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Discussion in 'How To' started by WannaContribute, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. riggymortis Member

    thx i will put this info to good use the new york protest looks good
  3. so current issue there seems to be no open cell info on Boston or New Haven CT really would like to find a cell that is active. or will start one if i have enough supporters. but there has to be one in boston.
  4. riggymortis Member

    I'm in ct lets get it started the march 17th event looks good
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anon2282 Member

    I am in the process of forming a cell for the Mid Ohio Valley.

    If you are interested, more information can be found at:
  7. PseudoMoodo Member

    Any Northwest FL Anons? I know there is nothing but airforce and dying old people up here but there has to be a few.
  8. Looking for a cell in St. George, Utah.
  9. Anonymous Rev Member

    Looking to get into contact with some Anons in Michigan. It would be great to find some working the Detroit Metro area. Looking to get involved.
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  10. Any cells / activities in the NSW region, Australia? Seriously need to get more involved.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. MM. Member

    Looking to link up with a cell in East Midlands / Notts, thanks in advance
  13. Anonymous Rev Member

    So far I havn't had much luck locating an active cell in Michigan, at least the Detroit area. I'm looking to get one going if we can find enough people.
  14. Michiigan anyone?
  15. SomeMormonGuy Member


    Cell leader here. Please response through PM if you are interested.
  16. I'm a young (11) anon. I believe that America and Detroit is getting fucked up because of Snyder and Obama. Email me at mod edit: no personal information to be posted
  17. Anonymous Member

    Does your mother know you use that kind of language?
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  18. BlitzGTR Member

    You seems to be the person i might need to help me with a problem, is there anyway that i might come in contact with you privatly as this is a rather delicate case and i would prefer to keep it private and confidential for the time being ...

    Thanx ;)

  19. AnonEaskUK Member

    Looking for any anons in the East Anglia/Norfolk area (UK).
  20. lemov Member

    Hi there, haven't found anyone else as yet but happy to connect. From Nottingham, based in leicester.
  21. PandaDaddy Member

    Minneapolis or St. Paul?
  22. rof Member

    I don't know much but I ate at a Panda Express last night.

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  23. sykosis313 Member

    michigan detroit metro pm me
  24. Anonylemmi Member

    Inland Empire/Riverside area is ded. Dudes! Gold is right next door.
  25. UNrealFox Member

    Im from michigan. Saint Clair Shores, MI. moved out to Illinois 3 years ago :/ maybe i could find some people for you. what area are you from?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Dude, or Ma'am, as the case may be, the post you're replying to arrived at WWP some time ago - Dec. 20th 2012.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.29.15 PM.png
    The poster, dwrek_, hasn't been seen on WWP since Dec. 20th, 2012 after arriving on Dec. 19th, 2012.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.34.50 PM.png

    Also, if you cherish and value your anonymity, I think that you are revealing far too much information about yourself on an International Public Forum.

    My advice to you is - Lurk More.
  27. Fox Mulder Member

    Kinda new to forums seems straight forward but I don't wanna miss out on a local rally, Birmingham, UK would be easiest for me, does anyone have any advice on what threads and where to look to find these?
  28. Anonymous Member

    The only UK City I know of that has regular, scheduled protests against the cult of $cientology is Manchester.

    Although the cult has a presence in Birmingham, there is a conspicuous absence of Anonymous in Birmingham.

    London has irregular protests against the cult of $cientology.

    Anti-$cientology protests are the only kind of raids that I'm aware of, or want to be aware of.

  29. Fox Mulder Member

    I can't remember how long ago it was got to be 2 years at the most, my brother made a video of anons protesting against banks, there had to of been about 50+ people there and after seeing that I thought there must be a common presence, obviously not. I think I could take time to make my way to Manchester a few times, is it the second saturday of every month?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Check this Forum for European/UK Raid Announcements:

    Manchester frequently posts there:
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