FELLOW ANON SHOT in Dawson Creek

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by BrainStorm, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. BrainStorm Member

    "Thursday night electical utility behemoth BC Hydro hosted an “open house” in Dawson Creek. The presentation was met with a protest from those who oppose the environmental consequences of BC Hydro’s plans for the area. One man flipped over tables and ripped posters down.
    Some time after that, a man in a Guy Fawkes mask carrying a knife caused a disturbance at the local restaurant where the event took place. Police, who’d been called out to deal with the rowdy protester earlier, shot him on the scene."
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  2. Since when has Anonymous "fellow" "members"?
  3. anon8109 Member

    Sounds like the police did their job and prevented a knife-wielding lunatic from killing someone.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Since mods decided to give new people thumb privileges right at the beginning is your answer. Radicalgran and Disgusting are two of the fellow anons given thumbs right away.

    Yes its all about fellow anons in here.
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  6. You wanna give it some thought why you don't have thumbs and Radicalgran and Disgusting do and those two don't have enough posts between them to have earned thumb privileges yet but they have thumbs.

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  7. sallysock Member

    Crypto Article in OP has been updated.

    This article interested me. Emphasis mine.

    Site C protester and shooting victim were not the same man

    Investigators confirm victim had a knife

    Jonny Wakefield , Mike Carter / Alaska Highway News
    July 17, 2015 07:29 PM

    Nearly 24 hours after a police shooting left a man dead outside a Dawson Creek restaurant, B.C.'s law enforcement watchdog was convinced that a man who flipped tables at a Site C dam open house inside and the victim were one in the same.
    They were not.

    "We verified, verified, verified. At two o'clock I was told the same guy, at three o'clock I was told the same guy, then I land in Dawson Creek and I'm told 'different guy,'" said Kellie Kilpatrick, executive director of public accountability with the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) at a media conference at 7 p.m. Friday.
    Thursday night, the IIO and RCMP said the shooting occurred outside a public information session on the Site C dam, and that the man who was killed was "believed to be connected" to the disturbance inside.

    Instead, the man who reportedly flipped tables and destroyed maps at the BC Hydro event is alive, while another is dead.
    The IIO could not yet confirm what the victim was doing at the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant on the evening of July 16, but said he had a knife. Police shot the man after he acted aggressively and refused to comply with police instructions. He died shortly after. Little is known about him, as investigators have not released his name.
    As for what investigators know about the man at the Site C event: "He's alive," Kilpatrick said.

    According to Kilpatrick, the Dawson Creek investigation has been one of the most complex the office has encountered since it was created in 2012.
    "Since the beginning of the operations of the IIO, we've not seen a case that has quite as many moving parts as this one," she said.
    "The RCMP as well as the IIO spent close to four hours last night confirming what we thought was the most relevant, most accurate information. To come speak to you now almost 24 hours later, and provide a significant change in the information is not something we typically find ourselves dealing with.
    "That's a fairly substantive clarification that needed to be made."


    Anonymous@YourAnonNews 3h3 hours ago
    The account @OpAnonDown is gearing up to launch operational updates for our fallen brethren.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 8 hours ago
    Jonny Wakefield retweeted jay mack
    One thing worth noting: no activity from the person who tweeted this ~40 hours ago:

    jay mack ‏@jaymack9
    @faisal_moola @DavidSuzukiFDN @TreatyEight
    Anonymous splinter group 2 attend the scheduled meeting in Dawson Creek tonight starting at 6pm.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 3 hours ago
    Anonymous Press Release: Operation Anon Down

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 1 hour ago
    This shooting in Dawson Creek, BC, has many of you upset. He was a member of Anonymous, but he was also Native.

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 60 minutes ago
    Whatever Anonymous does in retaliation for this death, the Native community will be blamed.

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 59 minutes ago
    Anonymous has the ability to melt away. Natives don't have that luxury.

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 59 minutes ago
    The federal government made Bill C-51 law. The feds have all the tools to carry out a mass roundup of Native activists.

