FLAG DOWN 2014 - May 5th-10th

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. No you don't. But I do. Samki... you want photos of your dark skin facebook pages?

    Oh BTW, watch and mark my words. Chris Shelton is playing you guys. See him doing videos with Karen de la Carrier, a known APIS (indie) auditor.

    You are being played, moron.

    PS: lulz will be had when indies show up at the conference. They are coming and you'll can't legally stop them. LOL fun fun!!
    Chris Shelton
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  2. Fuck off douche. Like amaX said, no indies means no indies.

    One thing though. Now that WBM is NOT fighting the injunction, what happens now when he shows up?
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  3. rickybobby Member

    WOOT! Troll fighting with himself. BUMP FOR FLAG DOWN.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Sarah Heller and Peter Mansell have threatened to retaliate by publicly giving each other enemas.
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  5. rickybobby Member

    I'd pay to watch that.
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Teaser: Here's how it would begin.

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  7. Lol. Yes on the bump. But, no, we're not the same dude.
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  8. Correct. Two different people ... or more.

    PS: Can Karen de la Carriere and Mike Rinder come to the conference?
    Chris Shelton
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  9. rickybobby Member

    I bet if they chose to attend they would be treated graciously, but it looks like there is no chance they would be asked to speak. I am not afraid to speak to indies or those still shooting up Scientology heroin. Speaking with folks who have a different world view than mine won't rock my world like they would rock yours, apparently.

    Anons have a higher power of confront than Scientologists, isn't that ironic?

    And, yes, BUMP FOR FLAG DOWN! Thanks to the organizers! Party on, Garth!
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  10. Really? What part of "This is not an indie conference" do you not understand?
    If you want to hold your own damn fail conference with indies, start your own thread. Otherwise, as you aren't an organizer (if you are, please state otherwise) and amaX is, please STFU about them any further.

    This. Is. Not. An. Indie. Conference.
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  11. Anonylemmi Member

    ^ It is not a troll conference either. STFU.
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  12. Random guy Member

    The trolling here:

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  13. Rod Keller Member

    I think at least three of the announced speakers are indies, so I'm not sure what the commotion is about.
  14. rickybobby you are just a fucking shit stirrer. are you really an indie in disguise trying to spread their stupid kool-aid here? maybe you should go and post on ESMB.

    As many have said: NOT.AN.INDIE.CONFERENCE!
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  15. [quote="Rod Keller, post: 2428606, member: 88608"]I think at least three of the announced speakers are indies, so I'm not sure what the commotion is about.[/quote]
    Another fucking Indies/ESMBer in our midst ...fuck!!

    amax ... plase tell this is not so!!!!
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  16. tigeratbay Member

    Names kind sir? I saw no indie speaker names on the list.
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  17. Rod Keller Member

  18. amaX Member

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  19. Rod Keller Member

    I think Nancy Many is an indie. She speaks mostly about being abused by Scientology, and rarely if ever about auditing.
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  20. amaX Member

    That's TWO that you think might be indies. Let's see some actual recent proof that these two are indies and I'm waiting on the THIRD person.
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  21. Random guy Member

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  22. Ahem, nice try Mr. Pot, this ^^ is trolling.

    Per the Urban Dictionary:
    Troll - One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. 'you're nothing but a fanboy' is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevence to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.

    Rickybobby says she wouldn't mind talking to indies at the conference. That's despite amaX making it very clear that indies are not allowed at the conference.

    I am on topic. AmaX, an organizer, says no indies. Pedrofcuk, an organizer, has posted earlier no indies. I fully agree with the organizers. I have substance and relevance to my statements. So the actual trolls ITT are the ones who keep bringing up the idea of indies coming to Flag Down 2014. And all those trolls can STFU and GTFO.

    AmaX said it very clearly: if you want indies, do your own conference. It's not happening at Flag Down 2014.
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  23. Rod Keller Member

  24. Rod Keller Member

    I have never been any kind of Scientologist. I have to finish her book. She has some positive things to say, and there was a post where she thanked Marty for helping her in an unspecified way.

    Why is it so important to be Indie-free anyway? I've protested with plenty of former members that still did some auditing. It never bothered me.
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  25. rickybobby Member

    That is not what I said.
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  26. amaX Member

    This is a CRITICS and EX-SCIENTOLOGISTS conference. This is not an indies conference.

