February 10 & 11 Raids in Montreal

Discussion in 'Canada' started by GuyFox, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. GuyFox Member

    Figured we shouldn't let Lisa McPherson's birthday go by unnoticed and decided we should honor her memory.

    Following main raid on the 11th:

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  2. GuyFox Member

    Creepy mORGue
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  3. Pique Member

    GuyFox what an utterly wonderful video. Anons, what a great raid: respectful, funny, enturbulating.

    You all rock.
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  4. Yet another great video from you people. Thanks for all you are doing. What really gets me is the fact that Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist -- she was one of them. This is what they do to their own kind. She is now a "nobody" to them.
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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

  6. Intelligence Member

    What a beautiful tribute to Lisa from Montreal Anonymous last night.

    Sir Fox and I are are now working on today's Protest Videos and pics.

    Indeed, quite a day; one I shall not forget:)

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  7. Intelligence Member

    Montreal scientology staff member steals Lisa McPherson photo and flowers.

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  8. Anonymous Member

    "They have matches and we don't know what they are setting on fire"
    I did not know Scientologists did lulz.
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  9. BlooAnon Member

    Go Anons! Freeze the body for the cause!!!

    Did I see ketchup on that poutine? I better not have; ruins a perfectly good well-balanced meal!

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  10. Wonderful video and protest. The music on the vid seems fitting for the Anons.
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  11. GuyFox Member

    Got trolled by the weather desktop gadget, the bloody thing was frozen on yesterday's forecast. Instead of mild cold, ended up raiding in -21C windchill wearing a suit. Go me.

    Moderators, can we rename the thread to "February 10th and 11th raids" or something, please?

    I wanted to create two separate threads for the two raids but somehow posts from the 11th are already here :p

    Scilon, moving loads of boxes out of the org...

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  12. GuyFox Member

    Doggy! <3

    Enlightened David

    Happy Valentine's!

    Mini Tacgnol

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  13. Thread Renamed, and Proclaimed!

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  14. GuyFox Member

    /bows/ Thank you! Thank you!

    ...though the raid on the 11th wasn't so "mini" nor 'flash" as the first one, LOL. Can we just call say "raids" without the mini part? And sorry to pester you with such trivial details :)

    Meanwhile, it seems imma pull another all-nighter. had a very hard time picking a song for the video.
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  15. This is great stuff. On some of your signs the lettering almost looks 3D. Very cool and very eye-catching. Nice doggie too. Obelix is cool too. I think the Gauls were Celts weren't they? If so, it is very appropriate since David Love is of Irish stock. I am sure Little Caesar's David's minions are not pleased with this.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    ALL NIGHTER??? OMG!!! Me too - - that file you sent me in HD is massive,..., LOL. Processing now -
    all the music scores are done and add ins.

    Thank you so very much Sir GuyFox - <3 <3 <3

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  17. jensting Member

    Awesome protest and good work for staying out in that cold wearing a suit :)
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  18. Stealth Member

    February 11, 2012 - David Edgar Love gives an emotional speech about Chanology, Anonymous, and the deaths and abuses caused by Scientology and Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Montreal Anonymous pays tribute to the anniversary of Lisa McPherson's death in the hands of Scientologists.The governments of Canada and Quebec, must act to protect our vulnerable citizens now being put in harms way and exploited for Scientology's own selfishness and greed. Far too many deaths and abuses are not being addressed by those in power to do so.

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  19. Turboknight Member

    Dommage que je n'ai pas pu y être !! la prochaine à coup sûr !! Bravo !
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  20. GuyFox Member

    Video's up! Enjoy!

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  21. Chipshotz Member

    Beauty eh?
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  22. Intelligence Member

    "That's a wrap for the day" ,..., LOL :)

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  23. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Feb 12, 2012
    February 11, 2012 - Prior to Montreal Anonymous protest, David Edgar Love vists dilapidated building owned by Scientology in Montreal. With no funds to renovate into their vision of an Ideal ORG, the Scientology building is rented out to a clothing store and cafe. Pizza anyone???

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  24. Anonymous Member

    I wonder who owns those businesses. Would they be owned by scientologists? It would be interesting to learn if the rent paid is full-market value, or some spashul deal. I notice the clothing store is only open 4 days/week. What retail establishment can make a go of it on only 4 days revenue/week?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    The raid or dat femanon? [IMG]
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  26. MagnumBerlin Member

    Fanastic! You guys surely know how to raid. It is so heartwarming for me to know that there are protests all over the world - even on the other side of the planet!

    Montrealanons = Win
    Greetings from Berlin.
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  27. GuyFox Member

    The Epic Walking Anon made my cheeks hurt :D
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  28. Chipshotz Member

    Both, great raid.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    Which femanon - - I'm kind of fishing,..., LOL - - being alone in Montreal for over three
    years is getting lonely and I'm all caught up on Dox and stuff, so perhaps I may wine and dine
    some 'femanon' or whatever:):):)

    AND maybe I need a lady who is French!!!! Just one minute ago, I receive a bunch more Dox in French - - I'm going nuts!!! There are just under 1,000 pages and sure as hell am NOT going Google them for translation.

    I laughing myself to a sore tummy right now as I write this. You guys have NO idea what it's like to try and investigate or litigate when you can't read the FRIGIN Dox,..., ROFLAO:)

    But we do have a law in Canada, which states I can have any Court Hearing in either French or English. It's just getting there:-
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  30. Anonymous Member

    So you are just trying to find a free secretary?
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  31. Intelligence Member

    LOL:) - - well, don't nice French ladies come with all these qualities, because they
    sure do come with many :)

  32. amaX Member

    Absolutely wonderful raids, MontrealAnons! So glad none of you froze any parts off. Well done! <3
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  33. Chipshotz Member

    Calling all linguistic femanons!! Any French speaking femanons!! Report to David immediately for an important mission.
    Fringe benefits included. :)
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  34. French Femanons from the Fringe!

    This is getting interesting. ;)
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Love it, keep up the great work!
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  36. enthaeon Member

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  37. skeptic2girl Member

    Excellent point. I had never quite thought of it that way. After all, she died a tragic death. Why not at least pretend to be sad.

    What does it say that only the cult's "enemies" mourn her?

    Thanks for a great protest, most excellent fags...
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  38. SPRTT Member

    ^^^^^^ This, eleventy!!!!!!!!
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