Fed Judge ENJOINS FL judge in Kyle Brennan Litigation

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Herro Member

  2. subgenius Member

  3. Herro Member

    I'm sure her family would love her corpse being used like that. Stay classy bro.
  4. subgenius Member

    I'm sure her family is still enraged over the cult declaring "VICTORY" in her death, too.
  5. Herro Member

    Probably. But that has no bearing on you draging out her corpse just because I expressed satisfaction that a bogus case was justifiably thrown out. Stay mad. That's what keeps you going right?
  6. subgenius Member

    Right. Wrong. Wrong.
    ("Draging"= Study tech flunk)
  7. Orson Member

    OK, I'd seen some of your recent posts since you returned, and was quite frankly, a bit disappointed in your trolling.

    This post however proves you are back on your game. Welcome back faggot.
  8. Herro Member

    Thanks chief.
  9. Anonymous Member

    And you know what her family would "love" how, exactly?
  10. Herro Member

    Common sense?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Like the "common sense" that tells us what Lisa's family miust think of the cult strapping her to a bed for 17 days, watching her smear feces on the walls, drink her own urine and scream at people not in the room before dying a horrific death? Wonder which the family would find more offensive?
  12. Anonymous Member

    They would find Herro more offensive than any of the above.
  13. Herro Member

    They'd probably find that more soul crushingly horrifying than offensive. The fuck is wrong with you?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Maybe they're a lot stronger than you think? Did you ever think of that?
  15. grebe Member

    Well if I were taking a medication for depression and read some stuff about potential side effects that worried me, I wouldn't just go off the med without talking to my doctor first. Cuz maybe the bad side effects are pretty rare, and maybe you can stop the med if you start to have them rather than before.

    I haven't been following this story closely, but so far I haven't seen anything about Kyle or his dad talking to the doctor.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    From the prescription records that Merryday cited, he only obtained about half the pills he was supposed to be taking, and no confirmation that he was actually taking them or flushing them down the toilet. Likely he was doing a roller-coaster ride of going on medication and then off.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I think we can all agree that 1, the McPherson family is probably less than gleeful about seeing autopsy photos of their daughter, and 2, Anon Poster is pretty mad, and 3, point to Herro by default.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Afaik they gave permission for the pics to be used in highlighting this issue.
  19. socacity Member

    Whenever I see Ms. McPerson's pictures displayed by critics it reminds me of the Somalis dragging around the bodies of the American Blackhawk helicopter pilots. It's a disgusting and crass display by critics to gloat in the death of Scn. Ms. McPherson was a committed Scn and she deserves dignity.
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  20. anonymous612 Member

    To be used in the fight against Scientology. Not in an online dick-measuring contest between forum users. Nice try, sit down, shut up.
  21. muldrake Member

    If she'd been committed she'd still be alive.
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  22. xenubarb Member

    Severely depressed son whose daddy
    1. locked his meds away in the car's glove box
    2. left severely depressed son alone with a loaded hand gun.

    Tom, you fuckhead, I helped winkle your sorry ass out of hiding in Cali and I'd do it again. You're a real piece of work. At least John Travolta feels some guilt over the death of his son Jett, what the everlovin' FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Why did daddy leave a loaded handgun around this severely depressed kid?
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    I disagree. Scientology stole Lisa McPherson's dignity....and her life. Let's not forget her after she became another casualty of scientology.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Neither criminal nor civil suits get to the "truth" of what occurred. Based on the known facts, included in the materials in support of the lawsuit, as well as in Merryday's findings, the "truth" I see is that a reasonably prudent parent who disagreed with the medication would have and should have taken their child to a physician for a medically appropriate withdrawal, and then advice as to the problem and whether there were alternate forms of treatment.

    The SCI mindwhomp makes one believe that a "paper science" can deal with everything, notwithstanding the biology of a human body. I have family who are diagnosed bipolar. None of them like meds. All of them go on, and off, the meds when they think they can. And each time, they get advice and seek alternate forms of treatment after advice from their doctors. All of their doctors are supportive of them taking control of their own medical determinism, but the reality is they have a condition and it needs to be addressed through medication, therapy, activity.

    The tragedy in my mind is not that Kyle went off his meds per se, but that he went off his meds in a way that made him much more likely to harm himself and others, and that it could have been avoided. His father still could have addressed his purported "concern" of side effects by consulting with a licensed physician. Mindwhomp kept him from seeing that option. And Kyle, who was not his dad, and did not make his dad's "religious" choices, is now dead.

    RIP Kyle Brennan. Peace to those who love you. You will not be forgotten.
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  26. grebe Member

    Probably it wouldn't occur to Kyle's dad to call the psychiatrist. Most psychiatrists are powerful SPs. They can enturbulate you and cause cancer just by looking. So talking to them is really just asking for trouble.
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  27. socacity Member

    Q E D
  28. xenubarb Member

    Scientology did that to her.
  29. muldrake Member

    So you object to the posting of Lisa McPherson's autopsy photos by reposting them?

    Pure genius.
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  30. socacity Member

    Would you try to prosecute a murderer without showing the judge/jury the evidence?
  31. Anonymous Member

    This is true, but not in the way you think.....
  32. socacity Member

    It is true in the sense that, unlike Muldrake, I can differentiate between referencing something pertinent in the context of an adult conversation versus posting something for gratuitous shock value. How you think it applies to other aspects of your life, I couldn't care less.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Paging those grammar totalitarian enforcer guys!
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  34. muldrake Member

    That's true. It makes a lot more sense to post the autopsy pictures in the context of a discussion of Lisa McPherson's ghastly death at the hands of Scientology.

    Posting them to demonstrate one's butthurt on a forum thread, like you did? Not so much.
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  35. socacity Member

    Are you 12?
  36. James Spader Member

    Are you trying too hard? Yes, you are.
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  37. socacity Member

    You're better than this forum. Move on and fulfill your potential.
  38. James Spader Member

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  39. Quentinanon Member

    I suggest that you take your own advice.
  40. Quentinanon Member

    socacity said: "Whenever I see Ms. McPerson's pictures displayed by critics it reminds me of the Somalis dragging around the bodies of the American Blackhawk helicopter pilots. It's a disgusting and crass display by critics to gloat in the death of a Scn. Ms. McPherson was a committed Scn and she deserves dignity."

    Tell the folks at "Freedom Magazine" that quote in regards their portrayals of psychiatry, positioning it with the Holocaust.
    Those victims were committed Jews and deserve dignity.
    Or do you have a double standard?
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