Flag Down - Injunction Discussion

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by hushpuppy, May 5, 2014.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Definitely: Category:Gabe Cazares

    My condolences.
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  2. amaX Member

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  3. Interesting posts about amax on DBZ:

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  4. amaX Member

    You assholes never get it right. Never.

    From the time it happened---six years and nine days (when you first posted)/ten days today to the reason---magoogate which was 99.999% caused by Tory Christman to the info you think you know about daywatch---shame on you, you liar liar liar: daywatch and I both worked very hard to bridge the gap between Anons and the people over on clambake. I'm proud to say that our efforts did not go unnoticed and you know how I know that? Because after 8-8-08 many people with clambake accounts contacted Chanologists to sacrifice their accounts in case another 8-8-08 needed to happen! clambake used to be a safe place for exes. That's no longer the case and that is not the fault of any Chanologist.

    I notice that some of you people like to lie about things and then keep repeating that lie so that it becomes the "truth." You're so proud of the lies that seem to take hold and maybe someday when I'm dead you'll be able to spin your lies about me and it will finally stick.

    The truth of the matter is that I have never done a damned thing to any OG or anyone on clambake except tell the truth about them.
    I haven't decimated the population of Chanology by being careless.
    I haven't caused a rift within the Chanology movement by wanting to hang out with the whippersnappers in the dome.
    I haven't caused someone to threaten to attack someone else by crying rape.
    I haven't ruined a combination Clearwater Police/Pinellas Co. Child Services case that might have potentially blown the lid off the Cadet Org at Flag.
    I haven't got a freaking huge ego that leads me to tell any of you that I'm the reason this happened or I paved the fucking way for anyone who might take up the cause after me.
    I haven't ruined a safe place for exes because of my need to never admit I'm wrong.
    I haven't caused anyone to be served with an injunction. (I disassociated myself from Flag Down because I was told by an attorney and a sheriff's deputy that I had actually been served. Even if I had wanted to I couldn't have attended after Bunker was invited to attend because then I for sure would have been dragged into court. But so many of you don't get that and actually don't care if I were forced to go to court.)
    I haven't tainted a vitally important anti-scientology conference to stroke my own ego.
    I don't have a youtube channel.
    I've made a handful of videos on vimeo where I never use my name and only give information.
    I've done exactly one interview and it was a freaking disaster with the reporter getting everything wrong.
    I don't have a book in the works.
    I'm not making a movie.

    I think this lie bothers me the most: I have run people off from protesting in Clearwater. That is not and has never been the case. The 2008 CW Chanology Cell was made up mostly of high school and college aged whippersnappers. The high school kids drifted off to college in other towns. The majority of the college aged kids weren't even from Florida or the Tampa Bay area. They graduated and moved on. At the end of every semester we'd have one raid where we'd lose so many people. Raids became sad good-bye parties with tears and hugs and best wishes.

    A lie was started by someone on this forum that CW protesters were being run off by Six and myself. That always bothered her, too. We were comrades with these people! We marched at Flag with these people---the belly of the beast. And it is disgusting to think that the loss of numbers in CW was anything other than the loss of numbers in any other city---the young people moved on with their lives.

    Shame on the person who started this rumor and then kept repeating it until it became the "truth."

    The people who don't like me do it mainly for one reason: because I refuse to keep my mouth shut when other supposed critics do destructive and awful things. The permanent damage these people have done and we're supposed to hug and make up while they plan their next move? Hell no. Why should I give props to such destructive people?

    I want this cult gone so I can get back to my boring and happy life. Fighting scientology is not my profession. This is not my gateway to fame.

    I love it when people think they're throwing it in my face for being an emotional person. Yes. I'm emotional. You will know when I'm happy, sad, angry, grieving, sympathetic. I will never look at you with a smile on my face while trying to cause trouble for you behind your back. I won't passively aggressively tell you to have a nice day while smearing your name in pm's. I won't spread lies about you---the truth is always bad enough.

    tl;dr: you're a liar and i'm still here so i will be posting the truth to your lie.
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  5. Random guy Member

    Old news are old?
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  6. amaX Member

    Yeah. Sorry that someone thinks it's throwback Thursday already. Somebody feels the need to dig deep and toss old lies at me hoping they'll stick. Lying liars who lie.
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  7. fathertony Member

    AmaX I have always enjoyed our protests. I still remember our first Epic Protest on my first Visit to FL before I moved down. You Could never run me away. I know I am not OG Clearwater Chanology. I would go out with ya anytime you wanted me to. I would just have to come form Daytona!
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  9. meep meep Member

    ? Why the downer thumb?
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  10. amaX Member

    because i'm a terribly selfish person who has a closed mind. i thought your summary was wrong because it was different from my tl;dr summary. thumbs down!

    i have posted this response so you can retaliate and dislike one of my posts. ;)
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  11. meep meep Member

    I'm above such petty displays. * sniff
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  12. amaX Member

    oh, come ON now! :(
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  13. meep meep Member

    OK I did what you want. Satisfied?!
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  14. amaX Member

    This exercise was designed to make YOU feel better. Do you?
  15. meep meep Member

    Yes thank you. Are you a psychologist?
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  16. meep meep Member

    nm I'll ask you in the dome thread, this is OT here
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  17. amaX Member

    thank you for making me laugh so hard that i choked. good times. LOL
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  18. ThetanBait Member

    Since we're necroposting, thought I'd put up my late protest vid...
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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sorry for the short notice, but this is tonight:

    Clearwater police chief to meet with residents

    Clearwater residents will have three opportunities to meet with new Police Chief Dan Slaughter in community forums.

