[Feb 19, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. ok can i use one of those mask
  2. Cmeregirl Member

    Yes me and a few others that already know each other IRL migrated over very recently.

    Assuming the masks get here... "you" are especially more than welcome to wear one. Fetus should find out tomorrow if they arrived and he will post here.
  3. fetus Member


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  4. Excellent! Whats a suggested donation to help cover the cost of getting masks? I'd like one. Does baking caek count or do you only accept Marcabian Dollars? Or Internets? I have a few of those lying around somewhere....
  5. Cmeregirl Member

    As it turns out... We have a few people coming with us. I think we will have 2 to 4 extra masks after everyone we are bringing. So you and the Cultbuster should be covered. I have so many Internets it would be greedy for me to accept more. We were discussing getting more for the FoI in march. We'll see how many anon's go without masks that are confirmed for the FoI, and order based upon that.
  6. And remember, if you don't have masks, a bandanna, sunglasses, and beanie work wonders to hide your face, eyes, and hair.
  7. Glad to have you back!! Good to hear. Jolly Good!
  8. Me? Well thanks :) I'm glad to be back!
  9. In case you missed it.... Stop and Cult buster have joined our ranks. Both Previously have been inside the Org at Dallas, now they will be outside on the sidewalk protesting!
  10. I noticed as I read through the thread. This is exciting!
  11. Aziguo Member

    Newbie here. I and one other are planning on participating if we're welcome. We both have the basic gist of what's going on, but our well of in-depth knowledge won't stand up to too much questioning yet.
  12. No worries! Everyone catches up....

    And now you have tools that we did not. Such as:,_Texas
    Check out some hints for Raiding at Irving, and don't forget the basic rules of staying safe, no weapons or disruptive behavior etc. Anonymous is not your friend, especially if you piss us off. I only come down hard on your right now cause you are new... and if you show up and play nice etc... You'll find we are pretty nice, just ask AnonCarrot. It's not personal... we are always suspicious of newfags.

    Also, you can help the process by posting a silly picture of Xenu, that tends to help us think you aren't a Scilon Troll
  13. Everyone is welcome. :D

    ...Okay, so maybe not Davy McCabbage, but only because IRL fisticuffs are strongly frowned upon, and he has a temper problem.
  14. Anonymous Member

    btw... Here is the postcard I sent the ORG.

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  15. Anon998 Member

    I has "YOUFOUNDTHECARD.COM" Cards! ;)
  16. umm.... hurray???
  17. Excellent! They really are ingenious. :D
  18. Charlieray Member

    I might need a ride up there.
    Anyone live in the Oak Cliff area who can pick me up?

    (Also I wont have my camera this time for propaganda, its in the shop getting fixed D: )
  19. Yeah I guess... but they don't make very good Promos by themselves. I've been leaving them in Computer Labs in Libraries. idk if It's helped yet. They are best served imo as an anonymous drop near computers.

    Otherwise... I would just make my own fliers to hand out while we are at a Raid. oh and FemaNon... We can setup an maintain a large banner by the freeway if we get enough people to split up again.
  20. They are not meant to be promotional (i.e. to "promote Anonymous") they are an educational tool for inoculating the public, a job which they do well.

    I am bringing FAQ fliers re: the protest itself, so that base will be covered.

    Not sure how plussed I am about the freeway idea - it might just be random and confusing without context, whereas raiding outside the Org itself allows us to interface with cult victims themselves, and raiding in areas with more pedestrian traffic allows us to interface with the public, to minimize miscommunication. Also, I think splitting the group reduces our impact, which is strengthened by numbers.

  21. Anon998 Member

    Disregard that I suck cocks.

    I read the date way too fast. I thought it was Friday (today) but no, it's Saturday, and I work this Saturday. :(

    Also, the point of having cards at the protest was only to give them to you guys so you can spread them around on your own time.
    I make YFTC cards like a machine. I can make about 400 cards in a matter of 1.5 hours.

