"Free Personality Test" !

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Kharnon, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Kharnon Member

    "Free Personality Test" !

    Does anyone know if the cult recruitment booths use identical lists for every "personality test"? If so, is there an ideal set of answers that they are looking for? Something like specific mind-control vulnerability traits?

    I would LOVE to stand behind a booth with a sign saying...

    1. B
    2. A
    3. A
    4. C
    5. B
    6. D
    7. A
    8. C
    9. D
    10. B
    The easy victim answers!

    It would cost the cult a lot of time/energy/money to replace the tests with a new answer order and changing the list would probably screw up all their recruitment training. Learning new interpretations and keys would be a nightmare.

    Of course this is only feasible if the tests are all duplicates.
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    It's always the same list, and there isn't really a right answer. It's like a "pick a card, any card". The answer is always going to be that you need Scientology.

    Make something up and pass it out as the answer.
  3. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    Here you go:

    Operation Clambake presents: Oxford Capacity Analysis

    Answering correctly makes it hard for them to "find your ruin".
    But, it doesn't matter what you answer. It's either:
    "You're a broken person, let us help you."
    "You're a well put together person, let us help make you better than you already are!"

    Really, all it does is give them an excuse to talk to you.
  4. AlphOhm Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    A majority of "correct" responses-- a line near the top of the chart may indicate "excellent case state" or may indicate "theetie weetie".


    1. he operates in a totally psychotic way while being totally serene.
    The valence is all the way up at tone 40 and the pc is all the way down
    at minus eight. (SH Spec 2, 6105C12)

    2 . a “sweetness and light” case at the extreme top of the graph who will
    go to graph bottom before the case starts up again as though the profile
    were a cylinder which when it goes off the top, then appears on the bottom
    when people are in “serene” valences (meaning they are wholly overwhelmed
    as a thetan). (HCOB 5 Jun 61)

    3 . is high on the OCA/APA yet makes no progress. This is because such cases
    believe you ought to know what they are thinking about, so every moment around them you are missing withholds. (BTB 12 Jul 62)

    Guess which "diagnosis" is assigned to off the street "raw meat"?


  5. Relyt Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    A bit off topic, but do they still say you're stressed even if the needle does not move?
  6. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    See the "You're a bad person, we can help" and "You're a great person, we can make you even better, and you'd fit right in!" response.
  7. DubDub Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    Yes. A still or stuck needle is just as bad as one which makes a "read" and goes to the right. In fact, ANY needle phenomenon will get interpretted as "bad"... except...

    ...except for the proverbial FLOATING NEEDLE. To get one, just think HAPPY THOUGHTS!
  8. DubDub Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    The answers are all the same. They will never change them since the test and scoring materials have been identical for decades and are EVERYWHERE.

    There are 200 questions, so telling the answers would be a huge sign.

    To get the best score, pretend you are the most secure, confident, capable executive around. Answer as if you are. You'll get the best score.
  9. anonymizzz Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    the test is rigged so that there is no best possible score. i think the highest you can score is still way lower than 100 %, though it is scored as such - especially in the accord/responsibility sections. this way they can still tell you you're fucked and can get help through jesus chr- err Dianetics.
  10. Sci No Moar Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    It is possible to get a perfect straight line across the top of the graph. When I first started mine was all over the place but over time the line went up and up until it was flat. This does not indicate that the tech works. I was just smart and I figured out what answers they were looking for. This is really just a measure of how much you think like a scientologist. The IQ test they give is similiar and given repeatedly. My score went higher and higher except there seemed to be one question on there that I could not get right and I was always just short of a perfect score on that. I could remember the questions that I was a little iffy on and change my answers the next time to get a higher score. I felt a little guilty about manipulating the scores to make it seem like I was getting case gain. This is one of the things that made me think I could be an SP after I left. Some time later I started to think that maybe they know that people do this and that they don't mind because it seems to indicate case gain and they can use it to get more money from them.
  11. Kharnon Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    guys... i'm not talking about the "right" answers, only the "raw meat" answers. The answers that recruiters see as easy targets.

    People do not want to be victims. Show them the victim answers. The random public individual will want to avoid answering like a victim. This will skew results and make the cult recruiter less confident about how to "handle" the person.

    End product = booth operators enturbulated and unable to trust their manipulation techniques. AKA pwned by psychology.
  12. tazor Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    I was standing out in front of the org holding the free personality test sign. (Yeah, I was in a lower condition.) This guy pulls up and turns out to be a shrink and starts yelling at me about how the test is garbage, etc. I ended up taking him in the org and letting our ED handle him. The shrink won. lol Total humiliation for the ED.

    Good times.
  13. Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    Reminds me of this story.

    tl;dr version: Guy goes in to org and takes personality test. Lady scilon says test shows he is "easily led" and he should buy a copy of Dianetics so he can become the "activator" rather than the "activated". He asks her to "activate" him into buying the book, and since he is "easily led" she should have no trouble convincing him to buy a book he doesn't want. Scilon blows up and starts screaming.
  14. tazor Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    LOL That was a good story. I can just see that poor $cilon having a stroke. So much for the famous comm course.
  15. anonymizzz Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    there are no non-victim answers. especially for first-time takers.
  16. Sci No Moar Member

    Re: "Free Personality Test" !

    The end result is they get you to talk about your life then they use what you tell them to get to the "Here is how scientology can help YOU" speel. If you want to drive them crazy don't give them any information they can use as a lever.

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