[Feb 12, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, IL,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. The 3-year anniversary of anonymously protesting Scientology in Chicago!


    Following a legal victory that should ensure our right to protest in front of the Scientology building (details), we'll be returning back there to protest on Saturday, February the 12th at 1 p.m.

    What to bring: Whatever you need to handle the worst winter weather - lots of layers, a heavy coat, long underoos, boots, etc. And a mask, scarf, bandana, or whatever if you roll that way. You're welcome to borrow a sign as long as you're not screwing around with it in a way which could damage it. We also have extra fliers, although the opportunities to give them out tend to be more limited at that location. Feel free to bring anything else appropriate, like cameras, yummies, etc.

    What to do: Hang out and have fun. Pretty much everything is covered, so come join the party. Bring a cool head, because a couple of the Scientologists can be quite nasty. The Scientology M.O. has been to bitch endlessly to the police and try to harass us with false complaints, so being on your best behavior will help that plan to backfire on them as quickly as possible while also providing us with entertainment. Common-sense stuff applies: don't go onto their property or into the street, keep together, stay towards the outer edge of the sidewalk so the walkway isn't clogged up, etc. Other than that, have a ball and laugh at their attempts to stop freedom of speech.

    If you arrive early and there's nobody there, I suggest going for a spin around the neighborhood to kill time and coming back when people are grouped up.

    Address note: The Scientology building is actually at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., not 3017. There is some sort of glitch in Google Maps where it's showing 3011 as being a block or two away from the actual building location. Since I don't want the map to be showing the wrong place, I fudged the address so the map displays the almost-correct spot. Basically, get near the 6-way intersection of Lincoln-Wellington-Southport and you should see us.

    More details at the other planning thread. Have fun!

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