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    Yeah there are programs too that can verify that, just not matching name with number. I dont know how debunked they are at this rate.

    BC Hydro are scum too, I remember the time they sent me a bill for 500 dollars of electricity then claimed we used all the KW. We later found out they allowed our Landlord to run a wire to the neighbour below us, thus making us pay for both. And allowed it. We were dumb kids at the time, but I always "knew"
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    Unlike the American SSN, the Canadian SIN is not a universal identification number. It's only for income/taxation purposes and only banks and employers can ask for it. Many other people do ask for it, but a cold stare with "you can't legally ask for that information" blocks most of them.

    As I recall, there's a simple checksum built in. Adding all the digits results in 0 or similar. It was created in the early 70s, long before game crack codes. It can't be hard.
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    "We are sorry about your leaky privy." Heh.
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    Sounds like there was an impostor doing this on purpose to give anonymous a bad name, as though anonymous were the terrorists. WARNING! People who do this, to give a Patriotic Organization like this one, a bad name, are known as dis-informants. Their sole job is to either stage, or act in reality an attack with legal consequences. Such dis-informants, are quite dangerous. They make those of us look like were the terrorists, when they were actually the terrorist, impersonating the organizations members.
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    I represent another possibility. Anonymous remains just what it is: speech that articulates a world view and some visions of possible futures. Other, partnering organizations, such as mine, organizing people for action.
  9. does it not seem strange to anyone that this "killing" occurred in the middle of no where under strange circumstances where no one can investigate it And that the Canadian Government used it as a reason to remove a few more freedoms from Canadians right after ? I mean come on
    Sorry it was so long ago but still important

    ""It just came up one time when I was temporarily somewhere in hiding. He was telling me how to set traps outside the door and set up alarms and was concerned for my safety," she said.

    As McIntyre's friends struggle with the aftermath of his death and the space it has left in their lives, questions remain about who will be held accountable."
    This was what the protest was about
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    Since it was created.
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    I agree.
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    Unmasked: The face of Anonymous activist shot dead by RCMP

    James McIntyre a 'gentle, innocent' who loved model trains, concerned by Site C

    By Betsy Trumpener, CBC News


    One year after a masked man linked to Anonymous was shot dead by RCMP in northeastern B.C., a relative wants to reveal the true face of James McIntyre.

    McIntyre, 48, was killed on a sidewalk by officers responding to a call about a disturbance at an open house for BC Hydro's controversial Site C dam project in Dawson Creek on July 16, 2015.

    "Jim didn't deserve to die in a brutal manner," said McIntyre's cousin, Keith LaRiviere, Sr. "The man lying on the ground was not a criminal. He was a victim of police violence."

    'Gentle' introvert loved model trains

    LaRiviere described the cousin he grew up with as a gentle, innocent, intelligent man who stuttered, rarely conversed with people and loved model trains.

    "He didn't go out and play. He didn't join the baseball team with us. He didn't drink. He didn't have a girlfriend. He didn't drive a car. He wouldn't cross the road except at a crosswalk," said LaRiviere. "He was soft."

    Métis concerned for the land

    LaRiviere said McIntyre's "isolation and huge brain" drew him to computers and helped him connect online with model train enthusiasts across the United States.

    He said he and his Métis cousin shared a concern for "the soil and our ancestral values."

    But he said he had no idea McIntyre was an activist with the online activist group, Anonymous.

    ​After Anonymous claimed McIntyre as a comrade and threatened to avenge his death, the Dawson Creek man made international headlines. Until then, McIntyre had made the local newspaper just once for winning an employee award as a dishwasher.

    LaRiviere said McIntyre thrived at his work in the dish pits in a local restaurant and casino, since it was a work station he could run alone.

    Despite his introverted nature, McIntyre was extremely close with family, always sitting quietly at family gatherings, and only moving in to his own apartment a few years ago, said LaRiviere.

    McIntyre's family has asked for privacy and until now, McIntyre's life — and death — were a mystery.

    'This is an environmental issue'

    Now, LaRiviere is breaking that silence.

    "It's not just a family issue, this is an environmental issue," said LaRiviere.

    LaRiviere said his cousin was concerned about the impact of the controversial Site C dam on local First Nations and landowners.

    "He was worried about the Peace country being destroyed by another dirty project," said LaRiviere. "If that's Jim's message, don't stifle his voice."

    Masked man had a knife

    Initial reports to BC's police watchdog alleged McIntyre was shot after a man with a knife "approached officers in an aggressive manner" outside a Site C open house in Dawson Creek on July 16, 2015.

    Witness Mike Irmen said the man who was shot was wearing a mask, similar to the Guy Fawkes mask often used by Anonymous and refused to throw away his knife, even as he lay bleeding.

    LaRiviere believes his cousin was at the Site C meeting to make a statement, not to hurt anyone.

    "Making a statement with that mask makes all the sense in the world to me for Jim, because he was alone in his life," said LaRiviere.

    RCMP declined to comment, as the fatal incident is still being investigated by B.C.'s police watchdog.

    Watchdog's review wraps up

    "The bulk of the investigative work is complete," said Marten Youssef, the Independent Investigation Office's manager of strategic communications. Youssef said an internal review of the investigation still needs to be completed. Until then, there's no official information about what happened or whether RCMP officers acted appropriately.

    Youssef says he's aware of reports of Anonymous' interest in the case. But he says that's had no bearing on the IIO investigation.

    McIntyre's cousin isn't sure the truth about what happened — and why — will ever come out.

    "The truth is with Jim," said LaRiviere. "The truth is with a dead man."

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  14. We will avenge this death!!!!!!!!!!
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  15. Man, I was wondering if this organization has influence in countries like Cuba, China and Nord Corea, places with problems with there sistem and where the people are suffering a lot because they have no freedom in any way

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