    I cannot fathom in what world some of you live when you think it's okay for this conference to have someone like Hana Whitfield speak about the horrors endured by SO under Hubbard's rule and think it's okeedokee to have an indie get up and speak glowingly about the fucking madman that started this whole thing and who also molded the current lunatic who is still running this con.

    Indies have always struck me as either those who are waiting for new management before they go back into the fold or they're still working through the mindfuck to freedom. The first group are still scientologists and the second group need therapy and time. I consider none of them as critics or ex's and I honestly don't want to hear their stories.

    Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense would understand that indies should not be speaking at a critics and ex's conference.
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  27. I wish to second this post.
    But may I suggest a compromise.
    If indies wish to attend, they must first take a large shit on a picture of LRH and swear fealty to the old gods.
    In public.
    Cancer pants
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  28. wolfbane Member

    Rod, Geir eventually cast off all of Scientology and made several public statements to that effect. And Nancy Many was NEVER a freezoner or indy. Quit stirring the damn pot.
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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    FLAG. DOWN. 2014. Yayayayay!
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  30. FreakE420 Member

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  31. RightOn Member

    Is Antonio invited? :D
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  32. RightOn Member

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  33. Nancy Beazley Member

    Pete Griffiths posted a music video entitled "Flagdown 2014 - Be There!" over at ESMB eliciting donations for Flagdown. It's a very "big tent" message with shots of anon crowds, lots of exes, as well as Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Debbie Cook, Amy Scobee, Mark Bunker, Karen de la Carriere, Tony Ortega, and a whole lotta other folks.

  34. Nancy Beazley Member

    Well, that was redundant. Sorry.
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  35. WTF?????

    Does this mean that Indies and people like Rinder and Karen de la Carriere (a known Freezone auditor) will be coming to the Conference despite what amaX said???
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  36. I wanna go. Can I?

    Read my book.
    J Swift
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  37. snippy Member

    I'd love to hear Rinder speak. And Karen, J. Swift, and many others who spent decades in the church, regardless of where they are now, a long as they have something to contribute. I wasn't at the Ireland conference, so I don't understand the hard line on Indies. It seems to me that (and right, no one asked but) the topics are what matters. No talks on the woo, that's all. Cover ALL the ways Scientology drains society and harms people. If the speaker isn't a card carrying rabid anti-scientologist, but they know first hand the harm done, I'd listen.

    Are there any experts on drug addiction, for example, Professor Tom McLellan, Director - Centre for Substance Abuse Solutions, University of Pennsylvania, who'd be willing to lay out insanity of letting Scientology run drug rehabs

    or even someone like Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky willing to compare current understanding of depression to the deadly policies of LRH.

    Is there someone who understands the legal system and the government who can suggest ways to crack down on all the ways this fake church practices medicine without a license and destroys people in the process?

    What is the current understanding of group mind control and cults in general? What works to immunize young people from falling into this trap and what works best to help people get out? What most drives Miscavige up a wall?

    The conference is for critics of Scientology, fine. Maybe we should worry that the talks will be too much preaching to the choir and not enough what can be done about it. We could discuss that.

    This thread is tragic. There is so much that could be discussed here, and all anyone wants to talk about is who is an Indie and who isn't.
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  38. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Strangely, you don't talk about the 5 times it's previously been done in Clearwater, and the one time in Los angeles. But hey, I'm sure the Europeans are good people to learn from.

    Seeing as how you have about 1/5 of your financial goal, I'll repeat my previous suggestion to scale back from 7 days, to 3 or 4. Anybody can do the math with number of speakers divided by how many hours are needed for each speaker to give a good talk + Q&A time. You don't need 5 days for talking.

    Set aside the first hour for a press conference. Make the press conference 45 minutes, with as much Q&A time as needed. Think through where the cameras should be set up, what will be in the background, if the microphones will be low enough so they don't block the view of the speaker's face. That's about all the press you're gonna get except for a very few who might stay for other stuff.

    I'd be willing to give more advice, but I seem to be viewed as the enemy rather than someone with experience willing to share. Good luck.
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  39. deirdre Member

    My take on Nancy's book: it falls apart right about where she describes her mental breakdown in a way that's very meta.

    Note: I used to be an indie (back in ARS days), but I'm not any longer. I have had some auditing since, but by someone who left the CofS before I joined and wasn't very precise or strict about it. It cleaned up some old crap, which was its purpose.
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