    The first session is set for Monday evening at Countryside Recreation Center, 2640 Sabal Springs Drive.

    The second meeting will be Wednesday at the Ross Norton Recreation Center, 1426 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. The final meeting is Thursday at the North Greenwood Recreation Complex, 900 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

    A meeting for Clearwater Beach residents was held on Monday of this past week.

    The public is invited to attend.

    Chief Slaughter, who was sworn in earlier this month as the city's 13th police chief, will make a brief speech and then take questions from residents in a town-hall type setting.

    All events begin at 7 pm.


    If you're on Facebook, there are some good comments here:
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology yesterday and today: Reports from Mark Bunker and Dennis Erlich | The Underground Bunker

    Filmmaker Mark Bunker was dubbed “Wise Beard Man” by the Anonymous movement in 2008. We’ve been reading Mark’s observations about Scientology since the late 1990s, and we’re eagerly awaiting his documentary about Scientology, “Knowledge Report.”

    Bunker’s recent return to Clearwater to live has us very intrigued. He told us he was going to approach the city’s new police chief about the infamous injunction that defines how protesters and the Church of Scientology can interact downtown, and we told him we wanted to know how it went. So he sent us over a full report! How did it go, Mark?

    MARK: I attended Wednesday night’s meet-and-greet with Clearwater’s new police chief, Dan Slaughter (pictured). It turned out to be a rather small affair. The meeting room was set up for a large crowd but only five locals attended along with former mayor Rita Garvey and three others from the police department, so Chief Slaughter gathered as all around in a circle for an intimate chat.

    Slaughter began with a little background on how he became an officer.


    Then the floor was open to questioning and I let everyone speak before me. The chief kept looking to me and waiting for me to launch into my Scientology spiel. He had recognized and greeted me when I had come in. Before the meeting started, I told him I was back in town finishing my documentary and he said he hoped he wasn’t in it.

    One of the other citizens said he had moved to Clearwater because he read about how Rita Garvey had been running Clearwater when she was mayor and liked what he saw. I then brought up that former mayor Gabe Cazares was one of the reasons I had moved to Clearwater and told the chief that I had come to town as a big fan of the Clearwater Police Department. I had watched how the police had to deal with Scientology and put up with them protesting, shouting “Sid Klein…what’s your crime?” The chief had been on the force since 1992 so I told him he obviously was well aware of how Scientology operated. I brought up that Paul Maser of the Clearwater police had written an affidavit in 1998 when Scientology was suing to have the names of undercover officers revealed in which the police quoted Fair Game and laid out how Scientology tries to destroy anyone who comes against them.

    I told him I was concerned how the city was working hard to make peace with Scientology and find a way to work with them, but I thought it would be much better for him and the city to reach out to Mike Rinder to fully understand how Scientology was operating in the city. I pointed out that there are news stories about Scientology every day including the recent pieces from Joe Childs in the Tampa Bay Times about how Narconon was breaking the law in a nearby city by putting patients in unlicensed and unreported homes. Following the law is not as important as Keeping Scientology Working. I mentioned they were opening a new Narconon facility not far from where we were holding that meeting.

    I brought up an issue raised by Tony Ortega and a couple of my friends on Facebook who thought it important to let the police know that the workers in Scientology who come from all corners of the globe have their passports collected and kept locked away. This was something he said he didn’t know about and I pointed out that this is just the type of thing he could learn if he talked to Mike Rinder or other former members. Human trafficking is an issue that the police highlight on their website, yet here is an organization that has been probed by the FBI for that very issue.

    In the end, the chief was getting increasingly uncomfortable and wanted to know if others had questions. It didn’t seem to me that there was much of a chance he would take my suggestion and reach out to Rinder. Like everyone else in the city, he seemed to want to strike that “treating everyone equally” stance that seems about as empty as the Fox News “Fair and Balanced” slogan. Sure sounds good but could we face reality, please?

    I was happy to see one other woman who was seated next to the chief agree with everything I had said and told him she had been in Scientology in Clearwater decades ago and had been used by them to infiltrate Clearwater offices. She was happy to do it then because she was a true believer and said she was now sorry and trying to make amends. She pointed out that Scientology no longer needs to infiltrate because essentially they can do whatever they want out in the open with no resistance from the city.

    After the meeting ended, I shook the chief’s hand and told him how Denis deVlaming and I had sat down with the last chief early in the year to see if the police would side with me in court and tell a judge that the injunction should be lifted. Chief Holloway had said no, so I asked if Chief Slaughter might be willing to change that position. He said he didn’t think he’d take a position on that at all and mentioned that when the Super Power Building opened, Scientology had called the police to ask that the injunction be expanded to cover more blocks. That hasn’t happened…yet.

