Free VPN for in-country Iranians

Discussion in 'Resources' started by RM @, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Hey, seems the old thread was mistakenly removed. I know the folks here are not really that heavily into censorship (I mean, imagine how it would look if they'd start killing threads about ways to access information on a board fundamentally all ABOUT ensuring freedom of speech for an oppressed people...) so it must have been a glitch. Anything else would be ... embarrassing, eh? :p

    So just a recap: If you're in Iran, feel free to join -- for free -- the hundreds of other users we have from Iran currently using our VPN service.

    Fight for freedom of speech, freedom of access to information, freedom from oppression and censorship, as we all know how valuable that is. All the power to you, the people of Iran, so that you can enjoy the same freedom of speech the we have here.

    Rage on.

    Donation: free VPN service for in-country Iranians

    We've done the same with service for political activists in China, Cuba, and elsewhere - if there's folks within Iran who want to protect 100% of their online activities via VPN connectivity outside of the region, email us ( and we'll create a 3 month account, unlimited bandwidth. Just put something in the subject like mentioning Iran. If that's a security risk, visit our forum (see link below) and post anonymously there - we can set up an account and pass login creds that way, with no email required.

    The only constraint we have is that folks using the service must have admin access to the PC they are using - we're working furiously on a "no-install client" for use in internet cafes and so forth, but it's not even out of alpha testing yet.

    Our VPN service is built on 100% opensource tools, runs at 2048 keylength using real, open, tested crypto - not the 128 bit pptp implementation which could well give a false sense of security in a situation like this. Our customers in many countries have trusted their lives and families lives to the security of our network for nearly two years already, and we've never let them down with a network weakness. We don't plan to, either.

    We'll be creating a parallel thread for information on this as well, in our own forum for service donations and other community projects. Ideally we'd automate this so anyone with a geomapped IP from within Iran gets a free account during signup - that's high on our list of network abilities down the road, but for now we can't roll that out without enough testing to ensure it doesn't open a flaw for our other customers inadvertently. So, apologies for the clunky "request an account" system but it's the best we can do currently without sacrificing any security along the way.


    The Cryptocloud Team -
  2. Hechicera Member

    No mistake, no censorship. Perhaps you lost the old thread? It moved.

    Old thread is informative, Uncensored, Unlocked, and here:

    This thread is advertising spam.

    Since you said in the other thread your goal was marketting via google-crawler, it has been tagged properly.

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    ... and reported as spam.
  3. Nice try... Is that the reason you're scared?

    So if Google gets more Iranians free access, that's spam?

    Weak sauce, my brother.

    Sorry, but your heart, it's not in the right place, is it?


  4. ... and it's obvious (read the thread there in offtopic) that you moved it BEFORE I mentioned WHY I was still posting after you moved it to the offtopic area, because I was still hoping that Iranians could find the privacy resources they need via Google.

    No, sorry, I call censorship, and revisionisms galore.

    But it's okay. I care enough that I will not leave people in the lurch, when there are tools they should know about, despite the censorship.

    Thanks again,

    PS: We're taking screenshots, as this is actually so ironic we're all LOLing at it. :)
  5. Another attempt?

    OK, maybe we should all take a step back for a second. I guess this is getting off focus, and to give context to those who are wondering, it's partly because of our bad blood with the company behind this board (I understand that we at sort of compete with the guys at with TPB/Relakks/Ipredator -- who generously sponsored this board) but I think you must know that our intentions have aligned -- despite how distasteful that may be.

    Many of us at Baneki have clocked many hours on the effort and have quietly "onboarded" many, many people from behind the curtains of Iran (and previously China and Cuba) and we really think that -- in the context of a world full of censorship -- surely you can understand that this is something of some use to our brothers in Iran?

    You guys are generously donating your time and effort. So are we. My lurking around this board to ensure the message gets out is actually fully outside of my duties at the company: I am just a contractor who just really likes the cause, after what I saw happening there in Iran (Neda, et. al.).

    I guess we just want to make a small difference, and I'm sure you do, too.

    Thanks for understanding,
  6. SanguineRose Member


    See above post.

    I swear... if I see a forth thread about the same thing i'm recommending ban.
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