Former Scientologist Frank Pate indicted on federal wire fraud charges

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Scientologist indicted in financial scheme that victimized other ex-church members

    By Tony Ortega

    On August 13, a man named Frank Pate was indicted on federal wire fraud charges in the Eastern District of Texas. According to Pate himself, who has written a short blog about his legal troubles, he was arrested in Phoenix on September 2 and arraigned in Texas later in the month. At the arraignment he entered a plea of not guilty.

    Pate was the CEO of something he called the Infinity Companies, an investment firm. According to the indictment, from July 2004 to April 2013 Pate perpetrated “a scheme and artifice to defraud persons and to obtain money and funds from persons by means of false and fraudulent pretenses.”

    The indictment accuses Pate of using new investors to pay off earlier investors, a method which is known as a “pyramid” or “Ponzi scheme.”

    The amounts are not in the Bernie Madoff range. The indictment states that proceeds from the scheme amounted to about $1.8 million. However, the method is interesting. Pate is a former Scientologist, and several of the people claiming to be victimized by him are as well.

    “He took advantage of it,” one victim tells us. “In the beginning he would sort of quote Scientology, giving sort of an off-beat version of it” in order to build confidence in an investor.

    Continued here:
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  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I'd be interested to see if there's any overlap between Reed Slatkin victims and Pate victims.
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  3. anon8109 Member

    The scam started in 2004 and he left the cult in 2005.

    It would be interesting to know why he left, and whether it helped or hurt his "business", considering that he would have lost access to any clients still in the cult though "disconnection".
  4. Anonymous Member

    With respect to the Internet, the guy is somewhat broadly spread out.


    The blog seems to start after the recent arrest and charges.

    The time-travel entry is amusing... my emphasis...

    2005 Partners with Scientologist owned Debt Resolution business.

    2005 Quietly leaves Church of Scientology. No official announcement made.

    2005 Begins private practice Scientology counseling services with L Ron Hubbards personal Butler and Personal Communicator. Ken Urquhart.

    2205 Attest to coveted state of “Clear” with Scientology founding member, Patricia Krenik. Elma, Washington.

    Investigation of the guy is a trip through a mini who-is-who in the ex-scientologist communities.

    Patricia Krenik -

    Patricia Krenik -

    Urquhart is an independent drinker of the kool-aid:

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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Ken Urquhart audits a large number of fresh out of the "church" scilons. The Kreniks have been in since the 1950's and are nutbags.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    While searching, I came across obituaries for Patricia Krenik. These got my hopes up but I wasn't able to confirm any being that Patricia Krenick. A major disappointment. :(

    I so do love dead scientologists. :)
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    I don't think I will ever like L. Ron or any other now dead scilon who dedicated their lives to enslaving, defrauding, and persecuting people.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I just love that the mofo is Dead! Dead! Dead! And that goes for all of them. I love the dead scientologists for being dead. That is all!

    How I feel about the living scientologists is another matter entirely, but rest assured, I don't love them.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    A search for Frank Pate on ESMB produces an extensive list of mentions, going all the way back to 2010.

    Here's the earliest post in the list:

    Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.26.55.png

    EDIT: to add link -
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Scientologist found guilty of defrauding other exes

    By Tony Ortega

    On Tuesday, a federal jury convicted Frank Pate, 47, of two counts of wire fraud and one count of mail fraud after a five-day trial in Sherman, Texas. He is in custody and will be sentenced at a future date.

    Previously, we told you about Pate, a former Scientologist who, according to some of his former clients, used their connections as former church members to convince them to invest with him.

    Pate ran something he called the Infinity Companies, which he used to attract investors for foreign currency trading. But at trial, Pate was unable to show that he’d actually invested the money people gave him — instead, the FBI testified, he’d used the money for personal expenses.

    His indictment described his business as a classic pyramid or Ponzi scheme, with money he took in from newer investors to pay off some earlier ones.

    Continued here:
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  11. LOL. Once a fucked up cultie, always a fucked up cultie.

    Glad we're finally getting around to nailing the indies, freezoners, etc. I laugh every time I hear them talking about how the still-in scilons are drinking the koolaid. They just can't see that anyone using ANYTHING lron is still doing it too!

    I don't trust any former members. That applies to Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, the Milestone Two crowd and anyone who holds onto anything scilon. They're all still tainted and can't be trusted until they get all the way out (and even then I'd still watch my back).

    But hey, whatever they do is up to them. It's just that if they really don't stop drinking the koolaid, AFAIK they deserve getting scammed by the next Reed Slatkin or Frank Pate.
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  12. RightOn Member

    Pate, get ready for your jail date.
  13. Dexter Gelfand, who claims to be Frank Pate's "spiritual brother," specializes in Power Processing. Gelfand will be speaking at Rey Robles' Free Zone convention on the sixth of June.
  14. anon8109 Member

    Nobody deserves to be victimized.
  15. Nice try at misquoting me. My full statement once again was this:
    I'm guessing by your response that you're the one who disliked my earlier post. Perhaps you're a friend of one of the persons I mentioned. I've also seen you go on the heavy defense of posts against Bunker, which interestingly ends up with a rash of dislikes on those posts against him.

    Instead of trying to bury or twist posts you don't like, how about engaging in some freedom of speech like what WWP was founded on? How about just straight up open discussion, exchange of opinions and attempts at logic?

    The point I'm making is that like with the mainstream church I welcome exposing and going over the damaged people and property left in the wake of the scilons who have "left the church." When they do get looked into, a criminal like Frank Pate gets found out and busted. Good fucking riddance, another cancer to society found and removed. There for sure have to be others.

    A conniving scammer can just as easily take advantage of the good guys attacking the church. Those who have been around since 2008 know that fundraising scams have happened even on enturb/WWP several times, e.g., the one by FormerlyIn.

    Unless someone is a cancer themselves, why on earth would anyone have a problem with getting rid of crud like that? AFAIK, one answer is any variation of ex-scilon who tries to deflect any similar discussion or investigation.

    So IMHO, if you have any such "friends", watch your back. And I'm all for continuing to go after all variations of scilon BS.
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  16. I can assure you that Patricia Daphne Krenik, born in 1930, founding Scientologist is alive and well in Elma, WA and still delivering "auditing". Pat has had many married last names including Arnold, Stevens, and Ojeda. Look up Ralph "Angel" Ojeda and his reputation in the Co$, one of her several husbands. Is it any coincidence that her son is a lawyer in Plano, TX, just a few minutes from Frank Pate's home in Frisco, TX?
  17. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm alive and well and kicking. Pat Krenik
  18. Quentinanon Member

    Scientology constitutes one big affinity scam. The Reed Slatkin and Frank Pate stuff are smaller scams within the much larger one.
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  19. don't you asses have anything better than beat up on someone you don't even know?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Kinda butthurt about Leah, aren't you? And Going Clear, and Theroux's film? And Tony Ortega's book?

    Didn't see much of that coming, did you?

    Quite tough times for your cult.

    Much worse is coming. Your cult is doomed!
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  21. Quentinanon Member

    Terril Park said:
    "I have been getting Power Processing.
    And Frank Pate has been auditing me.
    And I could barely wait to wake up today."

    Terril, be grateful that you did.
    Did Frank "clear out your bank", like Hubbard did with thousands of others before you?
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    Reed Slatkin, Frank Pate and David Miscavige were/are all scientology auditors.
    Could we conclude that scientology auditing is the only form of counselling that can be done by a psychopath?
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

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