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 57 minutes ago
    All I'm saying is to think before you act because peoples lives are on the line now.

    Christian Big Eagle ‏@WalkingDeadAnon 54 minutes ago
    I will speak later to my brothers and sisters in the Warrior Society. We will decide what to do.
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  9. long dong Member

    Fellow Indian Shot in Buttfuck North Nowwhere
    long dong
    This message by long dong has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  10. A.O.T.F Member

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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    RCMP website crashes after Anonymous threatens revenge

    Group issued release Sunday claiming man shot and killed by Dawson Creek RCMP was one of their own

    One day after the hacker group Anonymous vowed to “avenge one of our own,” the RCMP’s website has crashed. A Twitter account associated with the global activist group has posted photos showing the Dawson Creek RCMP website server status listed as ‘down.’

    Police have not yet confirmed a connection between the man who was shot and killed outside of a Site C open house in Dawson Creek on Thursday, and an apparent Anonymous protest that was happening in the city. Although police have confirmed the man who was shot was wearing a mask, authorities are not confirming if it was the famed Guy Fawkes mask associated with the group. “I have not had time to gather specific details from our forensic specialist with the exception that the knife was located here at the scene,” Kellie Kilpatrick, executive director of public accountability with the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) said at a media conference July 17.

    Anonymous has made public its intention to search for and publish private and identifying information about the officer involved , a practice it called ‘doxing.’ The group has also put out a call to its members and allies to “remove the RCMP cyber infrastructure from the internet. March, create and sign petitions, hack, dox.”

    The RCMP could not be reached for comment Sunday morning.


    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 2 hours ago
    Dear RCMP: Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Just trying to be helpful. X-P
    #Anonymous #AnonDown
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Fuck you faggot. This sock had to wait for thumbs just liek the rest of my fellow socks.
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

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  16. Mr PQZM Member

    The person was wielding a knife. No surprise he got shot.
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  17. BrainStorm Member

    So you think it's normal to get shot for holding a knife? At least in EU it's not normal.
    They have so much training to be able to deal with violent ppl, this was not the right way.
  18. why didn't call up tom cruise for using the OT tech ?
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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10 hours ago
    Under new management. Hacked by @H4rv357v01d.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10 hours ago
    This is an important Op and fuckery will not be tolerated.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10h10 hours ago
    The #RCMP will face the consequences of their actions but violence will not be used by us. We won't stoop to their level.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10 hours ago
    Commander X, locked out of this acct by request of Anons who think tweet storms will save world. (Also cause bad at group work).

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10 hours ago
    All blocked accounts have been unblocked.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 10 hours ago
    We've had control of account for 34 minutes, brother. We're just fighting through verification process. Can you back off for sec.

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 28 minutes ago
    BEST INFO - RCMP Killed Indigenous Anon - RCMP asked to take his pocket knife off his belt; as he did, they shot - BC Hydro is helping cover up

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 27 minutes ago
    Standby for proof of a major leak.
    #AnonDown #OpAnonDown #cdnpoli #SiteC
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Need moar dox.
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 9 minutes ago
    Please mirror our next tweets ASAP. They are being taken down in real time.
    #AnonDown #urgent #opanondown

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 6 minutes ago
    1 / RCMP told CBC we didn't take them down yesterday. Cool story, bro. Explain this?
    #AnonDown #OpAnonDown #cdnpoli

    Operation Anon Down ‏@OpAnonDown 4 minutes ago
    2 / DEMAND: Arrest Mounties who shot our #AnonDown by next Monday, 5pm pst. If not, ALL YOUR SECRETS ARE BELONG TO CANADIAN PEOPLE.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 27 minutes ago
    Saturday, police raided an apartment connected to the Site C disruptor and turned up nothing. Here's what we know:

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 28 minutes ago
    James McIntyre, man shot dead by police, was a dishwasher at a Dawson Creek restaurant and a mystery to his employer.

