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    I for one am really surprised that the trigger happy cop hasn't been doxed yet.
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    Ottawa reacts cautiously to possible breach

    The federal government is saying little about an apparent breach involving classified information — one that could snowball into a serious compromise of closely guarded secrets.

    Anonymous Vows to Keep Leaking Canadian Spy Secrets Over Police Shooting

    The office of Steven Blaney, the minister of public safety, would not confirm one way or the other whether the documents are real.

    "We do not comment on leaked documents and we continue to monitor this situation closely," said Jeremy Laurin, a spokesperson for the minister.

    Anonymous CSIS document leak probed by RCMP, CSE

    CBC News has confirmed the RCMP and Canada's electronic spy agency are investigating the leak of a secret government document dealing with Canada's main spy agency, CSIS.
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    Here are excerpts from the most-recent mainstream reports about this:

    Tony Clement calls alleged Anonymous hack 'clownish'

    The president of the Treasury Board of Canada says his office is taking an alleged leak of a classified document by Anonymous "very seriously," calling the hacker group "clownish" at an event in Taylor, B.C. Tuesday afternoon.

    Tony Clement's comments came in response to an Alaska Highway News question about Anonymous's claim to have obtained an internal document from his office in response to the RCMP shooting of James McIntyre in Dawson Creek earlier this month. The group is demanding the Mounties name and charge the officer.

    "I don't comment on the veracity of leaked documents," Clement said. "Let me just say this, on behalf of myself and [Safety] Minister [Steven] Blaney..., we treat any and all breaches very seriously. While this Anonymous group has kind of a clownish way of going about its advocacy and business, these are very serious issues."

    B.C. agency defies Anonymous demand to release name in police shooting

    The agency that investigates police shootings in British Columbia says it’s in no position to meet the demands of the online activist group Anonymous, which has released what appears to be a secret government document and is threatening to release more unless the RCMP officers who fatally shot a Dawson Creek man are arrested.

    “On this particular file, I can’t even hazard a guess of how long [the investigation] is going to take,” said Ralph Krenz, a spokesman for the Independent Investigations Office (IIO). “In the life of the file, we’re still in the preliminary phases of it.”

    Ottawa scrambles to solve secret document breach by Anonymous

    Gabriella Coleman, a McGill professor who has written extensively on Anonymous, said that the document was not obtained by any defined crew of Anons.

    Subgroups and splinter initiatives have typically popped up among the notoriously difficult to pin down hacker collective, but Coleman said the people who obtained the documents are taking their security more seriously.

    “Their security practices are much better. They’re not as visible insofar as (subgroups) LulzSec and AntiSec were like, every week announcing something crazy,” Coleman said in an interview Tuesday. “Whereas these folks are really trying to de-centre the attention on the little crew or the individual, and really on the leak.”

    and also

    Government reacts cautiously to possible classified document breach

    The federal government is saying little about an apparent breach involving classified information -- one that could snowball into a serious compromise of closely guarded secrets.

    Digital hacking collective Anonymous made good late Monday on a threat to release what it says is the first of many sensitive documents. It posted online what appeared to be a 2014 Treasury Board memo about funding of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's overseas communications capabilities. But as of Tuesday morning, the document could not be accessed through the original link.

    It was disabled by Lunaweb Ltd., which runs upload site DocDroid, "because it seems to be leaked" and DocDroid is "simply not the right place," said Lunaweb's Josias Montag. "Such documents should be published on WikiLeaks; they do have the resources and experts for such things."

    The Canadian Press could not confirm the document's authenticity and Jeremy Laurin, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, would not comment. Laurin said Tuesday that officials "continue to monitor this situation closely."

    One senior official said it was still unclear Tuesday as to whether the document, which appears to be genuine, was indeed pilfered by hackers, or simply leaked. "There are obviously concerns about the document being released, except there's no confirmation it has been obtained through a hacking," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly.
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    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 9 hours ago
    #Breaking: we've decrypted text messages with the real reason @Baird quit #cdnpoli abruptly. Video too. Stay tuned.
    #CCLeaks #AnonDown #OpAnonDown

    Anonymous threatens to release text messages from John Baird that allegedly reveal ‘real reason’ he left politics

    Hackers with Anonymous — who last week leaked a seemingly legitimate secret document on cyber-security at Canada’s spy agency — threatened Wednesday to release decrypted text messages from former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird allegedly showing the “real reason” why he abruptly left politics.

