February 12th, Manchester, UK - 3rd Anoniversary

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. WhiteNight Member

    Curse you Anon! Curse you!

  2. OroMatoko Member

    I thought the point of saying curse you was to avoid actually cursing? So opening with fuck.... then curse you is moot or am I tripping on bacon donuts?
  3. Skull Member

    1 day to go bitches! sorry not been around~ Computer sent in for repairs leaving me with little interwebs access.

    G & F if yer still crashin at mine afterwards if ya want my number or have any questions give me a pm :)
  4. cfanon Member

    Please bring that haha get a picture of everyone in it :p
  5. Profanity Member

    Sure, although the butterflies aren't that obvious. Most people just mistake them for skulls. xD
  6. WhiteNight Member

    You think someone as crass and vulgar as me gives a flying curse?
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  7. mask arrived yesterday :) so will be ready, and goin to put the logo on ma jaket tonite ready for meet tomorro!
  8. cfanon Member

    I need to decide once and for all on my banner before I leave work...

    First protest, soo... am I best just printing it A3 and then gluing/stapling the print to some cardboard or something? Or better actually printing on thicker than ordinary print paper?
  9. Skull Member

    staple is best, on cardboard - quite likely to rain.

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  10. strobe Member

    I would suggest printing to thicker paper and then gluing/stapling to cardboard. I print to cardboard then glue onto box card, find it's more durable & moistureproof (still keep them out of proper rain).
  11. Skull Member

    also i will be bringing a camera to tommorows raid so we will have moar raid pics. good times.
  12. pedrofcuk Member

    I have that awesome and that hair and oh wait, yea, I worked hard for years to get it.

    Re signs: I'm reading Steve Hassan's amazing Combatting Cult Mind Control and right at the very beginning he says two things that I have made into a reversible sign, TRUTH IS STRONGER THAN LIES and LOVE IS STRONGER THAN FEAR.

    Also I have it from an "insider" that my videos have not gone un-noticed in scifag land so my next one will contain lots of TRUTH and LOVE for the deluded conned, scaredy scifags.

    And finally, I will try to get to Manc very, very soon as I have 4 containers of house clearance to sort through in Widnes, anyone up for a flash?
  13. kernowanon Member

    Good Luck for tommorow much love from all us Cornish Anons. Bit too far for a day trip from here.
    Hope some of you will come down in the summer for a rais on the Camelot Castle Hotel. We can provide Cake & Pasties!
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  14. loltology Member

    Ivor Dwedneys for the win!!!! God I miss those pasties, northern folk just cant make them right!
  15. Sorry guys, can't make it afterall. I've NOT quit - just been very, very busy the last few months. Will deffo be back soon. Hold the Fort while i'm gone !!!

  16. OroMatoko Member

    Just did a mini flash raid fair amount of activity people going in and out most pictures came out blurry =(

    Handed out about 60 of the new fliers and the usual "It's a CULT" "Careful now!" & "They only want your money!" comments...

    This Scilon refused to take a flier and instead pretended we didn't exist =(

    One scilon said "You don't know what you're missing" after we warned him they only wanted his money....... well we're certainly not missing money and braincells unlike some......
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  17. Profanity Member

  18. strobe Member

    Awesome Oro & whoever else. Great to catch them off guard.
    I do hope there's at least one of them thought, 'oh good, that cyber-terrorist group has shrunk so much that-' Saturday 'FFFUUUUUUU-'

    Sorry to hear Neil can't make it.

    Pedrofcuk - depending when it is I'll definitely be up for it.
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  19. WhiteNight Member

    I got arrested and fined last time I did that :(

    Also: For Skull:
  20. I'll see you tomorrow for epicness. (Spiffing, chaps! Tally-ho, etc..)

    David Miscavige cremated L Ron Hubbard 25 years ago... but Lawrence Wright just buried him.
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  21. Gomez Member

  22. WhiteNight Member

  23. che Member

    Peeing down at the moment. Hope it stops for tomorrow. If it doesn't, we'll just have to have a soggy raid :)
  24. WhiteNight Member

    I'm wet for this raid already.
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  25. che Member

    We could book in to the hotel & have a nice Anonymous holiday!! :D
  26. Profanity Member

    I just laughed my arse off at the birthday song on Nice one, Strobe. XD
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  27. strobe Member

  28. Fuckeye Member

    Bollocks to that, I'm sure I can come up with a list of them.
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  29. Gomez Member

    See you all in the morning. Fuck knows where I'll be meeting.
  30. OroMatoko Member

    See you fags at Piccadilly train station at 10am in main entrance V masks will be on display on arms or attached to bags for newbies!
  31. strobe Member

    I'll be at the 10:45 Deansgate meet-up.
    I'll be the guy with the suitcase.
  32. WhiteNight Member

    I'll be @ Picadilly @ 10:15ish. Fashionably late and smoking like a chimney
  33. Anonymous Member

    smoking pole he means
  34. cfanon Member

    Right so I've only just got back from my date. The designers didn't have time to whip up a signage before we had to leave and if I did one now I'd have no where and no time to sort it out this morning :p So instead I'm going bring my canon 5D MKII and document the whole thing ;) I can help chant? haha

    If I don't wake up in time that's fine, I know my way around and can make my own way. I'll hopeful be coming to the picadilly meet though.
  35. Profanity Member

    Bleh. Can't sleep and printer refuses to work. Looks like I'll be sign-less and leaflet-less tomorrow (today?). I'll invest in extra cake once we reach the org or something to make up for it.

    On a more positive note, I shall be bringing a lovely party hat to wear to celebrate the anniversary. :)

    Success or fail?

    Replacing Strobe as Manc Anon's official photographer? :D

    Eh, I don't plan on sleeping now because I won't wake up in time. Shitty alarm. Probably be chugging Monster for the rest of the day.
  36. WhiteNight Member

    Heh. You two as well eh? Fuck knows why. Meet up for an orgy? Yes? Sweet. See you in 5.
    Anywho, I can't decide whether or not to bring my big A board. It's big and unwieldy. If I don't I'll also be signless however.
  37. cfanon Member

    Is it a lie?

    Ummm, success. Not my usual type, but we had fun.

    Don't want to be stepping on any toes... ;)

    I'm going to struggle to sleep, I've been on relentless/red bull/monster + jager all night. It's the only thing I drink.
  38. WhiteNight Member

    How much Jager is getting brought by peeps tomorrow today?
  39. Profanity Member

    You're going back to your flat straight after the raid before we head over to the pub. Bring it, faggot. :p

    I would never lie to you~

    Good times then. :D

    I'm sure he'd appreciate someone who has a better camera than him. Besides, moar photos, moar win!
  40. WhiteNight Member


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