    The full article is here:
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  21. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    It's sad that so few people showed up. and then to have the chief basically say he will be passive toward Scientology... that's sad too.
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  22. incog712 Member

    As long as he's not a closeted scientologist himself, his apparent ambivalence is really all that anyone can expect. As chief, he's mostly a political figure and if he want's to remain chief, he can't be expected to come charging out of the gate in opposition to the current milquetoast mayors positions.

    Vichy Clearwater.

    The very fact that he's not a complete outsider and knows at least some of the ropes should hopefully make him less likely to be corrupted by the cult. It's the job of the detectives division to keep an eye on the cult in regards to local laws. As long as their hands aren't being tied it's just another sunny day in sparkle town.

    It is interesting that the cult has been inquiring about expanding the breadth of the injunction. That could turn into a serious footbullet because before considering any reason for expansion, one first has to look at why it's in place to begin with and at this point, it's only reason to exist is to act as a pretext for denying First Amendment rights to the citizens of Clearwater. By raising the matter themselves, scientology could be saving us all a lot of time.
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  23. tigeratbay Member

    Not so bad a showing, tho disappointing I'm sure, because it is in a middle to poor area and in fact no one who lived in that area showed up, as was noted. However he said that he is been showing up at all the large and small neighborhood, civic groups, most not advertised, etc. I saw him at one prior to this and it was well attended. He promised to continue talking with the citizens this way. I just hope that he meets with some of the anti scios, especially if he meets with the scions, to be fair. So we shall see!
    I'm glad he told Mark about them wanting to expand the injunction. They just have to protect their big bad new building (jail) poor things :confused: We'll have to watch this.
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  24. amaX Member

    What do you think? $2000? $3000 in movie funding money was used to get Bunker to this meet-and-greet?

    Bunker is the only anti-scifag around so the meeting has already happened. Mission Accomplished.

    Someone post the link to Bunker's funding page stat!
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  25. amaX Member

    Bawwwww! Why the dislike vote on my post, Jeff Jacobsen? I'm one of you now.
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  26. amaX Member

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  27. Uh, amaX, what do you exactly mean by "I'm one of you now."??
  28. amaX Member

    Where have you been, Socked-Up Person Using the Name Vionetta? I been served! I'm in LMT injunction limbo. I have to abide by the injunction or hire an attorney to clear my name! My name should be posted with the rest of the LMT injunction members, but at the very bottom in smaller font with a little * next to it along with an explanation.

    Jeff Jacobsen is a full-blown LMT injunction member while I'm just a halfsie.

    Can a girl get one of you whippersnappers to add my name to the LMT injunction wiki page please?
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  29. amaX Member

  30. So did Mike reach out to them or is he too busy making blog posts and starting his own brand of cult?
    Does Mike live in the area even?

    I'm confused....when did the police get to side with someone in court? I thought they carried out the law. An officer of the court has little choice in what side he is on
  31. The Internet Member

    Ah. Clams with plans. This gives me a bad feeling about anybody going to court over the injunction. Because the clams will throw crazy money into making it go right.
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  32. BigBeard Member

    That's kind of weird. The police don't have the power to modify the injunction by expanding it's coverage, they have to go back to court for that. And the Cof$ lawyers should know that.

    I wonder if they figured with the LMT gone, if they went back to court the whole thing would get thrown out, so they tried an end run through the police?

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  33. The Internet Member

    You make a good point. Maybe the clams can’t win in court and they know it. So my anxiety is not necessary.
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  34. White Tara Global Moderator

    Your words, Xenus ears. ;)
  35. amaX Member

    Still no offers to start an LMT injunction wiki page?

    The page needs to contain info about the original injunction, Shawn Lonsdale's experience fighting and winning, and my experience being in limbo with the injunction.
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  36. amaX Member

    They didn't win when they tried to add Shawn Lonsdale to the injunction.

    I'm still waiting to hear from the ACLU on whether they'll represent me in my fight to not be permanently added.
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  37. amaX Member

    Jeffy, I just checked and Bunkie still hasn't posted a new funding page. Did you remind him he needs a new one?
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  38. amaX Member

    I believe Rinderburn2 does still live in the area, but the last I heard he was not in Clearwater.

    It's not politically correct to think Rinderburn1 or 2 might possibly have any intention of scamming people for money by running a cult. Possibly even the cult we're the most familiar with... After all, why would those two paragons of virtue ever do anything like that?

    I'm afraid you're wasting your time trying to get some of these folks to understand this fact because it's Bunkie asking the cops to go to bat for all of us LMT injunctees: listed and in limbo. It doesn't matter that what you posted above is the truth because Bunkie called for the cops to come to our aid and he's got a movie to make!

    Now don't be a cheeky bastard and bring up silly things like the truth!
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    And I think those who run the CPD know that they have no judicial discretion and could get majorly sued if they went along with the cult's agenda on that. Going back to court would be a PR disaster for scientology, and likely, a legal defeat as well.
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  40. XENU TV Member

    Sorry you weren't at the meeting but I guess you were afraid you'd be breaking an injunction.
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