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 26 minutes ago
    If you knew Mr. McIntyre and wish to speak about his life, I'm at

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 25 minutes ago
    As to the victim's race, Coroner says "we are not yet clear about possible First Nations ancestry."

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 23 minutes ago
    .@iiobc still mum on the mask: "We do not ever comment on the specifics of evidence found at any of the scenes under IIO jurisdiction"

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 13 minutes ago
    So we know that the victim lived in the same building as the police raid, which they're saying was connected to the disruptor.

    Jonny Wakefield ‏@jonnywakefield 5 minutes ago
    To be clear, no one is confirming whether James McIntyre is @jaymack9.
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  24. How do we know if this is a real anon? You can buy those masks anywhere. Anyone have any sort of history with this guy?
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  25. ravenanon Member

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  26. John Duff Member

    He was wearing the mask during a protest. Doesn't it makes him an active Anon ?
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  27. sallysock Member

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  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  29. Miss_Cha Member

    Just chiming in here. A few seem concerned about whether or not he was actually anon. I always had the impression anon was a fluid entity. You choose your level of involvement. Some people can make it to every event some only a few. Some come and go. And honestly, even if someone does just buy a mask and show up to a protest without prior knowledge of what they'd be doing that day only helps anon. Peoples natural curiosity and desire to be a part of something makes anon look much more impressive and helps spread awareness. A core purpose of street events, am I wrong? AND, what if this was his first event? It could've led to an active member. It could've ended there. but we'll never know because he was murdered.
  30. White Tara Global Moderator

    If someone wears a Kermit the frog mask, does that make them an active muppet? :)
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  31. Miss_Cha Member

    Occam's razor. Protest+guy in a mask=???
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  32. BrainStorm Member

    He didn't have a membership card so he cannot be anon. :rolleyes:
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  33. John Duff Member

    In a way, I guess so.
    When I was young, my dad used to dress as Santa Claus for Christmas. I knew it was him. But when he was wearing the white beard, red clothes etc, he WAS Santa (just like priests, during the mass, are representants of God on Earth).

    The mask is a symbol. Wearing this symbol makes you one of many ambassadors of Anonymous (at least for as long as you have this mask on).
    The Guy Fawkes mask is not meaningless.

    If a random guy puts the mask on and kills someone, people will say that Anonymous kills people (just like we do with Scientology ; not all scientologists exploit or kill people, but we still say that Scientology kills people).
    So I guess that if a guy wears the mask and gets killed, people will say that an Anonymous has been killed (at that time, with the mask on, he was a representant of Anonymous).

    Or maybe I'm a little brainwashed about symbols, their power, meaning and the responsibilities you have when you wear one of them.
  34. White Tara Global Moderator

    LOL, Twas but a contrarian jest for the contrarians

    carry on ;)
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  35. John Duff Member

    Haha, you got me :D
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  36. Miss_Cha Member

    Definitely not brainwashed. If you think of the human brain as a computer...we constantly search for patterns. It's why we see faces in nearly everything we look at. Or see things in clouds. Then for the purpose of evolution we quickly 'file' them away with similar patterns so they'll be easily accessible. For example in the wild stripes=tiger...runaway! So when we see a group that we recognize from some experience before we quickly pull those files and see what we know. It's partly why racism exists. And it's largely why I reeeally don't like cops. I've even met a few cool ones. Danger situations are more readily retrieved for people...and I th ink it's safe to say most people have had an unpleasant experience to some degree with the police. I don't think I've ever heard someone say "I love cops!"
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  37. Miss_Cha Member

    I don't want to see a human sized kermit. :confused:
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  38. White Tara Global Moderator

    You are right a beeker mask would be better. Yay! science geeks :p
    /derail, sorry op
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Umm... I'd like to see the search warrant for that, but it was probably one of those super-secret-sealed-for-security-and-because ones.
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  40. Wild shit happening on IRC. With Anonymous members quarreling over retaliation. People are really pissed off.They're Sick to death of too much talk and not enough action. We could end up with a more militant wing / faction.

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