    The warning was made in social media from an account the National Post confirms is one that has been operated by activists responsible for the CSIS leak.

    No evidence was presented by the hacktivists to support the claim.


    The Twitter account @OpAnonDown — named in honour of its claimed mission of seeking justice for an Anonymous protester shot and killed by the RCMP during a confrontation in Dawson Creek, B.C. — said text messages and a video are pending for release on this subject.

    More here:
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    Thank you for combing the Internet for us.
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    Oh, but I just had to. It was such a tangled mess.
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    D. Matthew Millar ‏@dmatthewmillar 12 hours ago
    BAIRD TEXTS: Caught in Cairo incident on video. Heads to Mexico for boy-toy party. Loses phone.
    @OpAnonDown #cdnpoli


    D. Matthew Millar@dmatthewmillar 10 hours ago
    PIC: BAIRD TEXTS - Apparent picture from said Mexico party trip with Anton and lost phone.
    #cdnpoli @OpAnonDown


    D. Matthew Millar ‏@dmatthewmillar 11 hours ago
    Baird's alleged incident in Cairo led to recall to Canada. Screwed over Fahmy. FYI Egypt laws far different than home.
    @PatOndabak #cdnpoli

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 30 minutes ago
    Apparently, something we said here has caused a stir.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 29 minutes ago
    To clear: what John Baird does or did sexually with other consenting adults is none of our concern and no reason for leaving office.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 26 minutes ago
    Operation Anon Down retweeted CBC News Alerts
    Well, this changes our release schedule significantly.
    #CCLeaks #cdnpoli #anondown

    CBC News Alerts ‏@CBCAlerts 10 hours ago
    CBC confirms PM Harper will go to Governor General to dissolve parliament to call a federal election as early as Sunday, August 2.

    News search: Baird

    News search, latest first: Baird&tbm=nws&tbs=sbd:1
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    Yeah, I caught the Tweet Pic with the mossad reference. Kinda gets the whiskers twitching, doesn't it? ;)

    Thank you for the BING search page.
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    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 6 minutes ago
    Operation Anon Down retweeted Justin Ling
    Vice's @Justin_Ling is slagging our Baird leak. Wonder if he still thinks Ghomeshi is AWESOME.
    #CCLeaks #cdnpoli

    Justin Ling ‏@Justin_Ling Oct 26 Ottawa, Ontario
    "I have always been interested in a variety of activities in the bedroom."
    Ghomeshi Facebook post that is AWESOME.

    The link above is dead because Ghomeshi's account appears to have been deleted. Here's a search: Facebook

    Here's the Wikipedia page about Jian Ghomesh, who is currently "awaiting trial on a total of seven counts of sexual assault, and one count of overcoming resistance by choking, against a total of six women, and faces a maximum possible sentence of life in prison."

    Here's a related Twitter search: Justin_Ling

    Here's some pleasantly refreshing lemon pie: pie
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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Can a someone from Canadia translate plz.
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Operation Anon Down retweeted
    Anon GovernmentWatch ‏@Anon_GovWatchCA 9 hours ago
    To all clamoring for release of #CCLeaks: Y'all want to know if govt is up to no-good, but who would support us if we got arrested?

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 25 minutes ago
    Whew. All caught up.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 22 minutes ago
    We'll give more context (not more ev.) wrt to Baird by end of weekend. Basically, why changed mind and published.
    #CCLeaks #cdnpoli #AnonDown

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 20 minutes ago
    Also, we will tease our most monstrous #CCLeaks story immediately after @pmharper drops writ.
    #OpAnonDown #cdnpoli #Elxn42 #C51

