Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Oinkertron9000, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Halp needed

    *blink* holy shit, that's a long list.
    i'll man up. count me in. are you counting noses before you divvy the list?
  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Halp needed

    Just need help setting up the merge mail file.

    There are about 1000+ names. We get 100 anons 10 per. We knock this out in a couple of days.

    I'll hit kinkos print out a short "IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON THE FREEWINDS IN THE PAST 20 YEARS THIS IS INFORMATION YOU MUST KNOW" postcard and mail it out. To US residents. I'll figure out internationals later.

    And then some URLS and a small blurb about asbestos exposure.

    I'll do that part once we have the mailing list completed. I'm copying the names over from OCMB so they live in two places. I did not find the names but having those who might be affected be informed and perhaps take their own action is a win.

    So halp! We'll divery up the list. I figure 10 names some phonebook searches and layout takes some one 20 minutes. not much too ask :)
  3. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    "F" First Names of Freewinds Victims of Asbestos Dust
    Faadiel Rehman, Fabian Scolz, Fabiano Calcioli, Fabiano Ghera,
    Fabien Borgeaud, Fabien Bres, Fabien Folliard, Fabiene Bellot, Fabienne Bellot, Fabio Amilarelli, Fabio Antenucci,
    Fabio Colombo, Fabio Fioretti, Fabio Frigerio, Fabio Giovanelli, Fabio Grandi, Fabio Lo Fria, Fabio Modestini,
    Fabio Sanzogni, Fabio Scarabelli, Fabio Spinsanti, Fabio Terzi, Fabio Zaniboni, Fabiola De Olalde, Fabiola Olalde,
    Fabiola Olande, Fabiola Peiniger, Fabiola Vergara, Fabrice Ferrade, Fabrice Terrade, Fabrizio Dessardo, Fabrizio Gaviraghi,
    Fabrizio Lello, Fabrizio Leonelli, Fabrizio Marion!, Fabrizio Marioni, Fabrizio Santorsola, Fabrizio Scaravilli, Fabrizio Zampetti,
    Faith Barter, Faith Stella, Fang-Ching Hsu, Fang-Chung Hsu, Fang-Hua Wang, Fannie Chung, Fareeda Bulb rook,
    Fareeda Bulbrook, Farhad Raschidi, Fariba Kinvig, Farid Tabibzadeh, Farida Assanova, Farrel La Claire, Farrel LaClaire,
    Farzad Tafresha, Fathima Novagar, Fatima Baron, Fatima Sousa, Fatima Thut, Faustino Fernandez, Faustino Gomez,
    Fausto Maxia, Fay Magerowski, Fay Pollard, Faye Borman, Faye Ma, Faye Morris, Fedele Martire, Fedeor Pimentel
    Federica Santagiuliana, Federico Baccolini, Federico Frego, Federico Landaeta, Federico Lopez Cardenas, Federico Moravia,
    Federico Mori, Federico Rincon, Federico Rodriguez, Fekenc Heszaros, Felice Cantu, Felicia Bushman, Felicia Demos,
    Felicia Torres, Feliciano Cupo, Felicidad Barrera, Felicidad Serrano, Felicitas Murk, Feline Butcher, Felipe Dalloul,
    Felipe Flores, Felipe Garcia, Felipe Garcia Martin, Felipe Gil, Felipe Pedrosa, Felipe Vanni, Felix Altorfer,
    Felix Chan, Felix Galindo, Felix Jenny, Felix Koella, Felix Macri, Felix Ochoa, Felix Pabon,
    Felix Reinhard, Felix Rodriguez, Felix Schaffner, Felix Spittell, Felix Velasquez, Feliz Reinhard, Fen-Fang Kuo,
    Feng Kuang Tsai, Fen-Lan Lin, Fenton Jones, Feranda Jafif, Ferdi Ruegg, Ferdinand Bichler, Ferdinand Kanz,
    Ferdinand Maisriemler, Ferdy Scholzer, Ferenc Damolai, Ferenc Domoszlai, Ferenc Feth, Ferenc Juhasz, Ferenc Lakatos,
