Feb Protest Propaganda Packet

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by anon2771, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Feb Protest Propaganda Packet

    We need one right? For the new guys and to also hit up new info that we haven't already informed people with. Also maybe some of the experiences anon have had negatively which could help the rest of us. For example, a friend and I went on the bus with masks on. This was all good at the beginning but when numbers died down here in Austin it just didn't good down smoothly. The driver initially thought we were terrorists but let us on when we proved we weren't. The police pulled over the bus. It was ok, our legal right to protest, but we were delayed and had to catch another bus. Also, experience with what has worked well like dressing in layers helps for quick appearance changes. ETC ETC.

    A packet helps gets ppl quickly on the theme and goal of the protest. So any contributors? I can't do it alone.
  2. Re: Feb Protest Propaganda Packet

    i like wearing my ski mask because you can make it look like a hoodie and when you get close to the cult just pull it down and your anons and then put on the G/F mask and your good

    with packet's im no good but here's this - AUSTIN ANONYMOUS NETWORK Fliers for protesting

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