Freewinds in dry dock from 23 September to 14 October

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Enturbuleak, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Enturbuleak Member


    Currently, we don't know where Freewinds will be in dry dock, which will be starting next week.

    I'm predicting Cartagena, where she had her last dry dock.

    There are some old threads floating around with photos about the last dry dock.

    Hopefully, once Freewinds is in dry dock next week, people will post photos and info about where it is and what will be happening during dry dock.
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  2. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds just arrived in Willemstad, Curacao a few minutes ago. She left Aruba about 8 hours ago.

    Don't think there is enough time for Freewinds to go to Cartagena, so it's looking likely that dry dock may be in Willemstad

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  3. Anonymous Member

    What are the hazmat rules for Cartagena(or where else she will be dry docking)? Are the shipwrights union there? Man, it would totally be a bummer for CO$ if they had to pay tons extra to have that hazmat removed before people did the other work on the boat.
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  4. Enturbuleak Member

    Once more, with time stamp

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  5. Enturbuleak Member

    Good question. First, it needs to be confirmed where Freewinds will be in dry dock. Different countries presumably have different rules regarding union labor and safety regulations.
  6. Enturbuleak Member

    Lots of jostling and turning around to get into position. Finally anchored at Willemstad.

    Rightly or wrongly, I'm presuming Freewinds will turn off its AIS tracking once she is in dry dock.

    Hopefully some kind anons can check periodically in the next 24 hours to see if she moves.



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  7. OTeleventy Member

    I took a cruise through the Panama Canal, starting in San Diego and ending in Fort Lauderdale. We stopped in Cartagena for fuel before our next port of Aruba. First time that ship had done that, I was told. The reason? Very cheap fuel. We stayed in Cartagena for the day, and were in Aruba the very next day, early a.m. Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire are all very close together ... Curacao to Columbia is an easy day away. Even that bucket could do it. Not saying anything more than Cartegena COULD be the dry dock spot.
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  8. Enturbuleak Member

    There is a large AIS dead zone between Curacao and Cartagena. I'm trying to keep a close eye on Freewinds during the next day, to see if she moves from Willemstad.

    From the map, where Freewinds is currently docked doesn't appear to be the place for dry dock. Again, I am guessing her AIS transponder will be turned off once she is in dry dock. If not, great...
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  9. Enturbuleak Member

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  10. Enturbuleak Member

    Still not in dry dock, as far as I can tell.

  11. Anonymous Member

  12. RolandRB Member

    I didn't get that thing about staying on the Freewinds for cheap while it was in dry dock. Who wants to stay in a boat when it is out of water?
  13. Enturbuleak Member

    < tin foil on >

    I'm starting to wonder if the dry dock has been postponed (like Super Power)... but it's too early to really speculate.

    < / tin foil off >
  14. Anonymous Member

    Beyond that, isn't a ship like that put in dry dock for a REASON -- e.g., that work is being done on the ship?

    How is that consistent with having "passengers" (hotel guests?) on the ship? How is that SAFE?

    Would that even be allowed in the U.S. or any non-third world country?

    I've never heard of a ship being in dry dock having "passengers" / guests.
  15. Enturbuleak Member

    Freewinds did the same thing a couple years ago, last time she was in dry dock. There are a few old thread on WWP about the last time. Freewinds at that time also promoted discounts for training during dry dock.

    Sorry, I don't have time right now IRL to dig the old threads up, maybe I can later.
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member
  19. Enturbuleak Member

    2008 thread

    Freewinds Update... Big News and some very Angry Polish Workers

    And posted by The Wrong Guy last year

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  20. Anonymous Member;p=850006&amp;viewfull=1#post850006
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  21. kthnxbai Member

    Copied from other thread.
    22 September 2013: 23.23 Paris time and Freewinds arrived in Willemstad, Curacao, at 15:30.

    So I guess that answers the question about where she will be in dry dock.

    If they are spending this money they must believe she has a future.

    23 September 2013: still at the Otrabanda Quay and as far as I can judge she is facing inland, ie in the direction of the Dry Dock. Normally when she pays her brief visits to Willemstad (to draw cash?) she goes in under the bridge to the harbour and turns round there before parking.
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder what they're doing that needs the dry dock, and possibly noisy work?

    Another anti-rust paint-job on top of the the rust?

  24. Enturbuleak Member

    My prediction about Freewinds dry dock in Cartagena was wrong. Freewinds just arrived at Curacao dry dock a few minutes ago.


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  25. kthnxbai Member

    There she is, AIS clicking away, high and dry. Nice.
  26. Anonymous Member

    didnt she have work done a few years ago? I wonder if there are problems associated with what was done?

    On a different note, If any of the dockworkers contracted mesothelioma from working on that ship, would CO$ be liable?
  27. Enturbuleak Member

    If I recall correctly, Freewinds last dry dock was 2010. This current dry dock is probably overdue. There are some old threads on WWP about the Freewinds asbestos problems.
  28. Enturbuleak Member

    AIS is still up and running... Freewinds location in Curacao dry dock:


    The ship in the photo is not the Freewinds, it's an old satelite photo. This just shows exactly where the Freewinds is located at Curacao dry dock.

    There are several different locations at Curacao dry dock for ships, Freewinds is in the largest berth, or whatever it's called.

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  29. Enturbuleak Member

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  32. Enturbuleak Member

    Internet has gone dead quiet about Freewinds since she went into dry dock.

    Here is a blast from the past, 2009 promo for Freewinds in dry dock in Curacao.

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  33. Enturbuleak Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    So the poster of the photo posted a photo taken some time ago. The fall of the light suggests summer time.
  35. Anonymous Member

    this is an awfully short drydock. They either can not afford to keep it there for too long, or its some sort of emergency repair. Does anyone have any proof that the tours are happening? OR are they getting canceled at the last minute because of some sort of excuse?
  36. Enturbuleak Member

    Web silence on Freewinds during dry doc. Nothing posted on Google, from either web or image searches. Only thing still active is Freewinds AIS transmittal from Curacao dry dock.
  37. Random guy Member

    Sooper secrit OT levels only to be delivered with the keel dry?
  38. Maybe DM is having its identity changed prior to fleeing to Colombia with the Super Power money. One of the staff close to him raised questions about the subterfuge vis-a-vis his choice of name, the SS David Miscavige Is Like A God And Is Also Really Tall, but has since come down with a mysterious set of bruises which she claims she "pulled in."
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