Free Iran & Where Are Our Votes?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. What is "free iran" and "where are our votes" in farsi?
  2. magicspin Member

    English to Farsi Translations via Google

    Google have just a few days ago put up their Alpha version of Farsi (Persian) Translation. You'll find it here. Text and Web - Google Translate
    Therefor "free Iran" would be ایران آزاد & "Where are our votes" would be رای ما کجا هستند؟
    Remember a couple of things...

    1. It's often good to copy/paste the translation back into the box for a reverse re-translation - You're dealing with an imperfect machine translator with minimal human input. And languages can be very complex.
    2. Farsi, like Arabic, is written right to left. You will probably have occasional issues with cut/paste because of right alignment, particularly if you're mixing Farsi with English, etc. Keep trying... It's do-able! :)
    3. Remember punctuation... Fullstops seem to anchor the text when the above happens and "?"s, etc. help make your translation intelligible, plus remind you you're finishing on the lefthand side!!

    Enjoy the process. And kudos to Google for making this service available with such Grade A timing!



    ps. Some trivia learnt today - Farsi is the commonest language used on the internet after English. The fact that there's about 700,000 bloggers who use Farsi wouldn't hurt. These folk are Connected, in more ways than one!!

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