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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. sue Administrator

    Forum reorganization

    As you have likely noticed, the Forums have undergone some minor changes and some reorganization. The structural decisions made over half a year ago by the enturbulation staff, (which at the time, were awesome), have become a source of confusion and inefficiency.

    Our hope is that these changes will make it a bit more clear as to what kind of experience the user should expect (srs bzns, on topic, off topic) and lighten up the mood/rules in some of the forums. We have also found that many of us became involved in chanology as more of a 'net neutrality' issue regarding the takedown of the Tom Cruise video, so we have added some forums that will focus on issues that are important to many of us.

    Hopefully, the reorganization reflects the community's current wishes. As with everything, this is likely to change a bit as we figure out what works and what doesn't. The most notable changes in decreasing order of importance:

    The Global Protest Organisation and PostGame Report forums will now be permanent and localised (where need be). We have added Resources and its subforums.

    General Discussion will now be just that, general discussion. Discussion about Scientology activism and Chanology has been moved to the Scientology Activism subforum.

    By popular demand, we've added YSOSRS, a SFW troll forum annex trash can.

    We've also added a Net Neutrality subforum in General Discussion; we have noticed an increase in net neutrality related issues, which we thought warrant their own forum.

    We've merged Personal Experience & Fair Game, due to their similarities and extensive crossover.

    We've revamped the situation rooms: they will now come in two flavors: Scientology and Net Neutrality.

    Internationalization will be the new home to the discussions previously found in the General Discussion International Discussions subforum.

    Activism has been stripped down to the bare minimum.

    Archived threads and the Thunderdome now live in the basement.
  2. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Nice work.

    I mean that.
  3. Gede Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Here here!
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Must read?
  5. King Nerd Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    A moralfag Dome?
    Because, back when Chanology was good, the Wall of Shame evolved into TD, and now, TD is pretty much off-topic with nudity. How ever will you decide which Dome needs feeding? Especially when one Dome is already striving for something new.
  6. Scythe Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

  7. Re: Forum reorganization

    Are you looking for a tl;dr, or are you saying it should be a notification?

  8. Re: Forum reorganization

    I'll wait on passing judgment.
  9. Vir Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Not sure yet about how the global protest forums will transition from monthly forums to permanent, but apart from that DO WANT.
  10. Re: Forum reorganization

    Looks good, and that's no small change, either. Well done.
  11. Vir Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I don't have high hopes for the YSOSRS forum though...
  12. basil Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I don't give a shit about the dome. Don't need it, don't read it. Be grateful for what you have; most of the shit threads end up in the dome here, on other forums you'd just get warnings and bans.

    If the dome isn't edgy enough, use one of those chan forums instead, and leave us here to focus on bringing down the cult.
  13. King Nerd Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    /snickers at you.
    Way to miss the obvious.
  14. OHanon42 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Blessed be change, for it is the catalyst of fresh thinking.

    Cheers to you!
  15. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Thanks sue, and any other mods doing this, it is really a series of very useful and intelligent moves.

    I liek eet allz.

    Will follow how it all progresses with interest.
  16. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    What the hell? The site was good yesturday, I ask for it to go back to how it was yesturday

    I am sorry I do not like the site changes, just looks awful
  17. basil Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I don't notice anything different?
  18. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    bluebell was right the site was temporarily slower due to a transfer of large amounts of data.
  19. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Ah right ok, the slowness was just a temporarily thing then.
    But am sorry the changes are just weird, am not at keen on them sorry
  20. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    why do we need a net neutrality subforum? this is about Scientology.
  21. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I am sorry to hear that, could you ellaborate on what should be different from your POV ? Perhaps that if you give it some time you'll get accustomed to it.

    It all started with an attempt at censorship by the church of scientology. The two subjects are tightlly correlated since there are still many service providers censoring us directly or indirectly. Due to the increase of net neutrality related threads in the past weeks we thought that that would warrant the creation of a net neutrality forum category.
  22. auchraw Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I thought so too. Net neutrality is off topic. It is very worthy but it is NOT Scientology. And we have our hands full with that.

    And I don't remember being asked what I thought about this.
  23. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    For Situation Rooms how about

    Situation Rooms
    Net Neutrality
    Sub-Boards: Youtube 2008

    Media Storms
    Sub-Boards: John Duignan / The Complex , Sklar v. IRS, Valkyrie

    Court Cases
    Sub-Boards: FormerlyIN, AnonOrange

    (Will add more to this post.)
  24. Re: Forum reorganization

    You don't have to honestly.
  25. leafs Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    stuff looks good.
    I consider "Net Neutrality" to be an important thing, but off topic as it's not about Scientology. So as a subforum to "off topic" it might be better placed.
  26. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    And thats where it is since General Discussion is now the "Off/All Topic" Forum.
  27. leafs Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    you are right.
  28. Vir Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    How about instead of naming it "Net Neutrality", which seems to be focused on changing the payment model, how about calling it "Net Freedom" or something like that. I'm OK with either choice, really. Just an idea.
  29. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I agree that maybe net neutrality wasn't the appropriate name to use. Yet i believe most understand that its about freedom of speech vs corporate interest thanks to the use of that word. (amiright?)

