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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. tigeratbay Member

    They all have to be berthed. Count the berthing areas, rooms and max 6 beds to a bedroom sometimes. Should someone want the close numbers of those regulars. Also the motels where they have room for outer org staff. They do not live at the Ft Harrison or Oak Cove, but in guarded areas, like Hacienda and it's neighbor building. Just an idea.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    Scientology membership has been booming. They are now close to breaking the 12 million membership mark. That is why the Ideal Orgs are full to bursting and they desperately need more space to deliver services. :)
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  3. Nancy Beazley Member

    This was just added to that thread on SPs 'r' US:

    Person #6: Counting Flag Crew (who take care of the buildings, vehicles, run the restaurants, hotels, feed the staff, make the furniture), FSO staff (who deliver Scientology courses and auditing), CMO Clearwater (the unit that enforces Miscavige's / RTC's policies), and miscellaneous units like Scientology Missions International, Gold, and the Freewinds there are about 1,100 Sea Org members living at Flag.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    In the neighbourhood of 1000 sea ogres at Flag is the figure several people have estimated.
  5. RavenEyes Member

    Do you think permanent, or were any shipped in for FD?
  6. Nancy Beazley Member

    Even if the number of Flag public have shrunk (and I sure think they have) and there aren't as many FSO staff (see above) needed to service the public, the Supah Powah Building takes a lot of cleaning and maintenance. That building is a big fucker, and somebody's got to clean, mop and dust it.
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  7. Nancy Beazley Member

    I don't know. But I can't imagine that anything Flag did inside those walls would vary because of FD. Everything they did in response to FD you saw outside -- the sidewalk silliness, the full parking spots (and the vans immobilized and parked on the main drag for several days, the surveillance you guys received during the week and the guards walking around).

    But that's just my opinion.
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  8. RavenEyes Member

    Good points. Thanks, Mrs. Beazley. :)
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  9. Kilia Member

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  10. Kilia Member

    I see what you said there. :p
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  11. skeptic2girl Member

    Thanks for posting this. The info, as regards lying to foreigners, will be good intel to share with people on the street during protests.

    The phrase, "human trafficking" has erroneously become synonymous with sexual slavery as if that is the only type of exploitation.

    Fuck the FBI for not already convicting the cult on this sort if thing already.
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  12. skeptic2girl Member

    ^ of this sort of thing, not on
  13. Random guy Member

    Just Bill wrote back in 2009 that the cult would collapse into Clearwater:

    I believe he's right. What we have seen over the last two years in Clamdom is increasing emphasis on coming to Clearwater to do courses. I would expect the majority of Sea Orgers left will actually be found there.

    The interesting thing is what is being said about the public, because from all reports there was only a handful to be seen. Considering Clearwater is the so called Mecca of scientology, it should be a bustling hive of enthusiastic public availing themselves of the many exclusive services to be had there and no where else.
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  14. Random guy Member

    John P. who has some experience in such estimates did just that. He could probably do with some help in pinning down the function of the different buildings, but here's his estimates:

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  15. I've been thinking alot about the protest on Saturday and the things I saw. The way they just bought all the parking meters from the city, the crowd control barriers they had on stand by, but one thing that keeps poking at my gray matter is the dick head with the dog.

    What kind of peaceful church has their very own k-9 units?
    Of course I realize they are anything but peaceful. I wonder how else they employ mans best friend? I envision late night room searches with an excited barking hound on a short leash eager to please his master. Not unlike prison cell tosses. Does anyone know if they do this? I have to assume they do. Also do they actually care for the dogs? Or are they just another tool of control?
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  16. Yea I wasn't thrilled seeing the dog but it didn't surprise me. To me, its really minor. Its the security arm of $cientology. Its not like auditors are walking around with the dog. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if the Swiss Guards at the Vatican have some dogs. Wouldn't surprise me if Mormon security at the main temple in Sal Lake City had a dog.
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  17. Random guy Member

    The Swiss Guards has bloody halberds and MP-5s, they don't need dogs.
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  18. RightOn Member

    and they are very snappy dressers!
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  19. RavenEyes Member

    Worldwide it's about 25% of all trafficking. Most organizations dealing with trafficking are trying to change their vocabulary to re-educate the public. Thank you for pointing out this error!
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  20. This looks pretty good. However, not sure of two things at the end that affects his estimates:

    1. He assumed that there are two shifts of eating. How does he know that? What if there are three shifts? Or four? Then his estimates of total staff would get into the 2,000-2,300 staff range, which is around what the blown sea orger said.

    2. He assumed that 2/3 of the staff were sea org. Not sure where that number comes from. What if it's more like 3/4 or 7/8 sea org?

    TerrapinEd or anyone else there, what seemed to be the ratio of staff you saw who were in the sea org uniform?

    The other thing we still don't really have an estimate of is how many staff work in the Flag Building and Ft. Harrison. It appears the protestors saw guys unloading from the buses from their other buildings to go eat. Well the guys who work in the Flag Building obviously wouldn't be getting bused in. Also, the sea org who work in the Ft. Harrison would walk across that overhead walkway and not be seen.

