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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by da5id, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. da5id Administrator

    Minor announcement that could be helpful for some. There is a smartphone application available for Android and iPhone called ForumRunner that makes it a bit easier to check up on the site from the road.

    I have configured the server and installed the necessary addons so that it is supported, and you are welcome to give the software a try if you wish. The app itself is not free from the user standpoint, so please make your own decision on whether you feel it is worthwhile to you.

    I decided to pony up the $1.99 for it on my phone and so far have no regrets. It's not ZOMG AMAZING but it does a waaaaaay better job of quickly loading the forums than trying to do it from a browser. All in all, for me, it was worth it. YMMV.

    For more info about the product, visit their website:
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  2. Dra Member

    There is a free version out there if you search the market.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    The site is fine in the standard browser of my Iconia A500 tablet running Android 3.2, except for two minor things:
    • When I reply, I have to do it twice to pick up the quote.
    • YouTube videos (just YT, I think) appear as black rectangle, with the static preview for all of them appearing in the upper left of the page (not the screen). Pressing the center of a black rectangle opens a YouTube tab playing the video.
    On my Motorola Milestone, running Android 2.2, I still prefer the browser over ForumRunner, and don't get the problem above. It can be a bit sluggish, but it's an ancient two-year old phone.
  4. Paulius Member

    Mod Edit: Please don't post links to commercial products on WWP. Such spamming will get you banned.

    http colon slash slash www dot mediafire dot com slash file slash somekindasoftware

    Is free. Enjoy
  5. telomere Member

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  6. telomere Member

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  7. sue Administrator

    It's not liking https. But i'll look more deeply into it in the next few days.
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  8. Paulius Member


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