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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by shukhov, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. shukhov Member

    Hey guys, just started a new website and was wondering if you have any feedback.
    We're a website that my friend and I started about a week ago. We believe that young people need to be more involved in global issues, because if we wait until 'tomorrow' then our future has already been decided for us. It frustrates us to see tons of brilliant young minds just sitting there not caring about anything. So we founded this website hoping to find some young writers who would like to publish their opinions, and try and attract the attention of young readers. Ideally, our website would manage to engage a young audience and perhaps spur them into action.

    We still need young writers, so if you're at all interested at all we would be extremely happy to have you on our team. We need people who want to have a regular 'column' so to speak, someone who wants to publish a regular opinion article.
    If you are not interested in writing, but you still like what we're doing, you could always share our website with your friends :) or perhaps you know someone who might be interested in writing for us?
    Check out our official description here:, find out more about us here:, and just browse our webiste here:
    any feedback is appreciated!
    and if you're interested in writing for us, email us at
  2. Anonymous Member

    This a paying gig or FTLOI?
  3. shukhov Member

    no its not paid, haha sorry. we hope that to find writers who genuinely want to try and change the world so yea, FTLOI.
    we also don't have any source of income whatsoever, and are in fact using some of our own money on the site
  4. shukhov Member

  5. Kilia Member

    WhoIs search says you're in Buenos Aires. Is this correct?
  6. shukhov Member

    well it used to be correct, i lived there for the past three years but i'm now in norway for a month and then going off to live in england :)
  7. WMAnon Member

    Are you going to be accepting contributions from Anonymous authors or obvious pen names?
  8. shukhov Member

    Well it depends... if you want to submit just one or two articles then you can remain anonymous, but if you want to be publishing a regular column then we need at least some kind of pen name. since everyone has different issues they like to focus on, we'd like our readers to be able to follow certain writers with which they identify more.

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