    Ferenc Lehocz, Ferenc Nemes, Ferenc Radics, Ferenc Schneider, Ferenc Solymosi, Ferenc Szabo, Ferenc Szendrei,
    Ferenc Szenta, Ferenc Szente, Ferenc Szklenar, Ferihan Nurali, Fermin Sanchez, Fern Polidori Cucinotta, Fern Tillman,
    Fernand Pasche, Fernanda Costa, Fernanda Jafif, Fernanda Luna, Fernanda Prieto, Fernando Acosta, Fernando Castro,
    Fernando Cordero, Fernando De Leon, Fernando Lopez, Fernando Navia, Fernando Torres, Fernando Zalduondo, Ferruccio Fiorani,
    Feruccio Coduri, Fides Orpilla-Le Roy, Fifi Besio, Fili Colantuono, Filip Baardman, Filippo Cavalieri-d'Oro, Filippo Cucinella,
    Filippo Ledda, Filippo Rubini, Filippo Solbera, Filippo Solbero, Filippo Tassi, Filomena Escobar, Filomena Garofalo,
    Fiona Bennett, Fiona Cheng, Fiona Davidson, Fiona Hsu, Fiona McClintock, Fiona Nielson, Fiona O'Connell,
    Fiona Wang, Fionna Bowie-MacDonald, Fiorella Cerchiara, Fiorella Cerciara, Fiorenza Campini, Flavia Kreis, Flavia Pisacreta,
    Flavia Taylor, Flavio Castagna, Flavio Guiotto, Flavio Lugli, Flavio Nicolel, Flavio Sciotti, Flavio Sofia,
    Flemming Rasmussen, Fletcher Sanchez, Flip Doesborg, Flo Burghorn, Flora Chen, Flora Millet, Flora Solera,
    Flora Sullivan, Flora Woolfolk, Florence Bezazian, Florence Gould, Florence Lo, Florent Delassiae, Florent Delassiaz,
    Florentina Panayi, Florian Laplantif, Florian Le Bris, Florian Tjarks, Floriana Fassi, Florita Gerasimidon, Florita Gerasimidou,
    Florita Gerassimidou, Floyd Goodrich, Floyd Sloat, Floyd Twede, Flyn Penoyer, Forest Van Buthuysen, Forrest Dockery,
    Forrest Earls, Forrest Harstad, Forrest van Benthuysen, Forry Laucks, Fozsefne Hidveghy, Fran Clark, Fran Hartmann,
    Fran Jantz, Fran MacKay, Fran Marchese Failla, Fran Turner, Fran Willardson, Franaoise Conod, Franca Piccamiglio,
    Franca Stella, France Carpentier, France Jutras, France Martel, France Morency, France Rochon, Frances Clark,
    Frances Doerges, Frances Doudna, Frances Fleming, Frances Hsueh, Frances Hutton, Frances Lounsbury, Frances Rich,
    Frances Santos, Francesca Berto, Francesca Cantalupi, Francesca Cordini, Francesca Dongu, Francesca Membretti,
    Francesca Pala, Francesca Suzio, Francesca Ulivieri, Francesco Aloa, Francesco Andriani, Francesco Apicella, Francesco Caffa,
    Francesco Caffa, Francesco Casula, Francesco Certo, Francesco Costa, Francesco de Angelo, Francesco De Pasquale,
    Francesco Demuro, Francesco Donna, Francesco Felicione, Francesco Felicone, Francesco Fois,
    Francesco Gaviraghi, Francesco Goldoni, Francesco Leone, Francesco Locilento, Francesco Mainini, Francesco Membretti,
    Francesco Pedrali, Francesco Re, Francesco Silvio Robasto, Francesco Tola, Francesco Zanini, Francine Fraser,
    Francine Genest, Francine Jutras, Francine Mingard, Francine Rollin, Francine Savaria, Francine Schmitt, Francis Kugulik,
    Francis Para, Francis Weilgart, Francisca Amendola, Francisca Velasquez, Franciscco Delgado, Francisco Albiach,
    Francisco Aloa, Francisco Alvarez, Francisco Berimbau, Francisco Berimzal, Francisco Delgado, Francisco Garcia,
    Francisco Giffuni, Francisco Gonzalez, Francisco Gonzalez Souza, Francisco Javier, Francisco Marmolayo, Francisco Marmolejo,
    Francisco Marmolejo Guerra, Francisco Maroto, Francisco Merino,
