Former Assistant Secretary Under Reagan Says CIA Will Take Out Assange

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by nailinpalinnow, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Enturbulette Member

    This is the most honest interview I believe I've ever heard, especially considering it is coming from a former government official.

    1. CIA routinely kills out those it cannot pin down legally
    2. The Justice Dept. routinely smears in the media anyone that it is having trouble pinning down legally
    3. There is little or no case against Assange so expect the CIA to attempt to kill him
  2. hmm das ist genau das was ich mir schon gedacht habe wie die regierungen vorgehen ich meine das steht ja nur stellvertretend für alle regierungen ich glaube nähmlich nicht das es bei uns anders ist
    wer unbequem ist wird entweder zum schweigen gebracht oder ganz aus dem weg geräumt... ich hoffe das in assanges insurance datei wirklich ne bombe drin ist...
  3. While I do find people who have been out of the government for decades, were assistant secretaries of printing money and are in the age range prime for senility to be the most reliable sources on CIA activities, I also think there is reason to take this with a grain of salt.

    Yes, our has government assassinated people when they feel they could get away with it, and there is an unfortunate number of people in our government institutions who feel victory at any cost is justified. In fact, one of the more common means used in the past by the government and embraced now by corporations is to simply drag people to court and destroy their finances and reputation before simply dropping the un-winnable case and walking away.

    That said, as stupidly as the government has handled Assange so far and given him as much publicity as possible, I don't think they would be quite foolish enough to make him a full-on martyr.
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    He enjoyed himself during that interview. Check out his smiles.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Kill Assange and wave goodbye to any moral high ground the US ever claimed to have.

    And you now have Hillary Clinton bitching about losing propaganda wars - is it any wonder??

    Assange is the tip of a very big and cold iceberg - and the CIA is at the helm travelling at full speed towards it.

    I have yet to see ANYTHING the CIA have done EVER to be of benefit to mankind.
  7. kilzom Member

    The ex-CIA agent does sound like he knows what he's talking about - but at the same time he worked in the CIA and knows all their tricks as well. He could be trying to legitimately pinpoint the CIA's next move, but he could also just be media trolling to look good in case something DOES happen to Assange. His points are relevant and logical - they cannot pin Assange legally so they are smearing him but that also doesn't appear to be doing anything so they could potentially put out a contract on his head. The real problem is that if the CIA do want to really kill Assange they will make it look like two things; an accident or natural. In either case, if they are singled out by media as the killers they will smear those outlets as paranoid/delusional conspiracy theorists.

    The CIA has slipped up a lot lately though. I bet if an agent did kill Assange he'd send out a e-mail to all his buddies doing a thumbs-up over the body with a caption "So much for Wikileaks!" and we'd hear about it within a couple hours.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    but what do we do if they do if they do decide to just kill assange? we need to plan that one out
  9. Scatman Member

    Looks like a psy ops against Assange to scare him. Even the CIA isn't so stupid as to assassinate Assange.
  10. kilzom Member

    What can you do except hack the CIA and find the contract that was put on his head?

    I agree with you, if the CIA did try anything and slipped up in the slightest they would have a media shitstorm on their hands - leading to the possible end of their organization, and they wouldn't be that stupid. They won't be stupid enough to try and kill him unless they feel they can 100% get away with it. Let's just hope that isn't the case, but from how they're* still trying to do this all legally (extradition) who knows what'll happen if they do get him to America.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, it's a shame they don't put out press releases.
  12. Anonymous Member

    How many shipments of cocaine/heroin will be smuggled via CIA lines today?
  13. mad animal Member

    Some one will kill him of because people don't like trouble makers.I don't think they will kill him off at this moment in time because thers too much publicity and support for Julian Assange and even stupid people would be able too see that it wasn't an accident.
    I hope that this does not happen because we need wikileaks and julian assange but wikileaks would carry on assange or no assange,thats for some reason people think if they get rid of Assange they will get rid of wikileaks.
    Remember Princess Di or marilyn monroe.
  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    I think the point was we wouldn't remember them without their deaths.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Hum, no thanks, I don't want to remember him, I want him to release more stuff which is of interest to all. I'm pretty sure he prefers that too. Anyway, if that was the point, Che Guevara would have been a better pick.
  17. grebe Member

    I wish I could laugh off talk of the CIA doing something so pointless as killing Assange. But then again, Remote Viewing, Nigerian Yellow Cake, hiring Scientologists, playing Barney at POWs.

    Maybe I could help, Langley dudes? Just invite me over for lunch or something. I think it would be a fair trade: I can confirm that agency personnel are not, in fact, retarded and you all can enjoy my poorly informed yet sincere opinion upon any topic you choose.
  18. Well, if they kill him i dont think this will change the things for them cause nobody with an IQ over 1 will belive that he died accidently... and the insurance data is relased if they kill him...
  19. Rockyj Member

    It appears these people are trying to discredit Wikileaks as much as they can!

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  20. Linxis° Member

    I would not be surprised if the US had another Cold War but this time with itself.
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  21. Enturbulette Member


    HA HA HA that pretentious twit from British Intelligence says "It is IDIOTIC to suggest that Sweden is blah blah blah because of sinister forces..."

    So he is directly calling Paul Craig Roberts (the former Reagan admin official above) an idiot. I'd love to put those two together in a room.

    More on Roberts - he is calling what is happening in the US an all out class war. Since he invented Reaganomics he pulls some weight in this area. Some interesting reading in his columns

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