Former Iran VP arrested?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. From internet

  2. Old media confirms it:
    RT @LaraABCNews Mohamed Ali Abtahi, reformist former vp under Khatami, arrested on tuesday
  3. grokitt2 Member

    His website also confirms this. Not able to get english version, but (bad translation) of parsi vs. says:

    * 26 Khordad 1388 arrest Sayed Mohammad Ali Abtahi Former deputy minister Mr. Abtahi Khatami and Mehdi Karubi advisor this morning (Tuesday) was arrested. Waiting for their freedom is subject to thank His new on the site.

    سید محمد علی ابطحی معاون سابق آقای خاتمی و مشاور مهدی کروبی صبح امروز (سه شنبه) دستگیر شد. منتظر آزادی ایشان می مانیم تا مطلب جدید خود را بر روی سایت قرار دهند.
    لينک مطلب "

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