]
  2. PAnonA Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Sharp dressers. If you guys had fancy canes, it would've been perfect!
  3. ARC Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Stylish Marcabians are stylish.
  4. Silent Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Freiburg delivers once again :D
  5. Mumble Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    great win!!!

    wish i could have been with u!
    and always good looking, no matter how cold it is :D
  6. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Perhaps German versions of:


  7. Rheinländer Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    If I look at the clothes I smell a big cold... But I smell nothing real, because I have my own cold... *snief* Nice pics!
  8. i'mglib Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    You guys look very dapper. Love the hats and sunglasses. It's great that you're informing the public that stress tests=Scientology. That's how they hook raw meat. Nice job.

    2009 is going to be a BAD year for Scientology.
  9. Ackerland Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Toll, dass Ihr wieder so schön geraidet habt!
    Ich konnte ja wie gesagt nicht dabei sein.
    Wie haben die Scilons eigentlich reagiert? Gibt es wieder lustige Wortgefechte, über die Ihr berichten könnt?
  10. Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    gosh you guys were awsome. had to stay away this time due to work. haet it. Great raid freiburgers! keep it up!
  11. moshek Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    u guys are AWESOME!!!
  12. frettchen007 Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    some additional report:

    when we arrived at the scene, we where welcomed by a shopowner with: "good to see u...u`re just in time"

    usually the scilons did their stress test every 1. saturday, so we filed 2 raids (1. & 2. sa.) but advertised just the 2. at WWP and -guess what- noone was seen on the first raid but 6 scilons showed up today:
    - 2 with hats (our privat handlers), one is the spokesperson of the Freiburg mission the other from Basel i think
    - Young Scilon (bodyrouter from Basel)
    - English Speaking Guy (part time handler)
    - Female Old Scilon (bodyrouter now living in a flat at the mission)
    - Male Old Scilon (bodyrouter)

    this time talking to them was mostly polite - just a single "coward" when i refused to show our permit with the statement from the "Public Order Office": "Scilons are not permitted to check anything"

    the funniest quote was from Young Scilon (to another Scilon): "Look, they got the original V for Vendetta masks...did u know V was fighting the psychs?" LOLWUT
  13. Enron Hubtard Member

    Re: Freiburg, Germany 10.01.09

    Nice work. Vielen dank... and good luck for your next mission.

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