Firefox 3 + Tor

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by Fumei, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Fumei Member

    Firefox 3 + Tor

    This is my first post so woot! Anyways there have been some comment on staying anon online and such not but they didn't go to far into details. Blah Blah Blah


    Portable Firefox - Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition | - Portable software for USB drives
    Portable Tor- PortableTor ::

    Get them them so that there is two folders one for Firefox and one for Tor. If you running Firefox at the moment you will have to close it down. So save the instructions! Firefox is stupid and you can only have one running (there is a fix I will post it later). Then you need to install some addons for you new Firefox..

    NoScript -
    FoxyProxy -
    Temporary Inbox -

    Restart Portable Firefox

    You should see a fox in the bottom right, right click it and go to options.
    Create a new Proxy.
    Give it the Proxy Name Tor.
    Goto the Proxy details tab.
    Manual configuration - 127.0.01 = Host Name 8118 = Port
    Save it.
    Run the portable tor and wait for it to go.
    Right click on fox and select the tor setting and have fun!

    NoScript prevents scripts from running, stops them dead in there tracts be default and you have to add sites to be allowed and such. Temporary Inbox is for the lulz when you sign up and need a new anon email. If you having problems with a slow connection right click the onion in the bottom right and click New Identity.

    Hey wait there Anon looks like our Anon! Or is there a difference? XP
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    I recommend you also add Web Developer add-on for Firefox.
    It allows you to disable HTTP Referrer (which is very important to stop sites from tracking where you came from and where you click out to)
    Also easy access to stuff like Disable Images - External sites which can block tracking images. And tons of other stuff like Disable CSS Styles or edit them (ie. improve the look of TD)

    Portable Opera + TOR just works out of the box if you can't handle the above.
  3. Fumei Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Some people do prefer Firefox and there use to it. I was considered putting it all together but the problem is that I am to new here for people to really trust me with something that needs to be 100% Anonymous. I might make a quick video someday with getting it all together and working properly. It only take a minute to setup and your good to go from now on.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Technically, someone could take a portable FF install with all the add-ons and proxy configured and upload a .zip to filehosting. But I'm not sure it is wise for anyone to trust such an install, but possibly enough Anons could checkout the files as compared to the originals with md5 etc. and verify clean package.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Do it fagott. NAO
  6. Kilia Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    In order for "Temporary Inbox" to work, its website must also be working. can do on this one.
  7. Kilia Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

  8. Kilia Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Dumb dupe!
  9. Fumei Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Ack! When did this happen? Like I used there service no less then like 12 hours ago and it was fine.
  10. wolfyrik Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    Firefox used to have a program called plain old web server, or some such. It would allow you to create a temporary website in the browser to which other people could connect (obviously) and download hosted material from. Wouldn't this be of use for disseminating leaks or creating more secure plans for flash raids?....well if you can find it anywhere still that is.
  11. Fumei Member

    Re: Firefox 3 + Tor

    The problem is Anonymously, it's hard to use a proxy of sorts unless it is a VPN really to allow incoming traffic. I doubt you want the potential for having "Scilons" infiltrate and get the Data. What would be cool is to setup a server people can use a secured version of netcat with and chat away. Switch servers daily or something, and also change passwords daily, and set up a whole book and such just like the...umm...I don't want to say this because it can be used out of context by the Scilons but the radio operators during WWII. It would be interesting, cause you can like set it up so after people meet you in person at a raid like maybe 2-3 times they get the info to connect properly. Just a random though.

    Or you can setup temporary emails and send it out to people and encrypting the file 5 times using 5 different keys based of the time and date it was sent, etc. etc. You can come up with some crazy stuff that is rather secure, I don't think the Scilon will waste billions of dollars a week to decrypt the files in time.

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