Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

Discussion in 'Canada' started by End$cientology, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    I did another flashraid today...even moar lulzy than the last one. Highlights include:

    Three young scilons walked past me laughing nastily, one yelled at me "fucking loser!" rofl. At that same moment some guys drove past in a pick up truck and shouted at the scilons "HEY, WHERE'S THE SPACESHIP????!" I laughed so freaking hard...

    Later, same guys in truck pulled up alongside the org and took one of my flyers and said "it's a fucking scam!" and "seriously, where's the spaceship?! let's go find some aliens" lulz.

    I also got a "V for Vendetta was an awesome movie!" and "cool mask!" comments. Some brit guy talked to me about a previous protest where scilons called the cops on anons but the cop told the scilons to quit calling or THEY would be in legal trouble. ROFL.

    Anyway, epic win.

    DSC_0138-3.jpg.gif Hosers that called me a fucking loser.




  2. veganonymous Member

    Re: Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    Nice work. Will you be joining us for the 14th?
  3. Re: Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    The 14th is Valentine's Day, so no. More or less raiding alone these days. Flashraids kick ass.
  4. veganonymous Member

    Re: Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    Dude, that's a bummer. What better way to spread the love?

    You should join the forums at and let us know when you're planning to go down there. I know a few people, myself included, would love to join you. It's safer, and it's more fun.
  5. Re: Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    I prefer the more centralized WWP as I can connect with way moar people on a global scale. I'll think about it, though.

    So far, scilons haven't done anything to me other than take my pic and call me names.
  6. veganonymous Member

    Re: Flashraid Jan 24th, 2009

    That's fine. You can remain active here and still join the Vanonymous forums. But most of our discussions take place there, as well as on our IRC channel.

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