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 14 minutes ago
    Playing somewhere in background rn: *At Least We Stole the Show* LOL. No no no. Not that. We're gonna fuckin' win.
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    So.. the writ drops on Sunday then.
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    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 16 minutes ago
    Anonymous follows through on a threat

    by @CBCTheNational
    #CCLeaks #elxn42 #cdnpoli #AnonDown

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 14 minutes ago
    Somehow we missed this ^^^. 1/2 decent. Even if the reporter can't bother to read far enough to get date right. 2010 doc on Snowden. Hmm.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 12 minutes ago
    Looks like we'll be afk from 10am eastern through early afternoon. Expect our promised #CCLeaks teaser at, dunno, say 3pm?
    #elxn42 #cdnpoli
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    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 1 minute ago
    A dandy of a script is already set to audio for the first leak after Labour Day. You'll get it somehow, such as it is, even if we get v&.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 28 seconds ago
    But we also have a lot of work to do on that between now and then, and we've sort of kind of left a few things dangling already.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 55 seconds ago
    Which is fine. It's camping season. And we like hearing Tony Clement call us clowns and having CBC talk about the Snowden doc from 2010.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 2 minutes ago
    Oh, and one more thing. You all would be really happy if we told you who one of the reporters going at it on Baird is.
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    John Baird being gay is neither news nor is it interesting. However, if there is evidence of him having sex with minors it should be released immediately. Sex with minors is both criminal and immoral. To use this as a form of blackmail/revenge is creepy. Just release it for the sake of justice. Period.
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    The Hacker Community Talks About the Anonymous Activist Killed by Canadian Cops


    James Daniel McIntyre was an introverted and sincere person who felt targeted by the police for years prior to his death, say members of the online hacker community who knew and communicated with him on a regular basis.

    While information has trickled out on 48-year-old McIntyre, who was killed by police in the early evening of July 16 outside a BC Hydro public information session on the Site C dam, much is still unclear about the circumstances of his death and who he was.

    What is known about McIntyre centers largely on his death: a lonely figure in a grey hoodie and Guy Fawkes mask, shot outside the Fixx Urban Grill in Dawson Creek, where he lived.

    There are accounts of him holding a knife, from both police and traveling businessman Mike Irmen, who told the National Post that even after McIntyre was shot he wouldn't surrender it. McIntyre swiftly became a flashpoint for hacker collective Anonymous, who claimed him as one of their own. Within 24 hours, they issued a statement that called for the arrest of the officer involved and vowed to avenge his death.

    Since then, Anonymous swiftly made good on their threats of retaliation, announcing that they had attacked RCMP cyber infrastructure (which the RCMP denied). They then leaked what appears to be a government Treasury Board document from 2010 and claim to have decrypted text messages that allegedly reveal the real reason former federal cabinet minister John Baird left his office.

    Their latest leak are documents they claim detail a court case between businessman Nathan Jacobson and CSIS, and Anonymous have said there will be more substantial Canadian cabinet leaks in the fall.

    Continued -
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  33. BrainStorm Member

  34. Anon616 Member

    Bit Off Topic: If your being harassed by federal forces and Gangstalkers..., but need to get work and a job but not use your real name... What would be the best options to get a job without having to use your actual name and info? Im in Canada, and I cant use my SIN and shit atm. Long long story but basically I got fucked right over by the Crown Counsel and the BC RCMP. I also know there are stalkers within those departments on the hunt for my ass...any suggestions to get a Job without the info?

    I got a 2 year old I need to support. Any advice be appreciated....maybe a reply or even a messae. Thanks
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anon616 Member

    Some good pointers with Life Hacker aye, what about Obtainin employment with your #? Ditch or use Hack Canada?
  37. Anonymous Member

    The SIN? Make one up.
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  38. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I'm in BC too, have friends from all over the world who come here and find work without problems (depends on skill-sets of course), without papers etc., there is always work out there for those who are willing and able to do it.
    And, if your ass is being 'hunted for'. might consider your choice of life style, especially if you have a child to raise.
    There are a lot of resources for people in similar situations, grass-roots advocacy groups etc., that may be able to straighten things out for ya'll, do not be shy or too proud to ask for helps imho, it does exist.
    (my unbiased opinion based on your OP-of-limited-what-ever-info's.)

    Cheers & Welcome too!
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  39. Anon616 Member

    Thanks, been around a long time too :). This was good info that I needed, the Kid is with my Ex. The SIN is a good one, I have Valid ones too haha. Much appreciated.:cool:
  40. Anonymous Member

    There was a CBC Radio series a few years ago. It was a good one, investigating how much data is accumulated about the citizens by the government.

    At one point, the investigators had to cross a checkpoint kind of deal, in order to get access to something. They were told to produce their SIN numbers.

    Now that I recall hearing the program, they advised that making one up doesn't work. However, if small set of numbers are exchanged, like three or so, i.e., trade places in the sequence of nine numbers on an actual SIN card, that will work. At least, it worked for them.
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