    Anyway yeah.. open to suggestion on what to call it (or if net neutrality is fine as a name).

    perhaps "net censor" eventhough that sounds pretty harsh.
  30. Silent Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    net neutrality = worthy cause, but off topic.

    The main chanology discussion forum is now a sub forum to general discussion, which is in fact general off topic discussion.

    messy :/
  31. cubby Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    you're left well alone here. you don't like a subforum, you don't have to go in it.

    a dome is not a chan is not a dome.

    edit: also i like the revisions. are those dedicated global raid subforums now? so we can just start a new thread in the same forum? one for planning and one for post-raid reports, is that it?
  32. NijeDobro Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    1. General Discussion = Off Topic? WTF? It makes no sense to me that Scientology Activism is a sub-forum of the off-topic space. My preference would be to have off topic in the basement.

    2. Net neutrality. I believe WWP should stick to its single-purpose of being a hub for criticism of organised scamtology. Catering to net neutrality smacks of changing the site from an anti-scientology (regardless of motivation) hub to a cause-oriented entity.

    3. While I appreciate that volunteer admins need to do things when and where they can, the hectic holiday season, when many people have less time for chanology, is a poor time to make fundamental changes.

    Also. Thanks to the admins & mods for their dedication and hard work. I hope you'll consider these opinions constructive criticism. As always, I reserve the right to change my mind.
  33. Silent Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Thanks for typing out what I was trying to say :)

    I appreciate all the work you mods and admins put into this site, so I have faith in you that you will fix these issues as well... :)
  34. cubby Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    the majority of the site is still anti-sci activism. general discussion is being loosened up. it's a good thing, give it a chance.

    net neutrality is a fundamental reason many people became involved in this anti-sci activism. it's an additional interest for many, and it's not detracting from the cause we started with to add in a forum for related issues. there are many pure hubs of anti-sci activity on the internet.
  35. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Just as a note and since I have no idea if there is a general plan for these forums or if it was just some changes that made sense. had branding Scientology Activism. seems to have Activism Forums as its branding.

    I make the same mistake all the time. Not sure if this subtle difference is on purpose or not but seeing some new layouts leads me to believe that perhaps it's an attempt to appeal to a broader audience.

    Just my thoughts. I think the changes were long over due (simplifying the number of forums and congregating posts into more general categories). The "direction" I have no comment on since I'm not sure if it's just a biproduct of the new forum layouts.
  36. sue Administrator

    Re: Forum reorganization

    It isn't Really Off Topic its more a random forum where all kinds of threads can go in. From a logistical point of view it is far easier to move threads from the "General Discussion" forum to a subforum and vice versa. Same goes with browsing through threads. With the exception of the global protest forums.
    Renamed to Net Censor till someone comes up with the "perfect" name. Many of us joined the war because of freespeech.
    I have to dissagree, if the forums wouldn't have been frequented 24/7 it would have happend overnight as to disturb the least as possible.
    What would this site become if we didn't listen to the people who made it what it is...
  37. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    For the Situation Room section Net Censorship is cool
  38. Silent Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    [whine]So when will the Human Rights Activism, Anti-Capitalism, Pro-drugs and the Anti-Phelps forums open?[/whine]

    Still think that Net Neutrality should be in offtopic/it's own site/it's own category/not there.

    It's placement in General Discussion as of now, makes it the only part of General Discussion which is not Scientology related, which is confusing, and it still neglects General Scientology Disussion by making it a sub-forum below randomness.

    Ofc, if it easier to maintain that way, that is an argument for keeping it in a subforum, I just think it puts the most important subject of this site (well, only subject as originally intended) into a sub-category.

    I might have given the impression above that I think it was a bad idea to make these changes now: I don't... This is the right time to do this, since it will cause minimal disturbance due to the fact that most of us have a (christmas-)life right now.

    Edit: oh and I see that net neutrality and scientology have now changed place in the situation room section. Thanks. :)
  39. Bluebell Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Is da5id the only Mod who can do board changes?
  40. cubby Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    i think it comes down to is scientology a free speech issue for you, or is it only about bringing down scientology specifically...
    no doubt some are only inclined towards fighting this one specific cult whereas for others it's one little sparkling face of a multi-faceted battle...
    mix in more net neutrality and you can enliven the anti-sci thing -- they're definitely still trying to squash free speech
    just my two cents... i for one welcome any and all changes our nazi mod overlords choose to make

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