    So far I've made 1000 cards, and it hasn't cost me over $20 yet. :) (Yeah, I stuck some pride in that, so what?) :p
  22. hey where does everyone meet up at?
  23. In front of the Org.
  24. StoP Member

    Crap. Something came up, so I wont be able to go tomorrow. I'll do my best to make the next one though.
  25. Aziguo Member


    Thanks for the link, btw; will definitely keep it within reach. XD I'm also prepared for the suspicion/distrust since it sort of comes with the territory.

    My friend and myself will be there tomorrow if all goes as planned, though neither of us has a GF mask yet. :[ It's on the To-Do list. lol. We have non-GF masks that will work in the interim, though.
  26. Go, Texas, go!
    You guys have really fired things up again down there.

    <-- fan
  27. SO, just to be clear, we are NOT meeting in front of the flower clock?
  28. lol wut? Isn't that in the Botanical Gardens? What flower clok are you referring to?

    BTW. I've got a busy schedule. So I will prolly show at or around 1pm. Just so you all don't panic if DSA isn't the first one outside the ORG

    Also I went shopping, I've got 6oz cans of Doctor Pepper, (12)
    12 12 oz? bottles of Water
    A pack of Straws
    forks knives, and spoons
    some bowls
    and 2 swirl caeks. If you want to bring anything else besides warm meat bodies, Feel Free! We're gonna celebrate 3 years Anonymous!
  29. grebe Member

    Hmm. A leadership-woo group shares the same address as the CoS:


    Wonder if the &quot;Young Presidents&quot; liek clams?
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  30. No, just in front of the Org.
  31. Through mid-2010 it was the usual custom of the Dallas cell to meet in front of the Las Colinas Clock Tower, protest on the side of the road for a little while, and then walk together to the Org when the group was assembled.

    It was a good system, and probably safer than our current MO, but when a lot of the older members stopped coming to the raids the practice died out.
  32. To clarify again, we will be meeting directly in front of the Org.

    Just as a side note: If you get to the Org early and don't see anyone outside, do feel free to get out there and start enturbulating, if you're comfortable doing so. Others will show eventually, so you won't be Forever Barrlone, but someone does have to be first; why not you? :D If you're alone or worried about being harassed without backup, no pressure, of course, if you decide to wait for reinforcements; it just seemed pertinent to throw this out there.
  33. I'd like to meet at the clock so i can get that mask cmeregirl is bringing for me to use before Im at the org but if not it dosnt really matter i guess
  34. It's probably a little late to organize that as the meet point, especially when so many of our members are pretty new.

    If you're very concerned about being identified, a couple bandannas and sunglasses really do work wonders (see my profile pic for illustration) and should hold you over until they arrive.
  35. ok yeah that will work
  36. Besides, you'll want a bandanna anyway to go under your mask - they can get pretty slimy inside without one.
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  37. Where did you find that? Do you know anything about it?
  38. Awesome. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Assuming Google Maps is semi-accurate about walking rates, I should arrive just minutes before noon in front of the Org.

    A final note to newbs: Don't wear your masks on any public transit or when you walk into a store. It's bad. If you're arriving by train, somehow, have the mask in your hand and slip it on as you step off. Also be aware that you may be followed from the protest and know how to lose a tail.

    I look forward to seeing you all within 12 hours!
  39. grebe Member

    I first encountered the YPO here.
    ^This brain damaging feel-good narcissism is in ur financial industry eating ur 401k.

    The other day I saw something mentioning a YPO chapter near a CoS in Texas. So I Googled "young presidents organization 451 Decker Dr" and got that page in the results. Here's another:

    Re-defining "leadership" as a mystical super power over others is FAIL.

    If you tell me, "2+2=4," I will agree with you. I might even say, "I follow your logic." Am I following because you are an Genuine Leader?

    No! I'm following because you are correct.

    MBAs need to stop spending weekends walking on coals and getting in touch with their spirit guides. Bitches need to focus on shit outside their own subjectivity for a change. Look at a real problem and come up with a solution. People will follow if the solution is plausible and the numbers can be double-checked.

    That is all.
  40. nice tips thanks this is my first protest so that comes in handy

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