    Francisco Montesa, Francisco Salazar, Francisco Sanz Gual, Francisco Zapata, Franck Brouzet, Franck Pappo, Franco Azzali,
    Franco Baggio, Franco Baracetti, Franco Beltrame, Franco Beschi, Franco Comi, Franco Farina, Franco Locilento,
    Franco Riva, Franco Santinato, Franco Scelsi, Franco Simonini, Franco Useri, Franco Zanardi, Francois Chauchet,
    Francois Esquive, Francois Jacquot, Francois Neueling, Francois Saintier, Francoise Balimann, Francoise Boublil, Francoise Conod,
    Francoise Gasqueton, Francoise Hooks, Francoise Jacqmin, Francoise Lapbern, Francoise Lorent, Francoise Louis,
    Francoise Martin, Françoise Yvinec, Francolse Martin, Frangipani Chandler, Frani Borchers, Franisca Valesquez, Frank Aggio,
    Frank Bauer, Frank Benjamin, Frank Bohnet, Frank Burns, Frank Busch, Frank Clark, Frank Cole, Frank Cordero,
    Frank Crozier, Frank Cuze, Frank Dean, Frank Di Martino, Frank Emerick, Frank Fischer, Frank Gadson,
    Frank Gerendasy, Frank Gravitt, Frank Harvey, Frank Hein, Frank Higgins, Frank Huang, Frank Kirchner,
    Frank Knoerr, Frank Lai, Frank Laidlaw, Frank Leibold, Frank Liebold, Frank Lin, Frank Lippa,
    Frank Mesmer, Frank Molinaro, Frank Mungiovi, Frank Neeley, Frank Ofman, Frank Pappo, Frank Pastore,
    Frank Pate, Frank Peacock, Frank Perdichizzi, Frank Poulsen, Frank Rosati, Frank Rosenweig, Frank Rosenzweig,
    Frank Sardella, Frank Seibert, Frank Spano, Frank Stacey, Frank Steineck, Frank Suarez, Frank T. Rickey,
    Frank Trevino, Frank Trivino, Frank Waikor, Frank Wear, Frank Weitzel, Frank Wells, Frank Widmann,
    Frankie Clark, Frankie Ness, Franklin Camuso, Franklin Preston, Frans Looj, Fransyl Marmolejo, Frantz Widmaier,
    Franz Brandtner, Franz Bucher, Franz Ebner, Franz Eckert, Franz Gobel, Franz Goebel, Franz Habermacher,
    Franz Hofer, Franz Lehner, Franz Poesniker, Franz Rampelmann, Franz Reiter, Franz Schneider, Franz Spieler,
    Franz Tetscher, Franz Titscher, Franz Wagner, Franziska Glur, Franziska Kelleter, Franziska Renggli, Franziska Zingel,
    Fred Binford, Fred Cook, Fred Dumaine, Fred Feliciano, Fred Filios, Fred Hall, Fred Hare,
    Fred Haseney, Fred Holtby, Fred Katz, Fred King, Fred Kress, Fred Lemons, Fred Mohammad,
    Fred Oxaal, Fred Porter, Fred Roeschke, Fred Schraitle, Fred Spinner, Fred Ulan, Fred Zoon,
    Frederic Lacombe, Frederic Pressac, Frederic Tomas, Frederich Gordon, Frederick Holtby, Frederick King, Frederick Lennox,
    Frederick Perkins, Frederick Smith, Frederico Frego, Frederico Galanti, Frederique Flynn, Fredlyn Berger, Fredrick Bergstone,
    Fredrick Olmsted Hommel, Fredrick W Perkins, Fredrik Chabot, Fredy Neuhaus, Freidrich Howanietz, Fren Shu, Freya Diesing,
    Freya Larson, Freya Meisel, Frida Farkas, Frida Farkash, Friderike Kolb, Frieda Gillespie, Friedlinde Woehr,
    Friedrich Groeschler, Friedrich Howanietz, Friedrich Veit, Fristtof Genaets, Fritz Alders, Fritz Bruegger, Fritz Burri,
    Fritz Deigner, Fritz Karger, Fritz Leiser, Fritz Mollman, Fritz Spohn, Frizell Clegg, Fu Mei Mathers,
    Fujiko Kimora, Fulvio Balmelli, Fumiko Maejima, Fumiko Suga, Fygeral Valero,
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    As mentioned in a previous post, I have the complete list of the Freewinds completion services. It is about 20'000 names.

