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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Please tell me you're joking.
  2. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I doubt it's a joke. I got one from her about this based on my
  3. Re: Forum reorganization

    Some people in this thread need to learn what net neutrality means.
  4. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Way to go sue, great way to get someone pissed off to chill out.
  5. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    There's no need to even be pissed off. Stop whining. You don't like it, don't use it. Simple.
  6. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

  7. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    You couldn't buy entertainment like this.
  8. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Why would you want to?

    I'll be constructive. Can you guys create a skin called Bluebell with the layout she wants? More to the point can she make a skin for you guys to implement with the layout she wants :)
  9. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Ok well since you wish you post PMs out here sue, I will just post here.

    Right, the changes (done Sun/Mon) in seeing the changes I'm WTF, I PM one of the mods (so happened to be sue) so as to try and understand the new layout. I make suggestions in some changes. I then start getting the impression sue and the other 2 mods (Anon752 and da5id) I was making suggestions to, were not even bothering to look at the suggestions and ideas I was making. Thus I get more and more pissed off.


    FFS this is the kind of this that would help get me to fucking chill out, the mods speaking to me about the suggestions and site changes I have been trying to make to them (mostly via PMs). But its like they have their fingers in their ears lalalalalala, fuck off not listening.
  10. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization


    Do you know how to create VB skins? If so ask them for the current one see if you can hack the forum layout you want and then ask them to include it as a selection in your CP.

    So...can you do it?

    If not your current method of trying to get them to do it does not seem to be all that successful. You know the whole catch more flies with posting TITS then bitching about how no one listens to you.

    Good luck with it. Personally I like the changes and if traffic (I can say the last couple of days have had more posts then usual not by much but more) keeps improving then I say it was a worth while change. We'll have to wait for a true newbie to chime in on how their experience goes.
  11. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Skeptic1337 could you allow PMs for a moment please thanks ?
  12. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Sorry no, I don't do PMs.
  13. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Ok, no worrys Skeptic1337.

    This was the suggestions and ideas I was TRYING to get the mods to look at loldon - Home (Did they? NO they did not, otherwise they would of spoken to me about the suggestions and ideas)
  14. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Yes i been looking at that aswell and am happy to see that with less traffic (hollidays etc) the post count was going up. also the average time inbetween posts went down as far as i can tell. Ofcourse the current time frame is far to short to really get a decent estimate and a probable cause is the addition of YSOSRS :).

    A couple of days before the changes we're made Bluebell sent a link to a demo forum on how she believed the structure should be. Eventhough we didn't adopt her methods of moving things around, we did restructure the forums. I would personally have been satisfied with knowing that even if my proposition wasn't completly adopted it sure as hell wasn't ignored.

    You know that when you lie about something long enough it becomes a false truth right ? We did look at your proposal. Your original proposal didn't look like that. After we done the changes to WWP you changed the structure using most of our ideas and adding some of yours, now don't understand me wrong that is perfectly fine and it isn't about who thought of something first but you still seem to be unable to grasp the reasoning behind most of the changes and especially on why we decided to condense the forums instead of splitting them up even further. This might be because of a lack of insight on the handfull of people who have worked on our end or eventually ... well you guessed it.

    Will you now please drop it, i have honnestly far better things to do than to adress your pedantic postings.

    I also suggest you dim that "ooh ill show you" attitude because it is only doing you a dissfavor, your local cell already hates you, don't make us hate you and i believe we have shown a lot of patience (perhaps even too much).

    good, bad, im the guy with the gun.
  15. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    It seems to me that she thinks you not blindly implementing her ideas is ignoring them.
  16. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I am NOT saying that at all fuckeye. All the mods need to do was a "Yes, have had a look at your suggestions and ideas. Like the ideas but maybe "A" (Fairgame) could go with "B" (Personal Experience) and be called "C" (Personal & Fair Game)

    Get the idea?
  17. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Nope. They have better things to do than respond to 50 whiny PMs, I'm sure.
  18. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

  19. Re: Forum reorganization

    ITT people can get a tiny glimpse of insight into why Blujob is destroying London Chanology better than anyone.
  20. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    My suggestion was to create a new skin for them. Granted you'd have to hack up the current one and still work within the forums but you can change the layout.

    It was a simple question. Do you know how to create / modify / hackup a vb skin?

