Fed Judge ENJOINS FL judge in Kyle Brennan Litigation

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Your nut cult has only itself to blame for how long this case lasted. If you had spent more time focusing on the case instead of in desperate attempts to deprive the plaintiff of having counsel, it would have been over a lot sooner. Additionally, it's rich for your cult to be whining anonymously about frivolous litigation.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, ok ... a forum ... Sure, I'll go check it out right away and get all the facts.
  5. 00anon00 Member

    Hello. Welcome to WWP. Please take some time and look around before posting [shit like this]
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  6. anon4eva Member

    Or the newspaper, court's never a good idea bring a knife to a gunfight or BE A SMUG BASTARD about something CLEARLY you have no idea about--unless it is spoon fed to you.
    Try thinking for yourself & start by READING the shit in this forum, stories from hundreds of EX'es!
    Or stay in the pretend land of stats, from your money sucking cult.
    You DO know there are no OT's right?
    not one
    Its a scam....all of it
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  7. muldrake Member

    The good thing is the standard of review for appealing a grant of summary judgment is de novo, that is, the appellate court looks at the entirety of the case and does not defer to the trial court. It simply looks at whether the trial court was correct or not. This is the easiest kind of appeal to win.

    However, if Judge Merryday has correctly described the state of the evidence, such an appeal could still be an exercise in futility. In any event, I wish Lirot the best of luck and hope there's something salvageable here.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    You're cute.

    Unfortunately you also have no idea what you're talking about.

    We are not responsible for your inability to lurk moar, and we are not obligated to rehash everything that has been discussed at some point in the past and is now common knowledge just because you don't know how to use a search function.

    But here, let me do it for you, because I'm such a sweet and caring person.

    In order:

    And I believe I'm missing one. Threads include legal documents, motions filed, etc.

    You're welcome, you lazy fuck. Can we get back to work now?
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  9. Sponge Member

    I like the cut of his jib
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  10. moarxenu Member

    I hope there is hope for the appeal. One of the difficulties I find in trying to evaluate the summary judgment is that it is extremely difficult to locate the court dox.

    We really need a site that has ALL the dox the way that Reaching For The Tipping Point has done so superbly for the Patrick Desmond wrongful death suit against Narconon Georgia.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Be sure to tell Ken Moxon this the next time you see him. Both parts.
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  12. Orson Member

    AMA2 posted the links to her case. There are literally dozens of other threads on this very forum detailing (with actual legal documents and references) similar behavior by Scientology lawyers in countless other cases. There's a search function on this site, you are invited to use it, open your mind to accurate information and then make a decision about your own future.

    Or keep your head in the sand. Your choice. Either way, you are welcome to post here if you like, but be sure your arguments are sharp and accurate or you'll get eaten alive.
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  14. heatberd Member

    Judge referring to scientologist as "practitioners"??

    This paragraph is also suspicious

    U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday granted that motion on Dec. 6, notingthat Kyle had contactedmore than 24 governmental agencies to initiatecriminal proceedings against mostofhis immediate family before arriving at his father's home. "The record is clear that Kyle soon relinquished his Lexapro to his father, who is the sole sourceoftestimony aboutthe attendantcircumstances,"Merryday wrote.
  15. DeathHamster Member

    Father doesn't have Internet? He could have gone straight to the CCHR web site for his research.
  16. Anonymous Member

    ahem. Lurk more
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Quentinanon Member

    If true, then under what social pressure from his father? You don't need a bottle of a labeled controlled substance to research it.
    If false, then how did his father get the drug in his possession?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Kyle's dad was a Scientologist, he took his son's meds at their insistence, his son killed himself. Kyle's dad posts here now.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Did not get memo. Who is Kyle's dad on wwp?
  21. Anonymous Member

    If you expect anyone to answer that except Kyle's dad,then you are an idiot.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Gotcha, Kyle's daddy. It's a secret.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Read the police report, read all of the depositions, declarations, etc. It should take you several months to get through all of the documentation (assuming you have a job), but after that you'll have a pretty good idea of why Kyle gave his pills to his dad and what was going on with this so-called "case." (Basically it all boils down to a greedy lawyer who misled a mother whose severely depressed son happened to commit suicide while visiting his Scientologist father in Clearwater.)
  24. 00anon00 Member

    Troll central
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  25. Anonymous Member

    No you.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    And if he does have Internet, then legally requesting Google's records of what was searched for from that IP on the critical dates should be easily doable by lawyers.

    I'm having a hard time believing that a Scilon had to go all the way to the local library to look up Lexapro. His info-chains to Scientology and front-groups are much shorter.
  27. Anonymous Member

    You're that same scum bucket who keeps spamming the case thread, including a miraculous access to expensive paid sites. (I'm psychic.)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Keep telling yourself that, Mr Brennan.

    Because cult brainwashing only fire so FST, and eventually the cognitive dissonance will overwhelm you, and you'll realise that, no matter what the court says, you took away your son's meds because your cult told you to. And that makes you, and they, morally liable.

    You killed your son, Mr Brennan, and no amount of cult mindfuck is going to change that.
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  29. muldrake Member

    I seriously doubt they'd let Brennan's dad post here. More likely it's one of Moxon's paralegals or some other OSA twit.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.
  31. Tangerine Member

    Just curious - why did you have to read months worth of papers on someone who you are not related to?
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  32. Miranda Member

    ...we have been watching you. Your campaigns of misinformation; suppression of dissent; your litigious nature, all of these things have caught our eye.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Oh, scientology can help them with that, according to Pat Broeker at the announcement of LRH's dropping his body moar than 25yrs ago
    "We also by the way have the OT level that is going to be done (very long pause) immediately after every thetan discards his or her body. He wrote that up before he went (applause) now this...don't take this as an invitation, because you don't get it until youre through the OT level before it.

    But know, that, when it's time, the tech is there so you're not left with what to do now or even having to figure it out for yourself. It's there we're er that will be written up right away, coz we have that, word for word and it'll be archived and made safe and it will be eventually available at Flag and other AO's and people will be allowed to come into AOLA, before they discard it, read the materials, check out on them, do wordclear, demo (mumbling in crowd cause laughter)...So you know. Now you know it. Now you're ready for when it happens."
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  34. Anonymous Member

    A hobby, get one.
  35. Quentinanon Member

    Which is called "The Wall of Vistaril".
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  36. Quentinanon Member

    Thanks. I did that some time ago, but the nagging questions remain: If Kyle did not kill himself before he visited his scientologist father who worked with Denise Miscavige Gentile, then why did he kill himself while on a visit to his scientologist father? No cause and effect there? Why did his father take custody of a prescribed, controlled substance not prescribed to him?
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  38. amaX Member

    But scientology helped Kyle with that depression, right?

    It's post like yours that keep me going. scientology's inhumane soullessness and utter lack of regard for life must be stopped. Ask yourself how much more money David Miscavige and the RTC really needs and how many more days of your life that you're going to devote to nothing.

    Rest in peace, Kyle Brennan.
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  39. anonymous612 Member

    Sweetie, don't you have legal documents to shred and family calls to intercept?
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