    I'm just thinking that if around 1,000 staff are seen coming in from all the other buildings, then is it is possible there are somewhere around another 1,000 in the Flag Building and Ft. Harrison combined. And that would align with the blown sea orger's figure.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I saw a different uniform last time I was down there. It wasn't like the OSA white shirt khaki pants uniform. It was khaki pants, white shirt and a khaki vest. Anyone know what that one is?
  22. Nancy Beazley Member

    Different uniforms could well be explained by the several crews or staffs present among ALL the S.O. who work at Flag: Flag Crew, FSO Staff, CMOs, Freewinds, CSI, Gold, etc.
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  23. Yes I did notice the upgraded uniforms on the protest this past weekend. Years ago I actually considered dressing as a scientologist and trying to blend into a crowd and see what would happen just for kicks and giggles. Actually kind of a stupid idea but it was doabal back then. White shirt and Kahkis, who doesn't have that in your closet. Now the uniform has been upgraded with sharp looking vests and suits. Before look was kind of dress up yet a bit casual college student look. Now its very professional looking. I'm not only surprised at the huge numbers I saw, but also at the upgraded uniforms. Now very corporate looking instead of student looking.
    Clearwater/Tampa/Orlando protest cell - post LMT, pre ANON.
  24. TrevAnon Member

    In this Jeffrey Augustine podcast Marc Headley talks about 10,000 active members. It's at the beginning, but the rest is also worth listening to.

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    Cmon, the above really saddens me. If the purpose of the board is to make fun of scientologists, then so be it. Its the internet, its rough and tumble out here.
    If the purpose is to shutdown scientology then

    I used to post a lot on ARS. I used to post a lot on Clambake, Now I'm here.
    I have a feeling this post may start a horrible name calling flame war against me, so be it. I have my eyes on the Prize. That's scientology losing so many people they are unable to hurt people.

    One of the most famous stories out there regarding the relationship of critics and scientology is the Andreas Hedal-Lund and Tory Magoo. Andreas ran the Operation Clambake site and Tory was OSA. They went at it on the internet and went toe to toe on posts. Andreas, a wonderful being, always treated Tory with respect and kindness. He would never ever make fun of her, never insult her. He treated her with respect just all people should be treated with respect, scientologist, critic, Jesus Freak, atheist. Tory finally came to her senses due to the respect and friendliness of Andreas. Now Tory is on our side and is a fabulous critic. Andreas kept his eyes on the prize, get scientologists to see the light of day.

    This was a huge epic win for our side. It was accomplished with kindness and compassion.
    I actually have compassion for all scientologists.
    Many I spoke to last Saturday on my bike ride, I simply said good morning. Sometimes I added "doubt is ok." Scientology paints the critic movement as evil. I feel its important to show them we are not. That we are kind and care about them and simply want them to do internet research themselves.

    Lets not harden them against us.
    If you really really care about these people, then stop the insults.
    If Sarah Heller comes on this board and and she may well, the insults will probably harden her against us.
    I don't know about everybody else here, but I want her on our side. She could be the next Tory Magoo if we treat her and all scientologist with respect.

    Scientology hurts people, no doubt about that. We are hopefully trying to help people by getting them out of scientology. So again, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE.

    old scientology critic, post LMT and pre-anon
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  26. OTeleventy Member

    Hi TerapinEd! I wish you would register so I could like your post. I really appreciate your contributions. Sometimes we're assholes. Especially me. But please don't run off. Your contributions are appreciated so much.
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  27. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Can somebody point me to the videos of the Flag Down speakers? I don't see a link on nor on their facebook page.

    Oh here it is! A non-Flagdowner sent it to me... how about setting up some links so it doesn't have to be like a treasure hunt finding this??? Guys?
  28. TrevAnon Member

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  29. When are we going to have the breakdown of the finances, as it was promised we would get after the FD was completed?
  30. skeptic2girl Member

    I sure hope that when and if it's posted, it will be in a new thread.
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  31. From an outside look at things, I think the conference went in the hole and one or a few people used their credit cards to make up the difference.

    The former venue was paid for and a new venue also paid for. That couldn't have been budgeted, or cheap.
  32. pedrofcuk Member

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  33. Thanks for being true to your word, Pedro.
  34. RavenEyes Member

    Now that all you big, strong men rescued FD from ama in scary Clearwater, FL, how about you take a trek to Nigeria and bring back those girls, eh?
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  35. Darth Xander Member

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  36. Excellent. Thank you for posting this.

    How was the Holiday Inn paid for? Was that completely separate from the donations? How much was that? Any other specifics?

    One reason I'm asking is to see how much an acceptable venue costs per day as opposed to a place like Minnreg Hall. If we're going to all work together on this, we should know how much it's going to really run.
  37. RavenEyes Member

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  38. lostatsea Member

    Yes, the Holiday Inn was paid for separately from the donations. Using the Holiday Inn for 3 nights (based on the price paid for one night) would have been slightly more than half of the cost for Minn Reg Hall (if you include the security cost of Minn Reg). Taking into account that maybe the Holiday Inn gave us a break for the last minute booking (because the conference room would have been empty otherwise), I believe it still would have been less.
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  39. lostatsea Member

    Also, there were cookies.
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