    I also suggested then that a dedicated site would be more efficient.

    Keep in mind that most of these people have been on board for a few days or a few weeks. The people really at risk are the crew and the workers.

    In the other hand, having the public scientologists informed is good, as they are the most likely to do something.
  5. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    I personally know three people (public scilions) on that list. Info was sent to them an hour ago.

    Great work all. :cake:
  6. Skeptic1337 Member

  7. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Well, for one thing I think we have to agree on whether or not its "Asbestus" or "Asbestos"...
  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Good point fixing that now.
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Sister ship (same builder, same design) "Princess Marissa" is "unavailable" according to this site. Can anyone check why/what for etc??

    Cyprus cruises with Princess Marissa

    It inevitably has blue asbestos too, and it could serve as a backup proof if Scilons try to sweep all this under the rug.
  10. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Freewinds asbestos public awareness campaign

    I e-mailed Kristi over at The Truth About Scientology to see if we can get a dump of all the OT VIII's (or, better, a dump of the whole database so we can slice-and-dice to our heart's content for other projects as well). Will see how that goes.
  11. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    According to DNV she's laid up.

    And has been since August, 2006

    "Louis Sells Princesa Marissa and Serenade; Buys Thomson Destiny and Thomson Spirit

    Louis Cruise Lines‘ parent, Louis plc, has announced that it has sold two of its oldest ships, the 10,487 GT, 628-berth Princesa Marissa and the 14,173 GT, 507-berth Serenade (pictured above), for a combined price of $8.4 million. Both ships are expected to go for scrap."
    Louis Sells Princesa Marissa and Serenade; Buys Thomson Destiny and Thomson Spirit At Sea with Doug Newman
  12. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Freewinds asbestos public awareness campaign

    Thanks dude,

    I'm debating creating a website to allow anonymous updates with a one blind check for the address.

    Tried to kickstart this with the known names a few days back, no one really bit and with Mayten almost here I don't blame them.

    Really need to just hash out a think tank method for how to accomplish this but will wait till after this weekend.
  13. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    I'm with you after the weekend dude. This is gonna be fun
  14. pooks Member

    Re: Freewinds asbestos public awareness campaign

    Why is The Truth About Scientology website marked with that red stop sign and
    a warning? TAS is an excellent critical site of Scn. Anons can find a lot of good information there.

  15. rof Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    The stop sign adds itself automatically to any link with the full name of the cult spelled out within it. It does not mean "Stop, wear a proxy condom" but rather "Googlebot do not count this link when you evaluate enturb." It could be better used to allow friendly sites or blog entries but it is automated.
  16. Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    ^that's correct though many sites that make the (stop) list are there because you would probably want to wear your proxycondom.
  17. Re: Freewinds sealed and blue abestos confirmed

    I don't know if anyone ever got back to you on this, but you just helped me, so here's what I know. Someone at the protest yesterday had an LRon book called "All About Radiation", which I believe mentions it. Additionally, I found this:

    Scientology: Hubbard and Smoking
  18. auchraw Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    I posted this two other places as I haven't seen it anywhere but with 700 posts anything is possible. (The Freewinds threads seem to need a bit of reorganisation according to theme.)

    There is a rumour on the ex-scientology board that the asbestos is being handled by RPFers (with the usual SeeOess safety equipment, ie, none) and dumped at the Selikor landfill site at Malpais (on Curacao). Tico Ras, head of Environmental Services, who is apparently in ultimate control of this operation, says that the seriousness of asbestos being released is 'a matter of interpretation'. Who is he working for?

    An article in a local paper, Amigoe ( quoted the CDM director Frank Esser saying that the ship had until "yesterday" to get out of dry dock (which is only for repairs to the hull) and that apart from releasing asbestos, he blamed the owners of Freewinds for not complying with different procedures. In particular the article mentions that a ship in dry dock that is going to work on asbestos "is required to do this with qualified people". So WTF is going on? Is AirQuest of Fort Lauderdale just a front for a doomed team of RPFers seeking eternity?

    On 12 June the ship was no longer in dry dock but afloat at a quay at Schottegat, apparently owned by the same company. The picture doesn't look at all like the ship on the posters but that is perhaps not surprising.

    I also read that Pamela Malinson, former finance director of IAS lived on Freewinds for 9 years up to 2003 when she went back to the UK where she died in 2006 of inoperable cancer. Does anyone know if this was cancer of the lung?
  19. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue abestos confirmed

    That answer is from a scilon. Is it too late to man the harpoons for that answer?
  20. Elbynonamous Member

  21. Aonyonmus Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Pure irony that eventually some of the cool OTxx might get some Mesothelioma, although it will last 10-20 years.
  22. Aonyonmus Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    ddddddouble post! sry
  23. ancientone Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Forgive my ignorance but is there anyway to proven who was on that boat for any length of time and then developed cancer of the lungs? If done properly the lawsuits would overwhelm them.
  24. Aonyonmus Member

    Re: Freewinds sealed and blue asbestos confirmed

    Fun is: Asbestos causes a very special sort of lung cancer, the Mesothelioma, which is practically caused only by asbestos.
    So, if someone gets this special Mesothelioma, it is a big chance he got it from Failwinds.
    Mesothelioma is the most expensive word in the internet, because all the cool lawsuits got the hots for people having it and charging the companies etc. -> money.

    Bad thing: It must be proven that they got it from Failwinds and not from any other unknown asbestos-source.
    Tricky thing, hence I am no lawsuit.

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