    If you do, then do it and hand it to one of the admins here and maybe? dunno, they implement it for you so you can choose between the default and yours.

    Is the answer no you have no idea how to vb skin? I have no idea what the rest of the stuff you're saying means. It's why I have PMs turned off (not for you specifically, just so that no one ever has to worry about me leaking PMs :) ).
  21. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    never mind, why not just lock this damn thread?
  22. Re: Forum reorganization

    It would be better to have it stickied for the following reasons.

    1. Lulz, which is what started this in the first place.

    2. To troll you with.

    3. As a quick guide to show people what you are like.
  23. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Why lock it? These changes are less then a week old. You might be 100$ correct and they suck ass. It just needs more people to say it or more people to say it's cool and easier. The only metric since most people wont give a shit is how much it is used.

    I know in internet time a week is an eternity but no one is going to loose their shit because some forums on the internet now look different. Right?
  24. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I just wish I could show you lot how it would look instead of the boards having nothing in them.
  25. Re: Forum reorganization

    And I just wish you would fuck off and die.
  26. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    You first

    If you say so

    Do what the fuck you like.
  27. Re: Forum reorganization

    If I were to fuck off and die then I wouldnt have the satisfaction of seeing you die.

    But seriously. Take the hint already. London hates you
  28. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Web site changes angering you to the point of needing to "chill out" = LOL. Blaming the mods for your inability to complete such "chill out" behaviors = LMAO. I think you have a long-lost twin sister living in Wichita, Kansas. Her name is "Nameless" - you may want to search for her. Oh, and Lrn2Xanax.
  29. Anon752 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I honestly had no clue how bad it was until this :(
  30. basil Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Channers doing swastigets and seig heils in front of the police didn't do London any great favours either... don't forget that.
  31. Hostile Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I don't mind, but having a more prominent "scientology activism" board link would be nice instead of burying it inside general discussion
  32. Re: Forum reorganization

    Two points.

    1. Channers started all this and have actually got a lot more than Johnny come lately type moralfags. Most of the uk press coverage against the cult has been via channers, channers got the relevant legal advice in relation to mini raids, channers brought chanology to the attention of the NUS, channers were responsible for one London university advance warning new students about the cult, channers get advance warnings via phone or text of events at QVS and St. Hill and channers have fun in the process.

    2. The swastiget/zieg heil incident was a one off, whereas Bluejobs cancer campaign has been going on for months now, both here, msn, wirah, marcab, one of the treehouses and RL.
  33. Re: Forum reorganization

    I've just had a creepy 'I know who you are' memo from Bluejob, she also wants me to explain about her campaign of cancer. It's pretty well documented here.
  34. King Nerd Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    This thread is comedy!
    Personally, I like the new layout.
    I didn't have a problem with the other one though.

    Also, Bluebell is a cunt.
  35. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    WTbF? Organization? What the bloody fuck is that?
  36. TheBitch Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I dunno and I don't care. Most of what I give a rats arse about turns up in the new posts lists... the rest I just ignore. That being said, my entire point of becoming involved wasn't "net neutrality," it was about trolling hard a dangerous cult. If the board is expanding to take in some new sort of agenda, then depending on how that changes the zeitgeist here I will prolly eventually move along.

    Don't have time to fight all world's battles. Here to gut cults, not to play moralfaggot. Cult must die.

    That is all.

    Damn Army.
  37. King Nerd Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    You do realize this entire thing began because the cult tried to stomp out freedom on the internet, right?

    Explain how morals have anything to do with that?

    Its lulzy to troll the cult. That's it. Moralfags are the people acting like friends and writing tl;dr shit about how the cult messes up lives. Sure, scientology is a vile cult that messes up lives and I'd love to see them destroyed, but I'd rather have my internets free from censorship.
  38. TheBitch Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I know precisely why "this thing started" for those who put out the video and for some who answered the call. Me, I started for the lulz inherent in cult hunting and that's why I stayed to milk it. It's become progressively less lulzy over time, won't bother to say why I think that is... here it just falls on mostly deaf ears.

  39. cubby Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    my entirely serious observation regarding the new forums would be that the 'net neutrality' forum that has been renamed 'freedom of expression' may prove confusing to those who take it for an off-topic or random-type forum.

    you know, no one has a responsibility or possibly even a desire to help you cool your temper. that's entirely up to you.
  40. rof Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Your Rights Online is tm /. but it is almost the best way to say it.

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